Interview-IRUC-CDC-109 | Cupcake Interview 2014
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Interview conducted to analyze psychology of patients affected with the effects of Stickity-Stick. Attached to this document is compartment-10ii9103A: a preliminary statement, compartment-10ii9103B: interview with subject prior to test with item, compartment-10ii9103C: interview proper and selected excerpts from post-interview notes.

On an unforeseen side note, it has led to the discovery of a Type-F-IV reality-manipulator subject currently under PSII reconditioning. This is the cause of attention to this document, and improved archiving of data for this report is ongoing. Dr. Caduceus' sometimes unorthodox methods at interviewing subjects was key to this discovery, and he has been commended for his efforts. A cash reward of $75,000 has been given to his private account.

Compartment 10ii9103-A - Statement

This interview was conducted to analyze the psychological background of subjects affected by the Stickity-Stick.

Interview 10ii9103-B - Important details removed

Interviewer is Dr. Seth Candossier

Interviewee is Hime Akumu, to be known as subject 99113k - female, 20 years of age, physically and psychologically healthy

Dr. Seth: Hi there, Ms. Akumu. How are you doing today?

Subject: I'm doing pretty well. The briefing said I'm just going to be like a guinea pig for a psychological experiment, and the pay's good. I just go in, do my part and go out.

Dr. Seth: That's about it, and you get to leave tonight.

Subject: Really? Yay! What are we going to be testing, anyway?

Dr. Seth: I'm afraid that's beyond your clearance, Miss. It's best we don't go there.

[subject appears confused]

Dr. Seth: So, Miss Akumu, why don't you tel-

Subject: I'd rather not talk about anything else, then, doctor.

Dr. Seth: ..Alright then. You may proceed back to your quarters. Test begins at 6 PM sharp. Thank you for your time, Miss Akumu.


Subject appears to be mildly stubborn, amicable, cheerful and generally obedient. Further physical-psychological background analysis not needed.

Interview 10ii9103-C - Interview Proper

Interviewer is Dr. Martin Caduceus, who was the only researcher available during the time

Interviewee is Test Subject 99113k, currently under the hallucinogenic effect of Stickity-Stick. Subject was restrained and monitored during interview. Subject was allowed to hold the item for the interview.

Dr. Martin: So tell me about your life.

[Researchers' voices are heard]

Dr. Martin: Oh, so I have to do that every time, guys? Fine, [sharp whistle] you.

Dr. Martin: [sighing] Interview commences now.

Dr. Martin: So, Subject 99113k, how do you feel?

[Gag is taken off test subject]

Subject: Stay away from me, devil! I know you want to kill me, but so long as I have my blade [raises the branch], I will smite you.

Dr. Martin: Alright, then. Do you feel strange? Anything inside your head lately?

Subject: Are you trying to get inside my mind, devil? Don't! I won't let you! This blade [defends self with branch] won't let you!

Dr. Martin: Do you feel better with that blade with you?

Subject: Yeah. It feels reassuring, and it makes me believe that I can stop you from destroying everything, devil!

Dr. Martin: Ok, now, would you really want to kill me? [begins smiling]

Subject: Yes, fuck, yes! I feel stronger with my blade and I'm sure I can stop you!

Dr. Martin: Take it easy. What do you think about your blade?

Subject: I won't ever let you take it away from me, devil! Never! This sword will keep me safe! No one can't be trusted anymore, devil, not since I held it and knew the truth.

Dr. Martin: What truth?

Subject: Uh, [appears confused], I don't know but I know it's the TRUTH!

Dr. Martin: Ok, then, the truth.


Dr. Martin: Deep breath, there. [subject complies] Last question.

Dr. Martin: Does the blade make you feel safe, there? Do you think it will protect you?

Subject: Uh, duh. This blade was made to protect me. And I will protect it too [hugs branch].

Dr. Martin: That blade is an oak branch, you know.

Subject: Whu-what? No, it's not! [hugs branch tighter] It's a blade, see? [waves stick around, makes slicing motions]

Dr. Martin: It is a stick. A stick that makes people hallucinate.

Subject: No, it's a real sword! And I can prove it! HI-YAA! [pokes and beats Dr. Martin with the stick]

Dr. Martin:

Dr. Martin: Come on, Hime. It's a stick that makes you crazy. No one here is the devil, and that stick is lying to you.

Subject: It's NOT! Go away! [subject retreats to corner of the interview cell, pointing stick at Dr. Martin] S-super blade, save me…please. [subject hugs branch again]

Dr. Martin: That's adorable, Hime. Now, fun time's over. That stick is a mind-affecting item that makes you think it's a swrod.1 Now give me the stick and let's call this over [moves towards subject]

Subject: No! Stay back! Stay baaack! [pokes Martin with the stick until termination of interview]

Subject: I warned you! [subject throws cupcakes at Martin - subject appears to have a bag full of cupcakes]

Dr. Martin: What the-



Post-interview notes:
I have concluded that subjects affected by the item do not fully believe the hallucinations induced by it as seen by my subject's doubt at the statement, although they will aggressively defend their beliefs. The subject, aside from calling me the devil, displayed no linguistic change or personality shift with the effect, as opposed to the typical effect from other mind-affecting items, wherein the subject may have a different accent, mannerism or tone. Another note: as expected, my patient used the item to attack me, displaying hostility at me. Furthermore, the subject has made vague statements relating to the 'Truth' - this may be faulty reasoning on her part, but regardless, further testing on other subjects for this statement may follow.

As for the discovery of her (my patient's) anomaly: I have found a wonder out of a patient. Hime Akumu, or Test Subject 99113k, is a Type-F-IV reality manipulator; she is unable to change reality to her perception nor willpower, but is able to materialize objects out of nothing, without straining the Laws of Conservation somehow. She is a valuable surprise to me, and I am moving to put her under Reconditioning. She can be a nice addition to our Special Assets Teal Project.

- Dr. Martin "Caduceus"

- ß Beta-class Medical / IRUC Specialist - ☤

Motion approved, Caduceus. Forwarded to your medical team for PSII treatments. Our first reality-manipulator in 4 years, congrats! - ALPHA Researcher Deny

Agent Hime Akumu's Item File

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