Ghost Gas Masks
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Item: "Ghost Gas Masks"
Type: Protective Concealing Headgear
Usage Precautions: Usage restricted to those with proper clearance (Black-keycard) and approval of 3 BETA-staff
Handling Precautions: N/A
CAUTION: Wearing defective masks will lead to termination.

The original gas mask created by Dr. Karl

Item is issued as the protective headgear of the Insurgency's black ops and special forces. The object is used in sabotage, assassination and espionage missions. Operatives using the item must have the approval of two Beta-level officers and have a Black keycard presented upon request. Damage, loss or destruction of the object will result in probation/termination.

Following Incident 014-SCPF/112, acquisition and usage of the object must be checked to prevent defective masks. Each mask is now outfitted with a remote-activated shock node that delivers 50,000 volts of electricity to the subject in case of a defective item.

The object is distributed and stored at the armories of selected Insurgency facilities. Each instance of the item is stored inside a transparent poly-carbonate case with a Black keycard-activated lock mechanism. At least one additional guard is stationed at each armory containing the object.

The item is a gas mask of 19██ era Allied standard issue gas mask origin. The mask is made of a flexible aramid-like fiber that blocks the effects of chemical and radioactive agents to the user's body. The item's goggles have been outfitted with poly-carbonate viewing lenses.

The interior part of the filter, when put on a subject's face, gives off an aromatic gas that creates a relaxed state for the wearer and alters activity in the Broca's area of the frontal lobe to reduce the wearer's desire to speak. This chemical also alters the eyes and allows it to adjust to blinding or pitch-dark environments. The mask also restructures the composition of the user's body to become semi-transparent.

The filter has been modified into a device that converts the carbon dioxide the user gives off into an as of yet unknown blister-nerve agent that is capable of causing shock and death within 20 seconds of contact. This gas is intermittently given off by the filter and can affect biological organisms in a 2 meter radius.

Some instances of the item are defective and cause permanent psychological abnormalities and facial deformities. Defective items should be reported for proper disposal. Personnel reported to be under the effects of defective instances are to be killed via the shock node.

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