Graveyard Machine
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Item: Graveyard Machine
Size: 3km²
Type: Information Storage
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards [REDACTED]1
Required Wear/Weaponry Non
Location: [REDACTED], Germany, Base 6-GA4468
Reported Anomaly: memory absorption, soul binding


Unrestricted for members with Sigma Clearance:

Bodies from killed GOI-Personnel as well as Insurgency operatives, with sufficiently valuable information are to be transported and buried on the "Graveyard Machine" if they died less than two weeks prior. In cases were information extraction is critical, subjects for burial are to be killed on site in the chapel designated Base 6-GA4468. The anomaly itself will provide empty graves as appropriate, if given sufficient notice beforehand. Graves need only be dug deep enough for the body to be covered with 10 cm of graveyard earth and leaving the graves level with its surroundings. Subjects will completely decompose within the anomaly in about two weeks. Coffins or biological wrappings can slow the process down to four weeks.

The following restrictions to the usage of the anomaly apply:

  1. Manual labor within the vicinity of the anomaly shall only be done by Sigma agents, whose access to the Item File shall be restricted to the usage section.
  2. Personnel may request to not be buried there.
  3. Personnel perhaps affected by another anomaly may never be buried there.
  4. No method as mentioned in Addendum 3 may be performed/attempted on the anomaly for any reason.


The Item is a graveyard and the 3 km² radius of land around it in [REDACTED], Germany. The area fully includes the ghost town of [REDACTED]3. The graveyard and its chapel appear to be well maintained, but the ground in the entire area is at least 40% discarded electronics, iron scraps and copper wire. According to our investigation this scrap is no older than 2016. How this is possible with it being part of soil under buildings dating back to 1887 is unknown.

Subjects buried on the graveyard or its resounding metal contaminated soil will rapidly decompose. The memories of subjects that were completely decomposed and buried within two weeks of their death become part of the memories of the entity self-identifying as "Methue". According to the 72 gravestones in the area at time of recovery, Methue has accumulated 2163 years of human experience. Several more years were added to this tally since he began serving the Insurgency. A few dates on the recovered graves imply that his memories might reach back to around 1923. It is unknown whether these added memories have any effect on Methue as his personalty and behavior has remained consistent throughout the process.

Methue is a 1,65 cm high, pale humanoid apparition wearing a white suit that is punctured in many places by iron gears. His appearance is surrounded by a faint blue light. Methue appears to be filled with gears as well, as parts of his skin sometimes appear to be missing, revealing the gears inside. Methue's appearance seems to be somewhat dependent on the observer, as some report seeing him in dirty blue jeans with a checkered shirt, without gears or blue glow. In this form his skin is usually well browned. Disregarding the form of his appearance, Methue is never found in photographs, audio recordings and thermal scans. Methue also does not seem to poses a reflection. In pictures/reflections, items held by Methue appear to be floating. This sometimes is taken as sufficient evidence that Methue fits the definition of "ghost"4. Methue is functionally immortal as he displays no signs of age or other lasting degradation.

The "Graveyard Machine" was one of the anomalies disclosed to the Insurgency by the "Circle of Clowns", back during its initial recovery. Methue claims to have created the "Graveyard Machine" together with two "old beings" in an attempt to create human-machine-possession. According to Methue, it was never planned for him to be buried in this "experiment". Methue has since tried and failed to leave the area of the anomaly (see Addendum 3).

Addendum (1) Initial Recovery

The following conversation is partly retold by the members of the item retrieval team that first made contact with the entity now known as "Methue". The entity's exact words were not recorded.

The memories of Agent Cronos Glass and Red Gravity were removed after there reports were combined and verified. This was authorized by order of [REDACTED], in accordance with "Coverup-RedSummer" (see Addendum 2) .

Addendum (2) Further Usage Restrictions

This section may only be opened with authorization of a member of Insurgency staff that was in active service in 2016 and familiar with "Coverup-RedSummer", before encountering it in this document.

Addendum (3) Possible disruption Vectors

Physical Damage

Methue can be shot and wounded using normal weaponry. Methue seems to regenerate at a fast speed, closing wounds in minutes. In one experiment which he agreed to, he was shot until only 20% of his body remained. He recovered in four hours, claiming that he "felt it, but it did not hurt as much as being punched".

(Disruption from this Vector: Unlikely)

Social Damage

Methue wishes to leave his current anomalous state. Methue claims that if he could contact the two "old beings", they could get him out of it, perhaps even into a new body. Methue agreed to cooperate with the Insurgency in exchange for them helping him to recontact the two "old beings". The Insurgency has not disclosed to Methue that the two beings are actually known to the Insurgency and both could be referred to him at a moments notice. The two beings were identified with these descriptions:

  • "Something that seeks false emotions and makes you stand around in a circle" (Circle of Clowns)
  • "You know it wears a white suit and hat, but everything else about it is just blurry and you don't quite know what is wrong. […] It said it worked with you guys." (DIA-Investigation Case-ID: 55432110)

(Disruption from this Vector: Likely)

Self-proclaimed damage Vectors

When asked whether Methue know other ways of disconnecting himself from the anomaly he claimed the following ways:

  • remove all metal and melt it down and than make anything other than machines out of the result
  • get an anomaly that can touch souls to pull him out
  • not bury anything in the graveyard for 2 years

Methue claims that the last way may not leave him disconnected, but decayed to a state of madness akin to death. Methue claims to be able to recover from this state by someone burying someone in the anomaly again.

(Disruption from this Vector: Unknown)

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