Object Puker
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Item: Object Puker
Size: 1.8 m tall
Type: Humanoid
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Become hostile towards personnel and desire escape.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Sedatives
Location: Base 8
Reported Anomaly: Ectoentropic


Items produced by the subject are to be collected for assessment. Objects of value are to be kept while the rest are to be disposed of.

The subject is to be kept in the medical wing of Base 8. It may be provided with painkillers under the discretion of medical staff. A minimum of two guards are to monitor it. The Item is to remain under the false impression that personnel are actively attempting to find a cure for its anomaly. If the ruse is no longer viable, the subject is to be restrained and sedated.


The Item is a human male of Malaysian descent. Before entering custody it was legally identified as ████ ███. It is physically unremarkable. As of writing, it is 31 years old.

The subject regularly vomits various objects that it has not previously consumed. No spatial anomaly is present within its internal anatomy, and X-rays confirm that the items suddenly manifest in the stomach. The objects are generally small to allow for them to travel up the esophagus. Sharp objects will occasionally appear but cause no internal injuries. However, the subject reports feeling immense discomfort and pain from the process. It can also prevent the subject from eating or drinking due to gag reflexes. Intravenous drip can be used to circumvent the issue if the need arises.

No pattern have been observed in the manifested objects, and it is considered to be random. Their origin remains unknown. According to the subject, the anomaly began on ██/██/20██. It then travelled to an Insurgency-owned clinic in search of medical assistance, which lead to its acquisition. All witnesses of its anomalous properties were tracked, and terminated.

The subject has so far been cooperative, but it is due to being convinced that personnel are actively researching a way to help it. No such intentions are actively underway, and it is kept ignorant of the fact for as long as possible.

Appendix A: The following is a partial log of items produced by the subject. Items have been categorized and totaled.

Log # Description
1 A total of 498 bullets of varying make and model. Fully functional. Transfered to the armory.
2 8 gold nuggets of varying sizes. Sent to financial agents for processing.
3 A diamond Rolex wrist watch. Functional. Ownership granted over to Operative ████ (ID# ██████) after diamonds were removed.
4 A total of 166 seeds of various plant species.
5 A total of 74 seeds of various tree species.
6 534 screws. Sent to construction crews or sold.
7 6 fragmentation grenades. One was missing its safety pin, but was not functional. The rest were sent to the armory.
8 2 mechanical fingers made from bronze and silver. Melted down.
9 15 entire ammunition clips. All were empty. Transferred to the armory.
10 156 keys. Melted down.
11 1,350 kg worth of coal.
12 $78.6 USD in coins. Sent to financial agents.
13 $400 USD in hundred bills. Sent to financial agents.
14 309 Russian rubles. Sent to financial agents.
15 47 spoons. 20 of them were melted down. The rest sent to site cafeteria after extensive cleaning.
16 A sealed package in shrink wrap that contained 1 kg of cocaine. Sold.
17 A 2.7 mm Kolibri pistol. Came with no bullet. In the ownership of Operative █████████ (ID# █████).
18 A Scottish claymore with a broken blade. Analysis suggest it was probably damaged in combat during the 18th century. Sold to Marshall, Carter and Dark LTD. for auction. The profit was split with the Insurgency.
19 A photograph of a young woman. The subject could not identify her.
20 56 human teeth of adult size.
21 25 teeth belonging to various species of shark.
22 1.4 m long string of copper wire.
23 7 glass eyes of varying color.
24 3 empty USB flash drives. Each were still functional.
25 A scrap of paper with a phone number written in black ink. The number is no longer in service.
26 79 dead houseflies (Musca domestica). Only one specimen has ever been recorded alive.
27 34 shoelaces of varying length and color.
28 A non-functional Zanco Tiny t1 mobile phone.
29 27 fish hooks.
30 53 checkers pieces.
31 167 jigsaw puzzle pieces.
32 46 specimens of Veprecula gracilispira.
33 2 crumbled up pages from a German dictionary.
34 A total of 47 chess pieces.
35 A suicide note written in French. It is addressed to anyone who may stumble across it. The identity of the author is unknown as no name or date is present.
36 132 Lego branded pieces of different shape and sizes.
37 77 empty candy wrappers from multiple brands.
38 57 hex keys.
39 24 cicada shells belonging to various species.
40 31 blind rivets.
41 20 thumb tacks.

Appendix B: Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Wan

Note: The interview was originally spoken in Malay for better communication with the subject. Therefore, the following transcript is a translation.


Dr. Wan: How are you feeling today, ████?

Subject: Terrible, doctor! My stomach still aches. Rocks came out of me earlier, scraping my throat.

Dr. Wan: Would you like a cup of water?

Subject: Please.

Dr. Wan leaves to obtain a cup of water. The item reaches out for the cup.

Subject: Thank you.

Dr. Wan: You're welcome, ████.

Subject: Is there any news? A cure? I want this to end.

Dr. Wan: We are trying our best. Your case is unique, and it will take time to resolve. I hope you understand.

Subject: Oh, why me? I don't know what I did to deserve this hell.

Dr. Wan: Life can sometimes be unfair.

Subject: Well I-

The subject groans and grabs at its stomach. It reaches for a nearby waste basket to vomit into it. Begins coughing.

Dr. Wan: Are you alright?

Subject: No-

Vomits paperclips, wads of paper, and a pebble. Begins sobbing.

Subject: I want to die.

Dr. Wan: Please do not say such things. You'll make it through this. Just hold on a while longer. (Sighs) I promise we will find you a cure. Do you need anything right now?

Subject: Numb the pain more. Please.

Dr. Wan: I'll consult the other doctors. If that is all I will have to be going now.

Subject: No. Can I make a call?

Dr. Wan: To who?

Subject: A friend. His name is ██████████.1 He is probably wondering where I am.

Dr. Wan: Sure. I'll see if I can make it happen for you. It's busy around here so it will probably be a while. Goodbye for now, ████.


Following the interview, Dr. Wan submitted a request for access to the limited amnestic stock of the Insurgency for use on the Object Puker. Approval is pending.

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