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Administrator-Level Fixes and Re-Designs

Mission One: Improved Item Arsenal

Overhaul Idea #3: Item Panel List

[Bell of Entropy]


Item: "Bell of Entropy"
Size: 1.4 meters height, 460 kg weight
Usage Precautions: WARNING: Highly dangerous; Usage is as massive-scale superweapon
Handling Precautions: Unit must be soundproofed; all personnel displaying questionable psychological behavior to be kept away
Location: Classified

The object is a seventeenth century church bell made mostly of wrought iron with traces of copper and tungsten.



Living: N/A; Artificial Intelligence Construct
Sentient: Yes
Usage Precautions: Data requested must be sent to Montgomery observatories for transmitting, all data received likewise and be sent to respective data stations.
Orbital Patterns: Varies. Observed: all orbits are closed — circular, elliptical, erratic. Object known to move independently, choosing not to orbit.

QUAESITOR is a sentient spacecraft of alien origin, orbiting Earth.

Other Data: Observed Behavior

[Scorned Angel]


Size: 1.6 meters height, 170 kg weight
Usage Precautions: Usage restricted to Delta-personnel above; item is lethal and can become animate
Handling Precautions: Storage unit must not have any light
Location: Base Six

The item is an oxidized iron statue of an angel. The structure is heavily corroded and it has shown signs of extreme damage to its face and arms.

[Candle Wax Child]


Item: Candle Wax Child
Size: 123 Centimeters tall, 30 Kilograms in weight
Potential/Current Hazards: Attacks on personnel and test subjects to preserve species, always lethal
Required Wear/Weaponry: One lighter and one gasoline torch per person, facility-wide
Reported Anomaly: Continuous Attempted Species Preservation Through Anomalous Means

Approximately thirty minutes after disembowelment, the carcass will forcefully eject its hair, nails and teeth and replace its organs, muscles, fat and bones with paraffin wax. This "replica" of the object, herein referred to as the reproduction, does not respond to any sensory stimulus or change in environment.

[Sporal Contagion]

Usage Precautions: Do not attempt contact with infectious strains
Handling Precautions: Personnel in close vicinity of object or its storage units must wear Type-II biologically sterile suits

Currently, the item has been subject to a series of tests and experiments that will cause a genetic enhancement of the object and a change in its structure and life cycle. Insurgency geneticists and pathologists are studying the pathogen to better understand its potential and danger, and to increase the chance of a successful contagion during deployments.

As of now, the report on the item has been classified due to the change in description. Please view the below cover file for the time being.

[Terror Bites]


Size: Varies between 10 to 40 micrometres in length, 10 to 50 micrometres in width
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Cross-contamination and infection with personnel and other living objects
Required Wear/Weaponry Type II Biological Protection Suits

When any instance of the object finds/is introduced to any organism, all instances of the object within a one mile radius will be notified via the object's transceiver and will attempt to enter the body of the organism. All instances have proven capable of drilling/breaking through most non-anomalous, non-magnetic substances, and are capable of gliding short distances and clinging to dust particles to transport themselves by air.

[Imperial Sharks]


Potential/Current Hazards Displaying hostility to unidentified handlers
Required Wear/Weaponry All personnel handling item are required to wear a World War II era Japanese army uniform

Specimens will display hostility towards any subject that it perceives as a supporter of the Allied Forces in World War II. All Item specimens will respond to commands directed by a lieutenant or higher ranked WWII Japanese military official and support anyone who they view as allies with the Japanese Empire in World War II, albeit they have a tendency to judge subjects' identity by their appearance..

Other Data: Eternal Selach

[Ghost Gas Masks]


Type: Protective Concealing Headgear
Usage Precautions: Usage restricted to those with proper clearance (Black-keycard) and approval of 3 BETA-staff
CAUTION: Wearing defective masks will lead to termination.

The item is a gas mask of 19██ era Allied standard issue gas mask origin. The mask is made of a flexible aramid-like fiber that blocks the effects of chemical and radioactive agents to the user's body. The item's goggles have been outfitted with poly-carbonate viewing lenses.

[Tiny Wings]

Size: 78 cm in height, 12 kilograms in weight
Type: Anomalous Infant
Potential/Current Hazards None
Required Wear/Weaponry Observe proper conduct with that when faced with infants. Do not bring dangerous objects to Item's enclosure.
Reported Anomaly: Infant Hybrid

At such a time that the Item is eligible for AMO status, it is to be considered a Reserve Asset to be used only during the Event Sequence outlined by the docume[END OF EXCERPT]

[End of Days Engine]


Type: Clockwork Engine
Sentient: Possibly.
Potential/Current Hazards World End Scenario
Required Wear/Weaponry Level A Hazardous Material Suits are to be worn at all times when in the presence of the item.

The duration of the item's activation times are varied at best. Experiments have shown however, that every time the device is activated, the duration of the device's activation period increases ten-fold from what it was before. The range of the item's sphere of influence also increases exponentially every time it is activated, with the magnitude of each clock figure's effect becoming more potent than before.

[Seismic Rodents]

Size: Average instance is 8.7 cm length from nose to tail, 17 g weight
Usage Precautions: Usage must be guided by specially trained teams to prevent difficulty in coordination of specimens.
Handling Precautions: Instances of the mice are usually docile, however, testing of 30 instances reveal that 60% has rabies.

The group of rodents have the ability to alter the vibrations of the particles in a radius of 30 meters, a process hitherto unknown, causing earthquakes from Grade I to Grade XI in Mercalli scale.

[Physics Engine]

Size: Not on record
Potential/Current Hazards: Negligible
Required Wear/Weaponry: Standard HAZMAT suit
Reported Anomaly: Creation of Energy from Matter; Reproduction of Physics Equations

The object is a large welded iron cylinder nine (9) meters in diameter and eighteen (18) meters in length. At one end there is a blast door leading to a chamber labeled “input”.

[Bed of Wealth]

Item: "The Bed Of Wealth"
Usage Precautions: Personnel are allowed to use the item at personal risk; all precious gems and valuables received are to be split between the Insurgency and the personnel 50/50
Handling Precautions: N/A
Reported Anomaly: Possibly extra-dimensional

Object is currently used as a form of monetary income. All valuable items created by object are to be collected upon discovery and placed into proper storage (see Storage Procedures).

[Bad Donuts]


Size: Smaller than a breadbox
Type: Mind-Breaker
Usage Precautions: Don't look at it.
Handling Precautions: Wear blinders when transporting the object, for gazing upon it will end your time with the Insurgency.

It was recovered from a Dunkin Donuts in South Florida, after every patron suddenly become affected, whether or not they had viewed it.

[Assemble Yourself]

Handling Precautions: Item is to be stored in a standard locker, located in Base-77. It is not to be utilized, tested, or interacted with outside of deployment.
Location: Base-77
Reported Anomaly: Re-assembles a human body, alters cognitive function.

The object is a small cardboard box of varying size, with the words "Amazing Model! Assemble Yourself!" written on the front, along with a garish depiction of several children playing with a small toy human.

[Darling Construct]

Usage Precautions: Under no circumstances are for Insurgency personnel to inflict physical harm to the subject without orders
Handling Precautions: N/A
Location: Facility Argary-K1

Subject is a bipedal life form, concealed by a costume stylized as a brown-furred creature with small horns and a reptilian tongue.

[Hime Akumu]

Physical Evaluation: Subject shows no physical abnormalities, aside from needing a far higher amount of glucose (60g per day)
Location: Base Five

"Hime Akumu" is a human specialist operative. She possesses reality-warping abilities in the form of suddenly materializing matter: in her case, cupcakes.

[Pincer Coffin]

Type: Wooden coffin

The Item appears to be a plain pinewood coffin assembled together with iron door hinges and screws.

[Satire Truck]


Required Wear/Weaponry None needed. Carry extra fuel during operations.
Location: Base Eight
Reported Anomaly: Sentient, animate truck with satirical streak

The Satire Truck serves under the Automatons Department as a Special Asset, making use of its capabilities to provide security to convoys and important vehicles.



The object serves as a reliquary for ancient medical knowledge at Research Site IV and its adjoining main facility, Medical Research Base Rovenia Alpha.

The object entity Remedion is an obelisk resembling a pillar linked to a pyramid base, made out of smoothly polished white mortar bricks and marble tiles.

[Sub Rosa]

The room's property may only be activated when only two persons are present. One to enter the enclosure as the subject observer, and one to stay outside to begin and end the room's event.



Size: 4.81 m (varies when camouflaged);
Type: Convoy Elephant

Tuskbore has been used as a saboteur, assault weapon, siege unit, battering ram, transport, support vehicle, and ambusher, owing to its significant physical strength and disguise capability.

[Lady Spring]


Size: 16.4 m (grows at an average of 0.4 m a year)
Type: Healing Plant Life

Lady Spring is a deciduous tree that bears fruit with regenerative qualities. Certain features of the tree resemble a human female figure (see Appendix).

[Molecular Corrosion Stones]


Required Wear/Weaponry: C-Class HAZMAT Suits upon chamber entry are mandatory
Location: Research Central Base: Four, Rm 331

Item is a polycrystal silicon compound, first documented by Recovery Operatives when it was uncovered in a coal mine in ███████, West Virginia (see Addendum CI-2218-01).


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