The Man at the End of the Line
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I was actually frustrated when I first found out this mechanic of the afterlife. What is dead should stay dead. I was taught to believe that. Returning from the dead was reserved for the end of days or for those chosen by god. Once a year the dead run towards the gate, trying to get into a place where they don't belong. Why aren't they happy? They know that there is an immortal soul, which makes there time on earth comically insignificant. There is even a way back, which makes the "one-way road to hell" nothing more than a normal street. And yet here they are, placing meaning into there meaningless endeavors.

Than the humans commercialized it. That made it even worse. The day of the dead became a reason for the living to indulge themselves. If my stomach had not rotten away a long time ago I would have vomited.

After the "final mystery", death, was unveiled to me I was disgusted. All this pleading, all that pain and for what? Years of human life wasted. Human life turned worthless in the face of entirety. And yet here they are. Going back to earth. Why would they do that? Everything that has a soul down there will come here eventually. Do they go back to be with there gold, there houses, there companies, the things they will not regain in the afterlife? Only very few do that and even they have to be looked upon as inconsiderate. What worth has human wealth, faced with eternity? Maybe an emotional one, but nothing more.

Some just stay here. A reasonable choice, but through my observations I have noticed a pattern. Those that have nothing on earth to keep there mind together start to forget, eventually dissolving like salt in the sea. What a cruel twist on immortality. You eventually forget, as everything that made you you, becomes more and more irrelevant with time. Eventually they become indistinguishable from the floor or the sky of the afterlife. Ash to Ash. Idiots to idiots. A completely meaningless end that was entirely avoidable.

For that reason I come down to earth on Halloween. Perhaps I am coming up. Describing movement across plains in terms of 3 dimensional space was stupid, even while I was alive.

I go to earth to kick some of these foolish mortals off their well-trodden paths and put an end to their pointless races. Those that summon ghosts on Halloween are a strange clientele. Kids, religious folks and surprisingly a lot of scientists. I tell them the rules. How to contact the dead, how to come back from the dead, how to summon spirits to the mortal plains. Some expect to be sitting across from a devil. Meaningful conversation with these kinds of persons has been difficult, challenging, yes, but quit interesting. Sadly or rather luckily I know almost nothing about there recently departed or there personal lives. It makes convincing them quite a good challenge.

I once was summoned by a priest who insisted on speaking Latin. Since then I have started to remember my Latin, which I never thought I would need after leaving my surgery behind following my own death. I must say, I have come around far more after my death. Sadly I am almost never what my clients wished to find. Better to pop there bubble as soon as possible before they wast there life in search for immortality or a god. Prove of the afterlife is what I wish to provide, as this mission is without end, until everyone has seen a ghost. This is my ticket to immortality.

Whenever I return into my afterlife at dawn of November first, it is sad to know that retirement does not exist in the afterlife. You sill have to work to stay alive, even if it is only one day a year. I don't understand the other "ghost", I don't understand humanity. It looks like technology is advancing, at least. After I make my go-around some of the scientists always try to capture me. They are getting better, but they need to learn there lesson. Death is meaningless. Life is meaningless. The only reason why I don't become part of the floor is that there is something that exists and has meaning. Fear, fear of not existing, fear of death. The only thing that changed about death is the condition at which point it comes to claim you. With each year I have survived. I even managed to inspire some people to take up my way. If I can escalate this, there will one day come a Halloween when every human alive will see ghost once per year. But is that not against my interest? I would answer "no" to that question, because even if I reach that day, my work will not be done. I have plans that will require far more.

The scientists can not make up their mind whether they want to see that day or not, some encourage me, some try to stop me. I don't care. The world will know the truth. That everything is meaningless. Through this fear, through this emptiness, I can feel happy, knowing that this world with all that pain will one day be freed, by me of all people.

Who knew that a simple doctor could do what generations of people tried to do, killed for, died for, suffered for. The secret of death will come to an end, religion will end and finally science will reach into the realm of death and tear it apart, until being dead is nothing more than being asleep.

I can just work on my version for 1 day a year. I think I will expand. Just crossing the river when it is frozen is ineffective. You eventually need to build a bridge and than these arbitrary restriction of nature will fall and me and my colleges will come back, whenever we please. To the day when death will finally die at our feet.

Once death is dead, I can finally rest in piece.

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