Insurgency Files-ES


Story Preview Author Date
A Day Without "Luck" There is always a relationship of origin, this means that even if a group or a population change always remember its beginning, this is the relationship that can be found even in mathematics between the factors and the product… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 9 Jun 2017
A Day Without "Luck" - Part II In the war there are 4 important factors to win, Intelligence, Logistics, Troops and Armament. However, our advantage in modern warfare is the fifth factor, the Anomalies… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 11 Jul 2017
Seminar on Research and Acquisition of Potential Articles Good afternoon everyone. Let me introduce myself: I am Doctor Martín Caduceus. Yes, Caduceus. Not "Caduceos" as some researchers I know insist on putting in the reports they send me… Yorick1Yorick1 14 Jul 2017
Suspicious Agreement, Interview with the OSI Agent The cold weather was throughout the installation … in that place I could hardly know if it was because of the weather or the ventilation system, anyway it did not matter because all my senses were diverted towards that exquisite hot steam from the roasted coffee… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 21 Jul 2017


Record Preview Author Date
Base-7 Base 7 was created as part of the Insurgency's expansion program, becoming the first automated installation of the Insurgency outside the United States… Yorick1Yorick1 19 Jul 2017
List of Persons of Interest This is a partial list with the Persons of Interest that are most relevant and of most importance to the Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 10 Aug 2017
Record of Lost Anomalies This is a list of all the Chaos Insurgency anomalies that have been lost in action or stolen by other Groups of Interest… Yorick1Yorick1 2 Oct 2017
History of the Chaos Insurgency Before starting who is reading this should be aware of the implications that will come with the knowledge obtained from the following file… Yorick1Yorick1 1 Nov 2017
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