Modules Reference

Here are some helpful module snippets for your writing convenience.


[[collapsible show="Your text here" hide="Your text here"]]

Words here


Rating module

Put on items, tales and pages for easy rating.

[[module Rate]]

What shows up:

rating: +6+x

ListUsers module (otherwise known as the 4th Wall Breaker module)

[[module ListUsers users="."]]
**You are operator ID %%number%%, callsign %%title%%**

What shows up


  • The %%number%% part makes your user ID show up.
  • The %%title%% part makes your user profile name show up the way it is.
  • The %%name%% part makes your user profile show up uncapitalized and simplified.

Profile thingie

Don't know what this is called, but if you pull it off, you get:

What you do is you put
[[*user someone]]
And you replace the someone part with someone's exact profile name.

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