List of Foundation Crimes
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This dossier is compiled from a database of multiple eyewitness accounts and intelligence reports on the atrocities committed by the secret transnational agency, the "Foundation." Nominally known as a necessary evil to protect the world from anomalous crises, several watchdogs and concerned individuals have come forward to expose the Foundation's disturbing behavior in conducting their alleged campaign to "preserve normalcy."

The Chaos Insurgency continues to fund journalistic talents to trail, investigate, and document Foundation activity for signs of crime and treachery against human interests. We recognize the importance for the media to be aware of them, "the most secret organization in existence." As Insurgents, reporters worldwide have found their voice by which to reveal their experiences in studying the Foundation's true agenda.

Utilizing a civilian-issue version of QuasiNet to become better informed about true anomalous science and the proper, humane treatment of anomalous beings, the Chaos Insurgency's allied journalists are the most-competent in their profession to speak and opine on why the SCP Foundation may be the most dangerous entity to threaten not only our mission, but the entire human race.

For enterprising Insurgent journalists with a story, please use the following format to contribute to the List of Crimes Committed by the SCP Foundation.

Got tips on a potential story? Kindly refrain from contacting your closest Insurgent-affiliated journalist or media outlet. They will know about the hour of your soonest convenience and come to you at that time. Stay alert!
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