Late for the Party
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The stage consists of a worn out coutch,with a book on it, fridge and small electric grill standing on the coffe table.
Magda enters a stage with w bucker and a broom and puts them near the door. Then she goues near a fridge and pulls out a bottle.
"Who would predict that leaving Poland would leave me in such place."
"Full of rooms to clean and guts to collect splatered all over room space."
"Yet still better then my then my old job at the pub."
"Where I had to clean the meat's scraps like some dogs cub"
"Tho that creep who hired me did it due to my butt"
"Yet recently an angel told him to stop his smut"
"Tho our director that fuck mourns him cause he was his son"
"And I must be the one that handels them drinks, how fun."
she sits on the couch and opens a bottle of wine
"They say that this room was a mad doctors lair"
"Where he once created a human polar bear"
"I've heard them way to many times"
"And I can proudly say they are bad lies"
she takes anaother sip from the bottle than looks at the book, then she take it and looks at her cover
"The last present from my mother was a book with ghosts in it"
"Yet still more interesting then the holliday here I must admit"
"Obnoxious ,loud and irritaiting is this Halloween,"
"Full of bad costumes often worn by kids at the age of nineteen"
"But at least most of the staff is gone to their homes"
"In order to give a chep candy to sods dressed like crones"
she takes another sip of wine and puts it away and opens a book
"They show here a rituals of Slavs to summon the souls of the dead"
"And where one of the guys it it lost his head"
"An alcohol to fire they apply?"
"To summon the dead Thats why"
*she takes a two big gulps*
"I tihnk I can do the same as this Guślaż guy''
"But that would be quite stupid to even try"
a light is turned off then turned on again, Magda stands over the grill pouring a tad of wine on the grate, while beeing visibly drunk
"O close your eyes and close your doors"
"Cause we await a soul that wants to wash into lives shores. "
"Is there a soul That want a forgivness"
"I shall grant by thickess"
"And If he needs something more"
a person in the black hood enters a stage
Peter Bolton
"We would not use a pubs whore"
Magda jumps with a scream, while turning at the figure
"Who the fuck are you"
"To come into this world anew"
"No No it must be the effects of mine drunkenness"
Peter Bolton
I can assure you that it's not reason"
For I come into this world with suddenness"
"Its due to a occasion that was brought for me this season"
he aproaches the centre standing in the light Magda looks preplext
"For I am a Peter Bolton the monsters creator"
"I used a liquid from a blood of my own "
"And I came here for one bloody traitor"
"And wish to hear his sufferings groan"
"For he corrupted my desendant"
"Feeding her his lies"
"Just so he could be in his positions ascendant"
"She felt betrayed in her eyes"
"But this cunt sill breathes"
"Using my techniques"
"To sell them to a bunch of thiefes"
"To make themselfs pets like a bunch of freaks.
"Fine but how could I help a poor soul"
"For I have no idea what is yours heavens toll"
Peter Bolton
"I long not for heaven but for justuice"
"This man called Marcus Grave"
"Brutall it must thus"
"And You my soul Shall save."
"But he is a facilitys director"
"Many creatures Protectos"
"He sits all day and visits rarely"
"Tho tomorrow we will see him barely"
Peter Bolton turns to Magda
visibly scared
"Tommorow is a party for his retirement"
"We throw it for in at his pre retirement"
"Then there can be a chance to strike"
"Some poison into wine or liquid alike"
Peter Bolton
comes near scarrred Magda
"Search under your feet"
"To his death lies the key"
"Do it in complete"
"Or You shall suffer by me"
Peter Bolton leaves the stage
Magda while shaking discovers that one of the plank on the floor is loosen, she rips it out and pulls out a bottle, then she leaves

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