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Welcome to the first annual Halloween Contest of the Chaos Insurgency!

The night of all nights draws closer, the day when the scary becomes mundane and the mundane becomes scary. ('Twas about time, wasn't it?)

Come join us from October the 28th on to a spooktacular celebration of the very roots of our wiki: the chilling sensation in your neck when your back isn't facing a wall, the things going bump in the night prompting you to sleep today with the lights on and the skipped heartbeat when you felt like something in the corner of your eye just moved.

The winner will gain the title of creepiest kid on the block and the associated bragging rights!

Whether you're participating as author or are mostly interested in reading, make sure to check out all of the great entries and vote on them.


Submissions are now closed.
Participant Article
ZescZesc Megalithic Lodestone
Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat One mans Halloween
LasNeonachLasNeonach Late for the Party
ScaledDaturaScaledDatura Party Planning

Winner: ZescZesc and Megalithic Lodestone (+5)

Congratulations, to the rock with the radio channel to "hell".

Second Place:

LasNeonachLasNeonach and Late for the Party (+2)

ScaledDaturaScaledDatura and Party Planning (+2)

Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat and One mans Halloween (+2)

A thanks goes out to all contestants and readers. We hope you enjoyed this years Hell-O-When contest.

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