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IAO Forum Thread: Access Granted_

Here's what you do. All of these reports are items in the making. It's you're job to finish them off. Any ideas you take and turn into an item is yours. Simply replace the 'Awaiting volunteers' part of the report with your character or username, and it's yours.

You are also obliged to create a short tale or report on how you retrieved the item, since we are the Item Acquisition Ops. Just post it as 'Item Acquisition Records' on your item, or turn it into a tale/forum post on the IAO thread.

But, if your item is negatively received and it's deleted, we'll bring back the original report, with a 'cover-up' failed attempt in acquiring the item. +1 for immersion factor, there.

That's all. Let the IAO Hunt begin!

A mechanical drone of an unknown, glassy make and design has been observed by IAO roaming the outskirts of Cadiz, Spain. The drone's means of locomotion is through propulsion by unknown means. Humans who have physically contacted the item have been diagnosed with several unknown diseases caused by a new strain of <CLASSIFIED> which reportedly grows on the drone.

IA Ops Team: Awaiting volunteers_

Civilian reports of half of the buildings at a village slowly 'phasing' into an 'ancient' design circulating in parts of Mexico. Photos of the phenomenon before they were erased by Foundation cyberteams have suggested they are of an unnatural cross of Indo-European and Aztec. Possessions and events of fires spontaneously appearing have been reported near the area.

Potential Type-C-II event unfolding. Needing immediate team dispatch.

IA Teams Assigned:

  • CI Rapid Item Neutralization Team 'EXTINGUISHR'
  • CI Rapid Threat Response Team 'AVR-22'

In need of one more team. Awaiting volunteers_

A colony of Acacia trees in Thailand has been seen connecting in an unnatural way as such that their branches and roots are entangled. Parts of the tree have grown unknown structures, some similar to a beehive, corals and anthills. Birds in the immediate vicinity have grown somehow better-adapted beaks, and vestigial eye growths have been seen below their actual eyes.

IA Operator Assigned: Awaiting volunteers_

Codemane "God Printer", a 3d printer machine with a USB port and a pendrive with files of a unknown program. When the files are selected with the printer, it starts printing creatures.

IA Operator Assigned: Awaiting volunteers_

QUAESITOR has detected a SCP convoy along with various anomalous signatures. One, in particular, has caused QUAESITOR'S thaumaturge sensors to go off the charts.

IA Team Assigned: Awaiting volunteers_

QUAESITOR's feeds from the Hindu-Kush mountain have abruptly, temporarily been replaced with Marilyn Monroe movies, in which Marilyn Monroe is either Latina, African-American, Inuit or Malay in ethnicity.

IA Personnel Assigned: Awaiting volunteers_

Reports from █████████, Israel indicate some form of cognitiohazardous anomaly in the area, affected subjects are described as rude and brash, subtle varieties in reports indicate at least four categories.

  • CI Specialized Item Acquisition Team 'Whole of Mind'

IA Team assigned: In operation_

Log of Acquired Items (abridged)

Creation of Darwin

Access item report here.

Original Report
A translucent, amorphous mass of flesh, fat and (ballistics gel?) has been taken into CI observation, currently 'rooting' itself on a patch of dirt. It is non-moving, except for the occassional breathing movement. Needing one operator to escort the convoy containing the item to Base Six.

IA Operator Assigned: GAMMA-Assault Major Miguel Atrasan
IA Team Commended: Flaktrakkers

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