He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
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He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

by "DrCaduceus"

As requested from Administrative Central Command, Document-1178ii, containing sensitive information. Praise Be To You Father.

Operational Status of Chaos Insurgency Cells in Northern and Eastern Europe

Despite the worrying events and containment breaches that have happened in the region since May of 2014 that have caused the loss of contact and/or destruction of eight of our cells, three extant and active cells remain under our line of communications. The Nordic Isles Cell, Arcangel Cell and Cell-Jfatum17 have successfully carried out their operation of Procedure Isosceles Hold and activated their beacon arrays in time to survive and actually function in the growing Passing Zone currently encompassing Northern Europe and parts of Western Russia. Aid and emergency supplies are being prepared from surrounding regions, especially from our cells in Northern Africa, Mongolia and Spain.

Meanwhile, the nature of the mass breach itself is still being theorized. All items which have escape are converging to an undisclosed location near the Ural Mountains, where a nearby clandestine area (Base 0) is located. The purpose or reason for this convergence or 'migration' is unknown, and all recorded attempts to intervene have been met with the deaths of the mobilized teams through spontaneous and total exsanguination. The cause behind this is pending review. Until further information is available, all personnel at Base 0 are to prepare their Procedure Isosceles Hold and await instructions. QUAESITOR is on standby to record any events that transpire and to assist in intelligence.

Current Items In Containment: 19 out of the original 45 Items are still in containment

Current Items Not In Containment: 26 Items unaccounted for. Fifteen are deemed safe, six have been recognized as Xeno-class, and five are considered dangerous. Neighboring ASSAULT striketeams and responsive units from our allied organizations have been mobilized to re-acquire and relocate the Items.

"No, no. Try harder. You're getting there, but just a little more is needed. Give them the idea that we are very vulnerable. That our Items are free. That our, shall I, gates are open, and what's inside is completely empty. Try harder. Set their blind shepherd astray; his flock will follow. Try harder, my boy."

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