Moving Shadows
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Something is rotten in the Chaos Insurgency. More rotten than usually. While the full extend of the problem is not yet known there is an oblivious point to start unraveling from. A anomaly in the heart of the Insurgency, with unclear motivation and alliance. Reality is no longer to be trusted.

Candles on Asphalt (2016/2018)
A flicker of activity in an abandoned installation.

Test Tube (2014/2020)
Where is all our stuff? Why are parts of the building gone?

No form like the present (2019)
An old "friend" has come to visit, one that has a probability to be lethal.

Perfect Edge (2019)
When you accidentally stumble into something bigger than you.

The Outside (2020)
What do you do, when there is a monster on the other side of the door?

Clean Floors (2020)
Things are in motion and we do not like the direction.

When September Ends (2021)
A loop is broken, something is out of containment.

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