The Log of Approved Operations
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The Log of Approved Operations
This log is an incomplete documentation of all selected operations carried out by the Assault Wing that are not listed elsewhere. Please note that certain entries are classified, and only visible to Falchion Valley and Alpha personnel.

The types of operations are as follows:

  • Sabotage
  • Espionage
  • Low-Scale Assault
  • Large-Scale Assault
  • Retrieval
  • Publicity
  • Other

Please use this form for all operation reports:

Team(s) Involved:
Notes: (Optional)

Date: ██/██/20██
Type: Sabotage
Location: Site-██, Controlled by the SCP Foundation
Team(s) Involved: Team 28: "River Styx"
Description: At ███ hours, River Styx destroyed the Low Level Research wing of Site-██ through the use of the Spatial Displacement Device, causing a chain reaction containment breach, destroying the majority of the Site and releasing SCP-███, ████, ███, ████, ████, ███, and ███.
Outcome: Successful, total damages estimated at $████████.
Casualties: None.

Date: █/██/19██
Type: Retrieval
Location: New York, NY
Team(s) Involved: Team 95: "Sandbox", Team 12: "Titanic II", Team 13 "Lottery"
Description: Both teams, after meeting at the rendezvous point, attempted to locate and capture ███████ ███.
Outcome: Failure. Contact was lost with Sandbox and Titanic II at ████ hours. The next day, Lottery was sent to locate Sandbox and Titanic II. The team members of both teams were found dead. Autopsy revealed that both teams were [REDACTED]. After ██ more hours, contact was lost with Lottery.
Casualties: The entirety of Sandbox and Titanic II, Lottery is currently MIA and presumed dead.
Notes: Research into new ways of capturing ███████ ███ is currently under way, until then all attempts to contain it have been put on hold. - Dr. ██████

I have come to the motion to terminate both Dr. ██████ and Commander ████ for incompetent leadership. - ALPHA 'Crayfish'

Date: ██/██/20██
Type: Sabotage
Location: Wellington
Team(s) involved: 087-jaeger actual, CI Multi-Purpose Strike Team-28 ‘River Styx’
Description: Jaeger Actual will infiltrate Foundation base site-██, shut down power and await further orders
Outcome: Failure. Majority of Jaeger Actual were found dead along with terror bites partially malfunctioning. Autotopsy has suggested deaths by anomolous means, finding concrete inside each body.
Casualties: 47 personnel dead, 7 injured, 4 healthy
Notes: 087-Jaeger Actual's current status is decommissioned, new personnel applications are to await approval from alpha level members. No permission is granted for future operations. All documents including these events will be listed as the Wellington incident.
-Commander Hemsworth
We're damn lucky enough to pull out River Styx before more soldiers died.
- Dr. Gucci, head of strategic operations

Date: ██/██/19██
Type: Sabotage
Location: Site-██, Controlled by the SCP Foundation
Team(s) Involved: Heavy Strike Team Foxtrot-64
Description: Foxtrot attempted to enter Site-██ and terminate all Foundation Staff in sight, as well as attempting to release a sample of Terror Bites into the containment cells of SCP-███, ████, ███ and ███. Seventy-two (72) hours after the sample is released, Site-██ will be carpet-bombed to prevent Terror Bites from infecting the surrounding area.
Outcome: Successful, SCP-███, ████, ███ and ███ caused a Site-wide outbreak of terror bites, destroying the facility and all objects inside before the carpet bombing took place. Damages estimated at 13 items in total and $████████.
Casualties: One, Foxtrot-64 member ████ ███████ was killed by SCP-████ while attempting to release his sample of terror bites.

Date: 10/14/2014
Type: Retrieval
Location: Moon, far side. [Coordinates Redacted].
Team(s) Involved: Advanced IAO team 'OPPUS'.
Description: Dispatched via the SOL-VAC system to recover the source of an abnormal energy signature.
Outcome: Success, item 0139 aka 'Lunar Drone' was recovered and delivered to base four.
Casualties: No team casualties, one civilian was killed when he found the SOL-VAC landing site and attempted to flee.
Notes: Under order of ALPHA Stargazer with unanimous consent by ALPHA command, the item Lunar Drone is to be documented under protocol 'Smoke and Mirrors'.

Date: 11/13/2014
Type: Espionage
Location: Seat of the Prime Minister, Grand Duchy of Sallivingt
Team(s) Involved: Reddened Elbows
Description: Team was sent to murder and assume the identities of the Prime Minister's security detail on 11/12/2014 two days before the visit of the Latvian ambassador, ██████ ████████████. Before the meeting, the Prime Minister was replaced by a decoy and promptly killed the embassy staff. Public unrest led to the actual PM's arrest and installment of a planted official.
Outcome: Civil unrest in Latvian communities in Sallivingt. Budget mandated by the installed chief spread to allied funneling departments in the state. $15,000,000 in local currency acquired in first year.
Casualties: 243 (from Latvian riot), 12 (PM security)

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