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Item: Matchmaker
Size: 19.28 meters in height. Wheel radius is 8.12 m
Location: Containment Facility-214
Reported Anomaly: Human Generator

The Ferris Wheel upon discovery at ██████, ██████████.


Object's ability to generate ideal partners for human subjects makes it a useful attraction for specialized clients. The pricing range is controlled by Doctor Kaye ($500,000 - $850,000).

Operatives are tasked to observe the enterprising client for a period of four months before their request can be acknowledged. Within this timeframe, the client must be complicit with all requirements for item usage, including their containment in a quarantine cell for one week before their Activation Date.

Contacts found in the Archives may be surveyed for likely candidates to the Matchmaker. Operatives are allowed to coerce any potential buyers into purchasing an opportunity for companionship. Rewards will be given to the operative(s) who successfully persuade people of interest to the Insurgency.

Bought Companions must be discreetly attached with a tracking chip. However, psychological testing shows that they are too uniformly suited to their partner, and more relevantly, loyal, to ever become a threat. As only successful instances are allowed to be released, their separation from their partner is highly unlikely. If any are found attempting to compromise the Insurgency, the tracking chip will release a kill-switch that will orally release 10 g of cyanide when the Companion and the subject next kiss. Shade Response Team ("Eros' Embalmers") is responsible for covering any deaths attributed to such cases.

The cart's interior has proven resistant to video surveillance, and recording devices stored inside disappear after operation. Occupants are given audio recorders with a link to IRUC control before boarding.


The item is a Ferris wheel of standard design. It has silver spokes and cherry pink carts. It was found as a carnival attraction operating in the ███████ Carnival in ██████, ██████████. The amusement park has since been bought by an Insurgency front and has been relocated to an open field within Zone-4 of Base Ninety-Nine.

The following conditions are known to help activate the Object's primary anomaly:

  • Only one of the forty carts are to be occupied, and the Occupant must be alone. This is the only condition that must be primarily satisfied. All other conditions provide a statistically better chance of the phenomenon in the object to happen
  • Music of the romantic variety to be audible within the interior of the cart occupied.
  • Sunny skies
  • Clear weather
  • Light rain or drizzle
  • Presence of bouquets, candies and chocolates, balloons, or any romantic paraphernalia within a 20m radius
  • Presence of menstruating women
  • Confetti, bubbles, rose petals, etc. in the wind

Object's anomaly manifests as soon as the Occupant boards a cart alone and the ferris wheel is activated. The Occupant will immediately enter a deep sleep1 until approximately forty seconds after the ferris wheel is operated, usually around the time when the boarded cart is at the highest point of the ride, where it will abruptly stop.

Upon waking up, the occupant will find another human being seated beside them ("the Companion"). This subject will invariably embody the occupant's desires in a mate or partner, and the two will rapidly develop an affectionate relationship, often consummating their love while within the cart.

If the Occupant has a pre-existing relationship when the Companion manifests, the latter will show signs of anxiety and be markedly less persuasive to the Occupant.

There have been cases where the Companion and the Occupant do not enter a relationship at all. Abandoned or untaken companions vanish after twelve hours, leaving no trace behind. Multiple entries to the ride all see different manifestation of the Companion, but it is unclear whether it is the same consciousness inhabiting each instance.

Additionally, Occupants rarely report seeing or hearing previous companions while inside the cart. There have been cases where scorned companions attempt to kill themselves, to varying degrees of success. Personnel are not to attempt rescue on dead or dying subjects. Deceased instances do not disappear on their own.

Test 3104-a:

Subject 3104 is a 25-year-old single male with no previous relationships.

Subject enters cart. Ferris wheel begins operation as usual.

Subject begins to enter deep sleep. At 00:41, the cart reaches the highest point and the subject wakes up.

Subject: Wha-?

Female vocalization detected.

Companion: Boo.

Subject is silent. Slight increase in heart rate detected.

Companion: Hey.

Hey, are you alright?


Subject: Jesus, who… how'd you get inside the cart?

Companion: I… don't know. We came here together, remember?

Subject: No, we didn't. I came here alone.

Companion: Aww, that's kinda sad. Going to a ferris wheel by yourself?

What's wrong?

Subject: Nothing… I'm okay.

Companion: Do you need something? You look kinda messed up.

Oh, I got a cookie. I bought it at the booth before we rode that carousel. Want it?

Subject heart rate continues to increase.

Companion: Darryl?

Subject: No, no, it's okay. I mean, thanks.

Companion: You're not afraid of heights, are you? 'Cause I'd feel really bad bringing a wuss here with me on this forty-foot carnival ride.

Subject begins to cry.

Companion: (short silence) Hey. Hey… No, hey, stop. (She appears to have taken hold of the subject)

It's alright. It's okay … C'mon. Come here. You got me. You're going to be fine. Look at me.


Look at me.

The two become silent.

They kiss.

Subject: (sobbing) It's just, you're just so beautiful…

Long silence. They proceed to disrobe and kiss.

Intimate event happens until 09:08.

Companion: (after silence, punctuated by heavy breathing, chuckles) … Hmm.

Subject: (heavy breathing) Yeah?

Companion: I was wondering… Are you really afraid of heights?

Subject: (short exhale) Absolutely terrified.

… But hey, we got to conquer our fears eventually, right?

Companion: Hmm, what might've led you to that idea?

Both laugh, followed by silence.

Companion: Promise me you'll feel better, okay?

Subject nods.

They kiss.

At 12:10, cart begins to start again. Upon exit, Subject 3401 is separated from his Companion, who was terminated after standard quarantine procedures.

Test 0521-a:

Subject 0521 is a 28-year-old single female, recently ended a relationship.

Subject enters cart. Ferris wheel begins operation as usual.

Subject begins to enter deep sleep. At 00:41, the cart reaches the highest point and the subject wakes up.

Subject: Where.. am I?

Male vocalization detected.

Companion: Yeah, baby?

Subject gasps. Sharp increase in heart rate detected.

Subject: Y- (abrupt silence)

Companion: Yeah? (short delay) What, did I get ice cream on my-

Subject begins to shake. Bio-analysis indicates she is heavily disturbed.

Subject: N-n-n… N-Nathan…

Companion: Whoa, baby, hey…

Are you getting sick?

Subject is silent.

Companion: You're pale. I'll need to get you down so t-

Subject screams, then begins to cry.

Subject: No, no, no, Nathan. Y-you, you, you're not supposed to be here!

Nathan, why are you here?!

Companion: Baby, I need to find you somewhere to rest. You're…, I don't know what's going on with you.

Subject: Nathan (pained coughs, followed by audible sobbing), Nathan…

Companion is silent.

Subject: Nathan, please, please, please, please. Don't do this to me. Please, don't!

Subject breaks down into fits of hysterical sobbing.

An attempt by the Companion to reach the Subject is heard. She pushes him away.

Subject: No! Nathan, no, please! You're al-already gone!

Get OFF!


Companion is silent.

Subject begins to rock lightly.

Subject: (barely audible) I know, I know, I know I-I said I wanted you back. I know. I know that. You didn't have to. Y-you can't do this. You're already gone… You're already gone…

Companion: (barely audible) Baby…?

No further interaction between the two subjects is detected for the remainder of the test.

At 15:00, cart begins to start again. Upon exit, Subject 0521 and her Companion are seated apart from each other, the former in a state of heavy distress. Her Companion appears to have become depressed, refusing to speak. Subject 0521 was escorted away by staff, while the Companion was terminated shortly after.

Observation: Object is able to generate deceased individuals (copies?) to certain subjects.

Test 4459-e:

Subject 4459 is an assistant supervisor of Containment Area 214, where the Object is based. He is a 34-year-old married male, partner deceased. Subject was found passing Site intelligence to a rival group. It was decided that he be intimidated into obedience, instead of killed, as he was deemed valuable to the Director. He has requested multiple uses to the Item, where his Companion took the form of his deceased spouse. On his fifth use (Test 4459-e), a sniper equipped with thermal sight was positioned at a nearby vantage point and ordered to kill the Companion before commencement of intimate events.

Subject enters cart. Ferris wheel begins operation as usual.

Subject begins to enter deep sleep. At 00:41, the cart reaches the highest point and the subject wakes up.

Female vocalization detected.

Companion: Oh, thank God you're back.

They kiss.

Subject: I always miss you, sweetie.

Companion giggles.

They kiss again.

Companion: I'm glad I can still be here for you, you know.

Subject: (pause) … I'm so lucky I can still see you. Even if it's just here.

Companion: What? (laughs) Are you kidding?

Darling, of all the places I'd pick to stay with you forever in, trust me… This Ferris wheel's definitely up there.

Subject: (sighs) Yeah, sweetheart. I want to stay here with you forever, too.

They kiss.

Companion: So, want to… (she begins to advance on the Subject)

Subject: (softly) Can't we just talk? For a while longer? (sighs) I'm sorry, Bree, I'm just, I…

Companion: (hushes) Babe, it's okay. I… understand. I'm sorry.

What's bothering you?

Subject: I don't know.

(long pause)

I guess I just want you back. A lot.

Companion: Adam… you know I'll always, always be there with you.

It was too late at night. Stop blaming yourself for what I did.

Subject: What if I just followed you. I could've been right behind when…

Companion: No, Adam. Please… It's already… it's already happened.

Just know I thought of you when God picked me up.

Subject: (weeps) Bree… you're my golden sunflower. I never thought… it'd be so soon…

Please… Don't go.

Companion: As long as this place is here, Adam, I'll always come back to you.

I love you.

And I miss you, too, so very much.

They kiss.

The shot is fired. It hits the Companion just below the cheekbone. She is killed instantly.

Armed guards wait outside the cart as it is forcibly lowered. As the Subject, bloodied and in severe trauma, is removed by the security team, Eros' Embalmers moved in to remove the dead body. The Subject was then taken to an armored van to begin the actual interrogation. During the subsequent trial, the Companion's corpse was infected with "Agony" (VA-190C) and left inside a non-soundproofed containment cage.

Subject confessed to his crime and was re-educated and eventually re-installed as assistant supervisor. The information extracted was enough to eliminate two medium-priority threats. Director Lydian was commended for her ingenuity in handling the operation.

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