The Night of the free Candy Fire

Ghosts,Vampires, licensed Superheroes. A lot of children in Halloween costumes had found it. The legendary white van with the words "Free Candy" graffitied to its side. Even the younger kids knew it looked suspect, but the man inside the van had indeed given out free candy. Granted, he did so in-front of parents and dressed as a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head. But some children actually circled back and he had given out more. They actually saw him speaking to the police that night. Apparently his "pop-up art" had alarmed several parents.

The night had progressed considerably and more adult parties were starting up in earnest. Than the man in the van left, only leaving behind an address of an abandoned building a bit further down the road. Most of the younger ones could not follow, but some of the older ones could. Some were really to old for this child's play, but free sugar was free sugar. When the older kids found the free candy truck they knew the free candy guy had simply upped his game as the night went on. Some of the teenagers of the group had expected more of an alcohol fuelled party, but the man with his van was dedicated to spooking.

First, yes, that was blood splattered all over the truck, second yes, that pumpkin was indeed filled with innards.
There were several gunshot holes in the the van not there mere minutes before. Some of the ones in search for alcohol and music left the old building behind, but some stayed, willing to explore this elaborate Halloween setup further. It was like a haunted house on the fair, wasn't it?

In the van was indeed more candy as well as several files that appeared to document the entire evening. Whoever the pumpkin head was, he had noted everyone he had seen tonight. That the report was drenched in a foul smelling olive oil was only mildly concerning. Then came the whistling from the abandoned house. The tune was a bad rendition of the theme from a superhero movie. Than some more oil seemed to start dripping from the roof of the building.

Some children went inside the house, leaving a single lookout at the front door with the van. The abandoned house was indeed a sight to behold. Someone had cleaned it up, put up cheep Halloween decorations and than dosed the whole thing with that rancid oil and blood. All throughout the house came the whistling that sometimes changed the tune to classical music or an anime reference.

Then they found the first spectacle that looked really impressive. Someone had strung up a pumpkin head scarecrow in a room that looked like a conspiracy board. On all walls were cork-boards with files, newspapers and drawings of strange symbols all connected via multicolored threads. The scarecrow had been hanged by the neck with at least 30 different colored threads. Under the scarecrow stood a bucket filled with candy. The expensive, the good stuff. Some children went home after they found the room, some continued exploring.

On the first floor was the second very impressive display. The whole thing was illuminated by a red blinking light. Someone had furnished the second floor with flesh tubes. The walls were lined with tubes containing minced meat. Some of the tubes were at least as thick as some of the children. One of the tubes looked like it had been shattered from the inside and only held trace amounts of meat inside it. On the far wall lay two bodies dressed like a swat team, but without any identifiers. The bodies seemed to leak the same rancid oil that was dripping from the roof outside. In front of the two bodies stood a selection of beer and energy drinks.

Some more left with their prize and only a few went past the bodies up the final flight of stairs into the ruined attic. The attic only contained a large tank with rancid oil and pumps that seemed to pump it into other parts of the house. A summoning circle was drawn onto the floorboard. In the middle of the summoning circle someone had laid some kind of old magazine. At first no one stepped into the circle to get it, but after all this build-up, someone finally did. The whistling stopped the moment he picked up the magazine. The summoning circle glowed ominously and the kid and the magazine were gone. A small explosion rocked the old building and than the oil caught fire and the van outside exploded.

Every adolescent made it out alive but the house burned down. 3 dead bodies were later pulled from the fire, but from the boy that had picked up the magazine was never heard from again.

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