House of All
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Item: "House of All"
Location: ██████, Venezuela
Living: Unknown
Sentient: Unknown
Usage Precautions: The door to the structure containing the item must be kept open whilst personnel are inside
Concealment Precautions: Item must be enclosed within a fence draped in ███ grade camouflage mesh in order to obstruct it from public view
Date of Discovery: 11 June 201█

Photograph taken during initial investigation


The item is to be accessed on a regular basis for both testing and maintenance of the structure. Upon completion of testing, all objects recovered inside the item should be removed, cataloged and stored in minimum security storage facility A-25 (located onsite). When not in use, the item is to be guarded by personnel of Security Unit Alpha-41 dressed in urban civilian attire. Care should be taken to insure that no member of the general public is able to gain access to the item. If however a member of the public is to gain access to this item, they are to be taken into Insurgency custody and either administered a heavy amnestic or executed based on the nature of the trespassing. The item should undergo maintenance a minimum of once every fourteen weeks. When any individual is inside the building containing the item, said building's door is to be kept ajar and should the door close, on-site security personnel are authorized to use any means necessary to re-open it (with the exception of inflicting major damage upon the building).


Item commonly known as the "House of All" is a single story brick and adobe structure, similar in both design and external layout to a one-family house commonly found in the southwestern United States during the mid 1960's. The item's structure seems to be in a moderate state of dilapidation caused by ██ years of uncontrolled exposure to the elements. The inside of the building is empty, say for three pillars located sporadically throughout the interior of the structure. These are constructed out of wooden planks of North-American Spruce and the purpose of said pillars are believed to be for structural support. It is also of note that unlike the rest of the building, these pillars do not appear to show signs of aging, nor are they capable of sustaining damage (See Attached File HA-42-F for experiment log regarding item's pillars).

The anomalous properties of this item begin to manifest when any non-biological object is placed inside the building and the door of the structure is closed. Following this, the item will begin producing copies of the object placed inside of it. This process continues either until every amount of available space within the item is filled or the door to the structure is opened at any time during the process. If the former is allowed to finish, the door to the building will automatically open and remain as such until all objects inside have been removed, at which point the item undergoes a three day "recharging" period where the door to the building physically cannot be closed. However, at the end of these three days, the door may be closed and the process repeated again. The time needed to completely fill the structure varies based upon the size, complexity and function of the object placed inside it.

How exactly the item produces these copies and where the material to create them is acquired is as of yet unknown. This is due in no small part to the fact that any camera (or other such recording device) placed inside the item will immediately cease all functionality once the door is closed. In regards to the origins of the item, research into it's creation have come up empty as searches of local documents pertaining to building permits and home-ownership bared no results. In addition, no creator or "inventor" has yet been found and the present working theory is that the item was created by an anomalous group/individual within the Venezuelan government (most likely for the mass production of weapons). Research into the item's origin is ongoing.

When any biological or living entity is introduced to the item and the door closed, a loud noise, similar in sound and volume to a train horn will begin to sound and will continue until the door is opened. Upon the opening of the door, any biological entity inside the item will have vanished. Where said entities go and at what point this occurs is currently under investigation. In addition, when any more than one object is placed inside the building, a similar effect will occur with the objects vanishing upon the re-opening of the door.

The item first came to the attention of the Insurgency in mid 201█ following an investigation into the township of ██████, Venezuela; where local rumors told of a house that "magically" replicated anything placed inside of it. Subsequent expeditions confirmed the anomalous properties of the item, and following extensive security procedures (involving the forced re-location of townspeople to site ██ where they were subsequently terminated), the item was fully contained by the CI.

Due to the potential economic and tactical benefits of the item, it is considered a "high class" asset of the Insurgency and it's security, a matter of major importance. In addition, due to the potential risks involved in transportation and housing of objects collected from the item, use of it is restricted to scientific purposes only until further notice, or until approval by Director ██████. Usage of the item to replicate other anomalous items has also been banned until the results of doing so can be more accurately predicted.


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