Identity Receptacle
Item: Identity Receptacle
Type: Container (Liquids)
Potential/Current Hazards: None
Required Wear/Weaponry: None
Location: Base Eight
Reported Anomaly: Memory Erasure and Perception Suppression

The Identity Receptable, front view


The Item must be filled to at least a third of its height with the target's bodily fluids. Since fluids naturally excreted by the victim (e.g. saliva, sweat, urine, etc.) do not trigger the effect, the usage of blood samples or gastric acid acquired by forceful regurgitation (easily achieved with the use of emetics) is advised. The liquid should be undiluted and free of contamination by other materials.

Personnel tasked with restraining and handling the victim must keep intervisibility with the Item during activation. In case of failure to do so, the target's shock collar is to temporarily stun them whilst the procedure is aborted and they are secured.


The Identity Receptacle is a ceramic amphora of about 40 cm height and about 2 l holding capacity. The Item is painted with a spiralling black pattern resembling a human fingerprint on the front, and an androgynous humanoid figure on the back.

If the Item is filled with a subject's internal bodily liquids to at least 10 cm height, it will erase all memories of the subject in other persons. This effect extends to an active antimemetic suppression of knowledge about that subject, rendering others unable to infer the subject's existence from circumstantial evidence (like gaps in family trees) or recognizing them in records of any kind.

This effect can be reversed on an individual basis by recognition of the Item's target, either in person or through a life transmission. For a person to regain their whole memories of the subject, it must be actively identified, not just noticed. This means that close friends and family members can usually recognize the subject immediately, whereas mere acquaintances will have to concentrate on the subject to recognize them.

Alternatively, the effect can be reversed by observing the human shape at the back of the Identity Receptacle. Whilst eligibly filled, personnel reported that the figure had striking resemblance to the current target, albeit comparisons by software detected no difference. Similarly, the front painting is reported to match the target's finger print.

If the Identity Receptacle is emptied of its contents, all anomalous effects cease.

Since the Identity Receptacle may only remove one person from public consciousness at a time and fails at concealing its target upon direct contact, the Item has been of few use to covert Insurgency operations after initial acquisition during ███████████████████████████████████.

However, the Identity Receptacle has proven very useful in covert operations against hostile Groups of Interest and other high-value organizations. The Identity Receptacle allows for covert extraction of a VIP for interrogation. Alternatively, a ransom might be demanded from a selected group of persons allowed to remember the target; upon failure to convince others of the kidnapping having taken place, victims are likely to comply with extortion demands.


The following is a non-comprehensive list of targeted operations utilizing the Identity Receptacle.

Operation Target Outcome
Zulu-Blue Ransom ████ ██████ Within three days, the demanded land claims were signed over to an Insurgency front company.
Yankee-Down Interrogation Dr. ████ Interrogation revealed valuable information about the containment of SCP-████ which eventually lead to its neutralization.
Tango-Raven Ransom █████ █ ████ Extortion attempts yielded unlimited access to the company's satellite network.
November-King Interrogation Cdr. ██████ Target resisted enhanced interrogation techniques; however, his absence allowed covert operatives within the GOC to seize his office's contents and acquire valuable intelligence.
Lima-Null Ransom █████ ████ Stocks in an estimated market value of 4 billion USD were traded to the Insurgency within one day.
Bravo-Dawn Ransom ████ ███████ Upon failure to pay ransom within a week, the target was terminated in Item testing. Media reported the target's disappearance as "tragic accident".
Sierra-Spirit Other ███████████████ The Mirror Men were satisfied and promised future cooperation with the Insurgency.
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