Midas Glove
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Item Midas Glove
Type Cotton Glove
Living No
Conscious No
Potential/Current Hazards Accidental Transmutation
Clothing/Armor Required Personnel must wear a Type II safety suit when handling the item
Location Base Six
Reported Anomaly Transmutation of Elements


The article can be used for the creation of work material as well as monetary sustenance for the operations of the Insurgency. Only organic material should be used during each procedure. Staff should wear safety suits and follow the assigned protocol at all times to avoid accidental transformations. Test subjects should be drawn only from prisoner of war cells.


The item is a white cotton glove made for men from the Victorian era. When the article is used to touch any living organic object this will transform it into solid gold with a purity of more than twenty-four (24) carats. This change is also carried out at the molecular level. The gold created is also an excellent and resistant conductor for the Insurgency electrical installations. For the effect to take place the person must touch the organism with the tip of the right index finger, which will initiate the change. Any attempt to use another finger, full hand or the glove alone will not activate the effect. Any living being that is transmuted, will take time to transform in an average time of 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on the size and volume of the organism. The glove is incapable of transforming dead organisms, regardless of their state of degradation.

The gold created by the article has shown unusual properties compared to average gold. Its melting point and boiling point are much higher and experiments with gold samples have confirmed that their atomic radius is higher than the standard 174pm, with the number rising and falling depending on which part of the test subject body is sampled. The results of the tests indicate that the gold that is extracted from the head of the subjects have a greater atomic number.

The instances transmuted by the article have proved to be able to retain energy on a larger scale allowed the development of more efficient infrared reflectors as well as for retention and heat focus in the industrial processes of creation of arms. As it is a more ductile and malleable metal than ordinary gold, it has been possible to create transparent sheets with a thickness of ████, surpassing in durability the currently used polymer alloys.


The article was part of the objects that were removed from contention by the Insurgency during the Foundation Civil War. Formerly under the name SCP-███, the article was the first content object belonging to MC&D Ltd. during the first major sweep of the Foundation in a private club in London, England in 1911. During the raid were ██ golden statues of men and women in positions ranging from agonizing to erotic poses. Although currently MC&D Ltd. tried to persuade to return the object of even buying it for a large sum, the High Command decided that it would be more beneficial for the Insurgency to retain the item.

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