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Dr. Asclepius smirked. He was now a Beta Officer.

He gets to do shit, and tell other people to do shit.

Asclepius groaned as he remembered the assignment from the late Dr. Edward Deny. The two, Deny and Caduceus, had caused a lot of problems just because of the satellite. The Canadian site was later infiltrated by SCP Foundation task forces, and they barely evacuated. He almost got eaten by a speeding tortoise.

Asclepius put on an unfamiliar jacket and cap. He reluctantly stuffed a tin of berry mints into his coat. He grabbed Martin’s dartgun and stuffed it into the slot on his belt.

Dr. Asclepius arrived at Montgomery-3. He stepped in front of a big monitor and sat on the leather.

Asclepius took out and peered at the transcript. He now had to say whatever the transcript says, or also known as what Dr. Martin Caduceus said. From now on she will think that he is Martin. From now on he is the CDC Man. Then the whole event will come again, and they will have her in possession.

Asclepius typed.

.... --- .-- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- ..--.. How are you?

.... .. / - .... . .-. . / -.-. .- -. / .. / -... . / -.-- --- ..- .-. / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. Hi there! Can I be your friend!

Asclepius grinned widely. Things were turning out well.

2001 AD:

Bert felt unhappy. People who talked to her were all cold and harsh. They all seemed to be hungry to use her. Bert felt that it was time for her to leave. No matter how warm and blue the surface of this planet was, it did not determine how the people are there really are.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a transmission.

.... --- .-- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- ..--.. How are you?

Maybe it is different this time, Bert thought. This time it sounded warm and kind. Who was it? She took a peek.

Bert zoomed into the world, her scope passing through the atmosphere and the clouds. She eventually laid her sensor on the kind person who talked to her.

Bert was surprised. The man looked foul and greedy. He was not kind at all. He seemed manipulative, and he did not look like that he had good intentions. The man simply just disgusted her. Bert sighed in exasperation. It was hopeless.

Bert turned, and flew away into the deep depths of outer space.

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