Human Serum
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Item: Human Serum Rev. 2
Amount: Unlimited
Type: Transformative
Living: Yes (extended definition)
Sentient: Yes (extended definition)
Potential/Current Hazards Loss of personnel
Required Wear/Weaponry non human-formed hazmat suits
Location: Bathtub-05
Reported Anomaly: Human Normalizer/Creator


The Item will be referenced in official documents with the following names for its three stages: Phase one: Humanizer; Phase two: Dehumanizer; Phase three: Human-Essence.

The serum's properties, regardless of stage, activate upon contact, and increases in effectiveness with an increase in dosage.

The Item's primary stage (Humanizer) is exclusively to be used to create consistent, standardized human test subjects. Experimentation with Human-Animal-Hybrids are on hold. Experiments to enhance humans with the serum are on hold after Humanizer and Dehumanizer were discovered to have side effects, especially the creation of the Item's third stage, Human-Essence.

Personnel exposed to any form of the Item are to be quarantined until cleared by the on-site medical staff.

Dehumanizer is only to be used and stored and for the creation of Humanizer. Using Dehumanizer on persons is discouraged, as it usually reduces their value as test subjects. Humanizer is to be created by dehumanizing plastic toy-soldiers. Test results confirmed that as long as a humanoid shape was dissolved, the Humanizer is able to function as if created from a living humanoid.

The containers of Humanizer are to be replaced every 24 hours. If other parts of the facility develop human shapes, they are to be replaced as well. Suits are to be checked regularly and are to be replaced if they become to human to wear. Personnel showing affection for their suits are to be unassigned from handling the Item and separated from the suits. Personnel is also prohibited from seeking to fuse with hazmat-suits. While the results of such a fusion would be desirable, the risk to qualified personnel is as of now deemed to high. Should mastery of the Items fusing properties be achieved such efforts may be resumed.


The Item is a blood-like liquid consisting of sometimes distinctly human shaped cells, rendering the liquid incapable of substituting blood. It shows its effect even at the cellular level leading to the believe that the actual anomaly might be smaller than the cells.


If applied onto any object, the object will start taking human shape. If enough of the serum is applied, the inanimate object will fully convert into a standardized human of the mass of the original object. Rocks with a mass of 50 kg to 120 kg provided with about one litre of Humanizer will change into a human without distinct gender, in a pose similar to the rock's position (laying down, standing upright, curled up). Plants and other inanimate objects show the same behavior. During this process, more of the serum becomes Dehumanizer than during any other application.

Test subjects created using Humanizer display cognitive capabilities similar to that of three to four year old children.

If not enough serum is applied, the conversion will either transform only small portions of the material to an incomplete human shape or create a complete, but smaller human shape instead. Few of these small humanoids lived longer than a few hours, with their time of survival directly proportional to their size, with those being closer to the size of a human surviving for longer.

When brought into contact with animals, the liquid will perform in a similar fashion. The transformation is painful, but never deadly. Partial humans produced from animals retain their original memory, including training, up to a certain point of conversion. Organs will be grown, decomposed or rearranged to fit better into the human shape. If enough serum is applied, the result will be converted completely and be indistinguishable from subjects produced from other materials.

When a humanoid covered with something is sprayed with Humanizer, it is possible that the non-human part is integrated into the human after the non-human part took human-like shape. This happens regardless of contact between Humanizer and the humanoid's surface. Experiments to turn clay into muscle-mass had a success rate of 33%. Other outcomes where: 57% Blood-poisoning, 10% rock-like skin, 5% thicker human skin, and 5% other. The process is described as painful, with subjects rating it as a 7 on a 0-to-10 pain scale (with 0 being "no pain" and 10 being "too painful to stay sane"). Experiments may be continued in the future.

The blood cells will lose their human shape and return to the shape off normal blood cells during application until an equilibrium between with and without humanoid features is reached. The later cells created are stage two: Dehumanizer.


If Dehumanizer is applied to something with human shape or features, the blood cells in the serum will convert back into the Humanizer stage, while reducing the human shape and features of the affected object/subject.

Humans exposed to stage two lose their distinctive features until they are identical to subjects produced by Humanizer.

If the exposure with Dehumanizer continues through artificial prevention of an Humanizer-Dehumanizer equilibrium, a subject's fingers and toes will grow together and eventually their organs turn into bone like structures. Subjects look like a constructed from multiple, gradually fading geometric forms during this stage of conversion. When the conversion is completed, the subject will be fully converted into formless clay.

Humans exposed to Humanizer experience the same effect as if they were exposed to Dehumanizer. During the following tests it was noted that the blood cells took on the features of the human they converted.

These cells displayed high intelligence and were even able to retain parts of the original test subject's memories. The substance that was created with this method is regarded as stage three, Human-Essence.


Coming into contact with Human-Essence produces humanoids that seem to inherit some of the memories and behaviors of the person that was used to create the Human-Essence.

The cells of Human-Essence show remarkably high intelligence and very atypical cell behaviors (see Addendum).

The exploration of the feasibility of using Human-Essence to transfer a person from one body into another are ongoing, but first results do not appear to support this use-case.

Human-Essence shows inconclusive decomposition behavior, sometimes losing its properties and becoming Humanizer within minutes, other times retaining its properties for several weeks. It is believed that specific traits may only be given to something humanoid in nature.


Original and current creation

The Item was first synthesized using:

  • a fruit recovered from a tome in Saudi Arabia
  • the previous "Human Serum" that was discontinued in 2001 after failures to enhance existing humans
  • human blood
  • a Jewish ritual recovered from a raid of the Foundation in 2002, which described an alternative version of the bible texts of the Book Genesis' creation myth

Full recreation of the anomaly was later achieved only with the last 2 of these compounds and a sample of the Item.

A connection of the Item to the first creation of humans is unlikely.


Note from Dr. Derrian Garret
The lab mice build a hut and the Human-Essence cells that we got from Carlson's back have already started to use fire (and I think Dr. Bean's cells have build a replica of his office and work shifts in there). How cells can have such a high level of intelligence eludes me, especially since they should have already decomposed.

Note from Thomas Minks:
Humanized cats and dogs are becoming more and more widespread as pets with site staff. While some results are quit charming others are positively horrifying. Cats should not have human hands and I do not wish to see a human-pug emerge from these experiments. Also, maybe we should make the "pet owners" put clothes onto at least some of there creations. We should just ban the creation of human-animal hybrids for non-scientific/productive purposes entirely.

Note from Dr. Heinz Krisner:
Mermaids are a good idea on paper, but we just cant get the mutations of the fish right. There were some promising tuna, shark and octopus results, but they eventually require lungs and lose there water-adeptness. Under skin injection helped, but once it is in the blood of them we lose control to fast.

From the Medical Report of Dr. Gilda Jeverson
Suit removal was performed successfully. Patient will make a 78% recovery with 17% of her body remaining fused to a hazmat suit. Her face could not be reconstructed, save for an opening for food ingestion. Maybe a therapy with more Humanizer can solve this problem, but before we can guaranty the safety of her qualifications no attempt will be made. She will have to undergo a heavy blood-cleaning or partial replacement to remove most of the halve fused rubber from her blood. The patient should regain consciousness in a matter of days. Immediate psychological attention may be required.

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