Laura Grace
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Item: Laura Grace
Size: 1.6 m tall
Type: Humanoid
Living: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Miscalculation that results in an unstable item. Rebellion against the Insurgency.
Location: Base Five
Reported Anomaly: Advance knowledge and anomalous item creation.

Laura Grace at Cardboard-12 before transfer to Base Five.


The item is to assist in developing new assets, and methods to further the goals of the Insurgency. All its writings are to be collected and examined. It is also to have itself proof read its work to correct any possible errors. Concepts worth pursuing are to be done at the approval of Alpha ranked personnel.

Regular mental health checks are to occur with the item, along with administrating prescriptions.


Laura Grace is the name of a human female that stands 1.6 meters tall, has brown eyes, and black hair.


Retrieved notes hanging in the office of Dr. Henry A. Miller, the leading researcher.

The specimen is known for having intricate knowledge on subjects it couldn't know about at a young age. At age 5 it demonstrated accurate knowledge of quantum physics and thaumaturgy. It has written many notes which serve as instructions for creating advance assets, most of which are anomalous (Please view the appendix for further data regarding said assets). Furthermore, it knows several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and two unknown languages currently being taught to several agents.

It suffers from symptoms similar to bipolar disorder, and has claimed to experience auditory hallucinations. In addition, it had reported experiencing headaches. These don't interfere much with its usual activities, but prevention of mental degradation is performed to maintain its intellect. The cause for its condition is unknown.

The concepts created through the specimen could sometimes pose a risk. It is capable of making an error which it sometimes corrects on its own when looking over its work, but it occasionally would be overlooked. These would result in a potential accident or a waste of resources. Only two incidents occurred, with no essential personnel expiring.

Approval is currently pending for the specimen in possibly assisting with other items within the possession of the Insurgency. It has been considered to work on Project Hades and Charybdis.

Appendix A: Below are a few assignments of Laura Grace.

Assignment #: LG-002

Goal: Creation of a Scranton Reality Anchor

Description: A device conceived by the late Dr. Robert Scranton from the SCP Foundation. The purpose of the device is to prevent reality from being manipulated by anomalous sources.

The usefulness of a device in the possession of the Insurgency would assist in combating against thaumaturgic users, and reality bending individuals within organizations such as the Serpent's Hand.1

Replication of such a device to the standards of the Foundation is too costly with the Insurgency's current resources. In addition, the designs of SRAs are too large to effectively transport. Although, the assistance of Laura Grace provides plans for a more achievable version of a reality anchor that is both portable, and financially feasible.

Assignment #: LG-003

Goal: Faster than light travel

Description: Various designs and calculations for space ships capable of faster than light travel. Currently not being pursued to its fullest potential until the Insurgency is a global power. Minor tests had been performed.

Assignment #: LG-004

Goal: Perpetual motion machine

Description: An endless power supply that function on perpetual motion. Such machines are considered impossible, but the item had discovered a method. Two of such devices are currently in use by the Insurgency. Further data is classified.


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