White Noise
Item: White Noise
Type: Type IV Memetic Hazard
Sentient: Possible
Potential/Current Hazards Potentially lethal, albeit not directly
Required Wear/Weaponry All personnel involved in Project White Noise are to be inoculated against said item. Any personnel exhibiting drowsiness, or unrest, is to be terminated immediately, to prevent spreading.
Location: Armed Base-17
Reported Anomaly: Item induces depressing, unrest, drowsiness, and eventually, and effectively, destroys cognitive functions. Spreads via bodily fluids/contaminated fluids.


Item is to be deployed by Gamma Operative+. Exposure to item during deployment is to be met with immediate termination via destruction of the cranial cavity.


Item is a strain of a memetic hazard captured during a raid on Foundation site ███. Affected individuals describe item as being a gentle, buzzing noise, increasing in volume and frequency as the infection period moves on. Object's trigger is a white, blank slate-stone, infection is established immediately upon viewing said slate. Memetic effect is not carried via video transmissions, or photography. Affected individuals are, essentially, driven into a vegetive state in approximately a month after initial contact. Currently being used as a form of memetic warfare.

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