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Item Designation: Nevermore
Size: ~1 meter each
Type: Non-biological Airborne Hazard
Living: Yes
Sentient: Unknown
Potential/Current Hazards Extremely sharp plumage, aggression
Required Wear/Weaponry Standard military armor, facial protection
Location: Research Facility-22


Usage of specimens as a collective assault device has been approved. Transportation of Nevermore is to be limited due to the danger posed by the items. Use of physical force in order to restrain select rebellious specimens has also been authorized. A neutralization order is only to be released in the event of a security breach or death of an agent.

Nevermore are only to be assigned to missions in which a severe threat to biological matter is posed (i.e. a radioactive humanoid entity) or to missions in which absolute termination of all threats involved is necessary. This is due to the fact that once the items have attacked and killed their first victim, they will not cease until physically restrained.

The entities do not require nourishment of any kind, and only require live 'prey' in order to maintain their predator instincts.

So far, Nevermore have proved instrumental in the destruction of several hostile GoI bases, including (but not limited to):

  • SCP Foundation Site-89
  • SEPIA Facility "█████-YGGDRASIL-█-BLACK"
  • █████ Base "LK"
  • The Church of ███████████████████


Nevermore is the designation for a perpetually silent conspiracy of exactly 16 151 ravens, each of which has been formed by interlocking daggers, knives and swords. These components have been successfully dated back to ██ century Europe; however, the true identity of the manufacturer of the weapons remains unknown [STRICKEN FROM RECORD].

Each 'raven' is highly formidable in combat, and is capable of killing a single adult human in less than three seconds via their sharp plumage. The items also are able to use their physical components as projectiles, although they will only do this if they are caught in a situation that poses a threat to their continued existence.

Unusually, each item's integral components appear impervious to bullets, along with any other type of projectile. No way of physically harming Nevermore specimens has yet been found (excluding the physical removal of the weapons themselves).

When attacking, Nevermore will move into a formation that will completely surround the target, before flying straight at the victim and completely destroying it. It has been noted that certain members of Nevermore attack specific places in the body; for example, Specimen 12 frequently attacks the trachea of the victim, whereas Specimen 4 aims for the popliteal fossa. This phenomenon remains unexplained.

Around autumn, the actions of the items will become highly erratic, and they will refuse to move for up to five hours at a time (see Appendix A for the discovery of this phenomenon). During winter, Nevermore will occasionally 'molt', releasing several of their components at once. It appears that they are also capable of regenerating weapons that have been released, and replacing them with new ones.

Nevermore were first discovered when a nearly unidentifiable chunk of biological matter was found at Lake █████████████, near Research Facility-22. The matter was identified as ███ ██████, a ██-year-old agent working at the facility. Traces of ██-century metal were also present. Shortly after this incident, reports of ravens flocking nearby the facility surfaced, and soon another attack occurred. It was prevented, and the ravens were contained. They later received the designation "Nevermore" as a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

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