Hime Akumu
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Operative <Akumu, H.> has been hospitalized after the altercation with POI-UC119, Derek Crowley, and is not available for missions. Please direct all requests and notes to Dr. Martin Caduceus.

Living: Yes
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Defining Characteristics: Green eyes, Oriental Asian, light skin tone, long, dark hair
Physical Evaluation: Subject shows no physical abnormalities, aside from needing a far higher amount of glucose (60g per day)
Usage Precautions: Refer to SAOD-T manual for information
Handling Precautions: Warning: Do not agitate the subject - do not destroy any cupcakes formed by the subject
Location: Base Five
Current Duties: Teal Operative █ (Special Assets)

Mission Statement:

On behalf of the Board for Enlisted Items, The Chaos Insurgency extends its congratulations to the employment of Ms. Akumu to its organization.

Ms. Akumu has employed herself to her duties voluntarily after her initial interview and Testing phase. This is not uncommon, but gratefully welcomed nonetheless. Following her standard training, she has been certified as a Logistics and Materials field operator and volunteered for the Chaos Insurgency's anomalous teams. In light of this and her subsequent transfer to base Five,

For a period terminating at the behest of both parties or with approval of the Board, Ms. Akumu is an Agent of The Insurgency. She is given Gamma-level access to her Op Terminal, and a handheld PDA for notifications and mobile updates. Her Op Terminal displays missions which she may choose to undertake, a set of details related to each mission, her vitals and email access to selected contacts (default: Base Five Director, BEI Director, Dr. Caduceus, and her current task force members). She must undertake no less than five missions each month.

With respect to her ability in the spontaneous creation and manipulation of cupcakes, it has been agreed on that she serve The Insurgency as a field Logistics technician — one who can be trusted to procure ready-to-use explosives and other tools she may derive from her cupcakes. Ms. Akumu is assignable to special mission units within a 500 km range of her area. She may be able to use standard firearms and explosives, but is discouraged from frontal assaults in favor of her actual role. She is assigned one covert watcher for each mission.

With respect to Ms. Akumu's attitude to her duty, she is not entirely accepting of killing enemy forces, but will do it regardless. Ms. Akumu's has a preferred option of killing — force-feeding enemies cupcakes and detonating them. She is encouraged to dispatch enemies any way she chooses.

Upholding our end of the Statement, Ms. Akumu will be paid $██████ monthly. There is a commission to her pay grade with every successful operation. It is our policy that our operators are content with their employment to The Insurgency, as a loyal operative is the only one we want. Should Ms. Akumu disavow, she will be terminated via the multiple failsafe devices on her person.

— Dr. Caduceus


"Hime Akumu" is a human specialist operative. She possesses reality-warping abilities in the form of suddenly materializing matter: in her case, cupcakes. She cannot impose her will on preexisting cupcakes, nor on anything else, but may do what she wills with any of her own. She may create; alter the physical or chemical composition of cupcakes; and destroy them. "Hime Akumu" is completely obedient to her Mission Statement to The Insurgency, and has a certification in Logistics and Transportation training. She is friendly, although somewhat introverted.

Her unit in Base Five is approximately 4.5 x 3.5m in floor area and 3.5m in height ceiling. Subject is given the privilege to furnish her unit with whatever decorations within her allotted $10,000 budget. Her meal plan may be selected from the on-site cafeteria. Cafeteria personnel are to pay special respect to her increased glucose needs (30g more than the standard). Personnel may visit Hime Akumu in her unit from 1pm-7pm, and are otherwise free to communicate with the Subject with a two-way glass fixture with microphone and visual aid available next to the subject's containment unit. In the case that personnel become too emotionally invested in the subject, examinations may be filed by the subject's CONT-STO supervisor or the IRUC Head researcher for Base Five. Bad behavior may be punished as seen fit, as an alternative, certain items and possessions may be revoked indefinitely.


A cupcake created by the Agent

Subject will, and is allowed to, carry a small bag stylized like a cupcake with her at all times, which has been observed as the source where she procures cupcakes from. It is advised that personnel do not attempt removing said bag, as attempts have been met with sudden failure of the brain of the person doing so. It is not known whether the bag is the source of her ability or if it is a simple gimmick. Research is a low priority.


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