Null Sea
Item: Null Sea
Size: > Liter (> 200 KM diameter and > 200 M depth)
Type: Location
Living: Yes, extended definition
Sentient: No
Kill Grade: V
Required Wear/Weaponry medical procedure NS-03, bones
Location: Base Six (Vault Terminus), variable
Reported Anomaly: location, medical, reanimation, supplier


Personnel at risk of coming into contact with Null Sea Component 2 should be equipped with the necessary parts to perform medical procedure NS-03. The procedure is also to be carried out when the contact was voluntarily or ordered. Samples of Component 2 are only to be brought into the field in completely filled containers or syringes.

Medical (Living)

In dosages of 10 ML to 2 L the item may be used in medical procedures such as:

  • severe bleeding
  • amputation
  • breathing complications
  • most other forms of injury not involving the head or the mind

If applied directly to the wound or even introduced to the system via ingestion or injection, the anomaly can significantly (97%) increase surviveability of insured persons. Subjects under the influence of the anomaly may begin to suffer a specific form of cancer after there body has been returned to normal health and the anomaly is not extracted.
The anomaly can be extracted by exposing it a "dead-er system", while the subject it is currently attached to is no longer at risk of dying without the items influence. The easiest way to do this expose the liquid to bones (mostly animal-bones) or dead plant matter. Most prepared food also seems to count as a "dead-er system" thou the ways in which the anomaly seeks to heal food may cause injury to persons surrounding that process.

Medical (Dead)

It has been shown that the anomaly can successfully reverse death, with the only caveat being its inability to restore the mind from a damaged brain. As brains tend to degrade rapidly after death successful reanimation with an intact mind has only been possible under laboratory conditions It appears that the anomaly currently does not operate as inscriptions in Component 4 seem to indicate. If the inscriptions are to be trusted the item was once able to reconstruct the brain and the mind. Rediscovery of the items ability to completely resurrect the dead is a priority concern for current item tests.
The item was able to successfully reanimate a mummy dated to 2800 BC. While the mind has not returned, the body could be rebuild using known medicine to a state where 85% of component 2 could be extracted without subject "M-22" collapsing back into death.

EM-Radiation Shield

The item may be used as a shield against elector magnetic radiation. The electromagnetic properties do not seem to actually repel the field but absorb it, while simultaneously not strengthening/weakening the field on the not shielded side. This has complicated ongoing superconductor research. While most current applications centers on anomaly containment, 20 liquid filled mobile shields are currently being tested.


The item seems to be able to interact favorably with some machines, mostly those imitating living organisms as there primary function. The item does not naturally consider these targets as "dead-er systems", but seems to fix gears, springs and chains if no other dead system is currently at hand. The item also seems to fix flying and swimming contraptions. Most biological systems that near such fixes while not shielded will count as a "dead-er system", do to the nature of constant cell death. This will unravel the technical fix.


While Component 4 is able to house human life it was determined that the site was unsuited for an off-world base, do to it being unknown whether the Component 4 might be liable to sink into Component 1. Room there is therefor used for the storage of non essential goods. A camp was set up to further explore Component 1.

Mass Scale Weapon

While the item seems to wish to preserve live, the creatures it creates are fully capable of killing or wounding others. This most often occurs during an attempt to imitate behaviors such as social drive and eating. This will most likely result in the creation of "dead-er systems" that might draw the anomaly into themself. Do to the ability of the affected to open temporary instances of Component 3 the component will not run out as it spreads over more "dead systems". While the item was last deployed in mass during a test to feed Component 2 sample data of working brains (see addendum 3) the anomaly reached a fatality count of ~20000. Monitoring reveled that during deployment only 4 instances of temporary Component 3 were observed. Since the amount of Component 2 in the area was highly concentrated, the anomaly might not have called in backup and the only reason these 4 gateways were opened are linked to human curiosity upon finding the runes in their memory. If the effect had not been contained by the Foundation the effect might have spread quicker and more remote portals would have been opened.
In tests it was possible to open multiple gateways of larger size. If such gateways were placed upon a large river the anomaly could spread over a vast region fairly quickly. It is assumed that the effects on the planet would be quit drastic and the amount of partially resurrected animals alone might cause major death tools.

The stone archway with carved in runes resides in Vault Terminus on LV 9. All runes on the archway are rigged with explosives, triggering on a fixed timer should they not be reset. The timer is currently set to 3 hours. The timers can be reset "remotely and automatically" or manually. Should the destruction of the runes/archway prove ineffective to close the archway, Vault Terminus is build on a weakened point in the structure of LV 10 (Hellfire Incinerator). Vault Terminus can be expected to breach the floor to LV 10 before the anomaly can break the "Gates of Terminus" (Floodgates 0 to 4). It is unknown at this time whether LV 10 can destroy the archway and the sea, but its connection to another plane may allow it to completely drain the sea without compromising the base.

These security measures are necessary as it is unknown what currently keeps Component 4 afloat. Should component 4 sink into Component 1 and the inscriptions in Component 4 are accurate that the archway was build after something else opened the path and the archway would not close upon the destruction and the runes of the stone, the item might trigger an end of the world scenario, if it remains open while under the waterline of Component 1.


The Null Sea (Component 0) is a sea (Component 1) of black liquid (Component 2) that can be reached via traveling through a stone archway (Component 3) into a stone temple (Component 4).

Component 1 (Overview)

The null sea seams to be an extraterrestrial body of liquid located between the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] star cluster, within the milky way. First thought to be extra-dimensional its existence within normal space was confirmed using common astronomy. The atmosphere seems to be consistent with an earth like atmosphere. Precise dating using CO2 content in the air puts its last contact with earth at 2017. No other land other than the temple seems to reside on this body of liquid. Several drones were deployed as well as a manned aircraft. The sea seems to stretch for at least 200 KM in all directions from the temple. Drones deployed to find the bottom of the sea reached 200 meters of dept before the liquid crushed the probe. Currents within the sea seem to be alive as all later attempts to measure the depth of the anomaly where prevented before they reached the depth of the first probe.

Component 2 (Main/Liquid)

The black liquid comprising the null sea has resisted all chemical analysis. Tests have shown that it has a density of 1,44 kg/L. It is unaffected by electric waves as it seems to absorb 95% of all electromagnetic fields it contacts, making it highly insulating. When the liquid comes into contact with a living/dead (extended definition) system, it will try to complete said system. In places where water is lacking, the liquid will act as if it was water. It is also capable to supply energy and to substitute oxygen. Should minerals be lacking it will act like the missing minerals. The liquid seems to harden as needed. In desert areas the liquid will mimic plants and eventually whole animals. The imitation is imperfect and almost always leaves the affected system looking unnatural, as the liquid only seems to have a basic concept of what a living system is supposed to be. Do to its absorption of electromagnetic fields it is unable to form nerves or conduct photosynthesis. Strangely electromagnetic impulses seem to travel through the substance as pressure differences. These pressure differences also seem to fully replace bio-electronically controlled muscle activity in affected organisms. The liquid is to normal organisms highly cancerous, as cells that would normally die at the end of there life are kept alive by the liquid. This cancer usually would cause a swift death of the organism, but the liquid seems to prevent that. If provided with enough liquid, the living organism will eventually become completely substituted with the liquid. The liquid was able to fend of starvation and even reverse death of a mummy dated to 2800 BC.
In cases where cell damage is severe enough subjects can not return from death with an intact mind. If the liquid replaces the brain in a corps, the corps will reanimate, but be only capable of restricted movement. Resurrected organisms seem to display a crude understanding of the concept of eating and social instincts common within their species. They however have no concept of what can and can not be eaten. This can pose a danger to other members in their chosen social circle as affected subjects might attempt to eat them. Eventually subjects might turn into slimy mounts of kept alive bio-matter and Component 2. In this stage the liquid might create tentacle like appendages to keep movement possible. At this stage infected subjects seem to no longer have any resemble to their previous form and seem only interested in feeding and reproduction via the distribution of Component 2.

The liquid stays in non-dead tissues and if it is not in sufficient amounts taken into the organism to be fatal as a carcinogen it will remain inactive until it detects massive cell-death within its host. It will than rush to keep the body alive, almost like a second specialized immune system. It however does not differentiate between cell death do to age or cell death do to infection. If the liquid mixes with bacteria or viruses, they become ineffective in penetrating cells, but also incapable of dying do to the immune response.

Human subjects containing the liquid will begin to know a series of runes that wen drawn replicate the effect of the archway. These secondary archways always open under the waterline of Component 1. Depending on the space between runes the size of the archway can vary. Depending on the nature of the created runes they or there placement might not survive contact with large amounts of Component 2, destroying the secondary archway.

Humans under the influence of the liquid describe its smell as metallic. No aerosols of Component 2 are known as the liquid seems to not have a gaseous form and seems to not remain in a mist form even when pushed into said form beforehand.

When plantlike organisms made out of Component 2 are damaged via uprooting or felling, they might gain the ability to move freely, by growing tentacle like limbs. It is believed that this is the result of Component 2s inability to conceive of a plant not somewhat connected to the ground. It therefor begins treating the plantlike organism as an animal and tries to heal it in that direction. Such plants appear to be driven by there plantlike instinct to spread its seeds far. The construct will therefor most likely try to leave its current position by any means necessary.

Component 3 (Entry/Archway)

The archway entered Insurgency possession in 2020 when it was found as item 6-45532811-B in the [REDACTED] Museum of Modern Art, a Insurgency subcontractor for the storage of neutralized anomalies. The records show that it was deposited there as the remains of an item named "Resurrection Springs". No record of "Resurrection Springs" was found in Insurgency databases, with the only reference to it being a document mentioning a failed deployment of the anomaly in cooperation with some redacted entity in 2016. Another object 6-45532811-A is a papyrus depicting man in modern construction worker attire carving the runes found on the archway into stones. While the papyrus was damaged and treated to look old, it was dated to 2016. The art-style on the papyrus is consisted with carvings and paintings in Component 4. the style seems to imitate ancient Egyptian art, while also depicting modern weaponry and construction equipment.

Component 4 (Base Camp/Temple)

The island/building that can be reached through Component 3 is a building imitating an Egyptian temple. The walls appear to be made from white granite, limestone and steel reinforce concrete. The walls are covered with pictures and carvings. These decorations are written in a pictograph script. The pictograph script is identical to the one found on the Fractal Music Box. Several walls in the temple needed to be plastered over to hide classified information.

Copper pipes run through the complex giving it the bases for a normal water and sewage system. The temple is able to house up to 50 persons and provides sleep and living quarters for this many. 17 of these quarters must be classified as tombs as they hold black liquid cocoons that seem to house human remains. These cocoons sometimes twitch and make gurgling and moaning sounds. Since the rooms were sealed using stone bricks but otherwise appear to be normal living quarters, it is unknown whether these quarters show an experiment gone wrong or a deliberate punishment.

Addendum 1 (A selection of depictions of interest [Declassified])

A full section of the temple is dedicated to writings about the process of "Flickering Lights" and how the "light" does not vanish, but is instead sacrificed to a being waiting to be wakened by a sufficient sacrifice of energy.

A depiction of a girl seemingly asleep at a desk in a school like environment. The depiction resembles Astollia. The text next to the picture talks about a white knight of sand that set the sleeping witch free after she attempted to end the world indoors. In him doing so the beast that held her learned to fear.

Tiny white humanoids assisting in the construction of the temple under the direction of workers in a red overalls. The depiction shows 61 individual white figures. The 5 larger workers in overalls were drawn with white smooth skin, no facial features and with mitten like hands.

A ritual that seems to imply burials in Component 1 with rocks tied to corpses to hold them down while the sea resurrects them. The text reads that once it has had enough examples it will spit out the dead fully restored. The text mentions drowning without dying until the sea awakens. It is unknown how many living humans the sea must consume before its resurrection properties reach their full potential, see Addendum 3. It is presumed that the sea contains several partly resurrected corpses. According to the inscription they might try to resurface to escape their drowning sensation.

Addendum 2 (Medical procedure NS-03)

This procedure may be used to combat a contamination with Component 2.
Step two and three can be scaled dependent on the amount of contamination.

  1. As the item seems to be triggered by signs of decay a subject can ingest one dosage of Life is Pain Painkiller, 500 ml Sour Wine and 300 ml of priest activated SO2H2 to counteract the immediate symptoms.
  2. A wound is to be inflicted via means of multiple cuts or skinning of an appropriate size. This can be done with a sharp object or the subjects teeth. Component 2 will rush to heal the injuries.
  3. After most of Component 2 has been drained into the wounded appendage/-es it/they can be amputated and disposed of by throwing them into Component 1.
  4. Step 2 and 3 may be repeated until a subject is no longer contaminated.
  5. Treatment for lost limbs may be administered as appropriate.

Addendum 3 (Field-test summery)

  • covered as a civilian firm "Tention: New Wave Solutions" the insurgency approached communities struggling as a consequence of ongoing drought.
  • These communities were offered money to construct a system to deliver Component 2 to their barren fields.
  • After minor attempts at stopping this were dealt with.
  • Runes of the "Witching Well" were combined with runes recovered from Component 4 to temporarily create a similar effect to "Witching Well" proper.
  • A temporary gateway was than created to transport Component 2 into the pipes.
  • Plants indeed started to sprout and the communities were exposed to Component 2.
  • As there were no major injuries and the temporary "Witching Well" seemed to hold the cancer at bay the process developed as planned.
  • Some cases of cannibalism occurred, but Component 2 was quick to cover them up.
  • By the time the Foundation noticed and closed of the parameter Component 2 was exposed to 20567 alive humans.
  • Some of them had died while contaminated without them noticing, showing that it was possible to create working resurrections.
  • As the temporary effects of "Witching Well" lessened more and more people began suffering from undieing cells.
  • After the first 203 confirmed cases of mindless mounts of animated biomass were reported the Insurgency cleaned the entire area with unknown means.
  • This sadly means that the knowledge about intact humans that Component 2 learned during deployment is lost to us.
  • Result: Resurrection was stable for much longer than previously. Amount of mindless animated biomass was down by 91%.
  • A repeat of the experiment is suggested.

Addendum 4 ([REDACTED] Museum of Modern Art)

After the discovery of continued activity from another item that was stored as "neutralized" an investigation into the [REDACTED] Museum of Modern Art was conducted. It appears that the location has been compromised and used for storage by [REDACTED]. Several more anomaly which are considered "active" were recovered and moved to Storage Base "Wintergreen's Box". The inventory of "Wintergreen's Box" has been classified under "Coverup-RedSummer". The [REDACTED] Museum of Modern Art has been discontinued as an Insurgency storage operation as of August 2022. All properly documented neutralized anomalies were moved and all remaining parts of operation were sold to Cataclysm International.

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