Item Experimentation

List of extended experimentation logs for various items and objects that have been tested extensively.

Testing items normally involves attempting to understand the limits of their specific abilities, or ascertaining what abilities an item may have. Testing should not destroy unique items, though items that are self-replicating or exist in a multitude may be damaged, dismantled, or destroyed in order to ascertain the inner workings.

Unfinished format:
Test Nr. # Item name
Goal Method Result
Test Nr. 554 Matchmaker
Body-count A selection of test subjects is brought into the item and all usual conditions for its activation are meet. Two sniper are placed nearby to eliminate the companion and to tranquilize the subject as soon as it starts to awaken The Insurgency was able to produce a body count of 45 in an hour of operation. These might be utilized in the staging of an anomaly to lure out other Groups of Interest. Companions spawn without the knowledge of there predecessor, concerning there impending demise
Test Nr. 670 Bad Donuts
Taste A probe was programmed to sample the content of the box, which at this point in time should have completely decayed. The machine is equipped whit the necessary equipment for a full chemical breakdown of the taken sample. Upon making visual contact with the anomaly the probe, closed the box and started to drive into a nearby wall, repeatedly. Whether this is classifiable under any of the other observed behaviors from living subjects is currently being debated.
Test Nr. 204 Transduction Annelids
Manners The anomaly is exposed to a non English speaking host. The host is to be restricted in its movement, but not chained to one place. Regular conversation with the subject is to be carried out during its maturation. These conversations are than to be coupled with lessons derived from British gentleman clubs of the 18th centenary. These conversations are to be carried out in English. Sir Hempfworth Peterton has gained full control over the host and has shown himself to be quit learned. Following 4 weeks of training almost nothing of the host remains. Sir Peterton is comprised of at least 15 instances of the Item and seems to be a inter-generational project, with regularly changing members. Most instance have reached a length of 10 cm and have grow out of the subjects neck.
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