"Life is Pain" Painkiller
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Item: "Life is Pain" Painkiller
Size: 1,5 cm capsules
Type: Medication
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Excessive and continued use might cause sudden death
Required Wear/Weaponry Full body hazard suit during initial packaging (not required by end user)
Location: Small amounts of the substance are to be handed out to field personnel and bases with questionable food/medical supply
Reported Anomaly: Complete blockage of pain and/or discomforting nerve signals


The item is mostly used to combat the symptoms of hunger and sickness in areas with unreliable food and/or medical supply. It has been theorized that a sufficient amount of pills could keep a base with a stable water supply running for up to 3 weeks, once food/medical supplies were terminated, without a noticeable decrease in productivity. Such an experiment has yet to be conducted. Certain failing operations by the Insurgency were kept going by this anomaly, to varying degrees of success.

This use of the item is only to be considered a last resort measure, even if it would be financially viable to hold the food and medical supply to an ongoing operation with just drug shipments as a substitute. The usage of this strategy has proven detrimental to future operations in the regions it was deployed in.

The anomalies ability to combat pain was best demonstrated when a doctor used the item's properties to operate on a still conscious patient with a full body 2nd degree burn.

The item's properties activate roughly one to two minutes after oral administration. The effects duration varies, but is usually around four to nine days.


The item is a anomalous medicine distributed in capsule form.

Originally the pills were completely black 1,4 cm long, with a radius of 5 mm (MARK I). This was changed when it was discovered that individual members of the Insurgency would not take a completely black capsule do to stereotyping of the color as a sign of death, as well as a general distrust against medicine provided by the Insurgency.

After the change, the capsules were shipped with a red and white capsule similar to [REDACTED] painkillers from [REDACTED], a reputable source (MARK III).

A red, blue and orange design was tested (MARK II), but was only produced in testing quantities.

The completely black capsules are still in circulation do to there longevity. These capsules are responsible for the name "Zombie Pill" being given to the medicine. The amount of MARK I stock found by our agents was far too great to have been produced in one year (the documented time of the production of MARK I). It is unknown how many other organizations1 may have access to old MARK I stock, but the Insurgency is currently the only organization using the new MARK III stock.

Once ingested orally the capsule activates after 45 to 130 seconds, and lasts from 90 up to 216 hours. During the time the capsule is active a subject wont feel pain or discomfort from, but not limited to, slashing wounds, burns, blunt trauma, radiation poisoning, general poisoning, hunger, emotional distress, necrosis and frost.

The pain block is completely effective throughout the whole body, but does not halt actual cellular damage. This means that even if a subject acts normally under the influence of the drug they might already be in a condition that will lead to their inevitable death. Personnel using/administering the drug must be prepared for the sudden death of there patients.

During the time the capsule is active, all regenerative functions are drastically reduced. Tissue regeneration and growth are halted. This often leads to bacterial infection or unnoticed severe blood-lose. Total immune-suppression was not explicitly linked to the effects of the drug, but have shown up frequently enough that it had to be noted here as a possible side-effect.

Reports about subjects being able to live without their head while under the influence of the drug are not to be believed, as no such observations could be recreated under laboratory conditions.

All current supply is produced by Cataclysm International, a [REDACTED], after they took ownership of the drug's formula in 20162. Individual packaging is being performed in multiple Insurgency controlled facilities. Since subjects under the influence of the drug are highly susceptible to biological contamination the production and packaging of the drug has to be performed under extremely high sanitary conditions.

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