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Idea about Blood Berries amazed me!
Since this Item has a lot of potential, you could add one more page about anomalous effect on the blood cells (Ex. After blood transfusion, patient began to heal burnt areas of body)

(Don't give this item to vampires)

Opinion by KonradPro54KonradPro54, 22 Feb 2024 12:29

I shall not comment about the glaringly obvious.

"The Happening at the Airport" is both a reference to South Korea's dedication to privacy and namedrops The Happening At The Airport, a tale from SCP-KO you should really give a read, even if it has no relation to the plot here.

As for the Vaults, you may take it as granted that the later part of this story takes place in Incheon.

Thanks for the SPaG. This thing was an absolute cold post and developed in about as much time as its prequel, so I'm going to go through it right now.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

by ZescZesc, 16 Feb 2024 15:12

Did we plant the book or has someone just published classified information about our weapon caches? Did we recover the book or is it with the Foundation because the police got to it or did its last user put it in the trash for someone else to find? I know the story does not care, but I do.

Nice story, I just missed where it ties into the vaults.

If they don't work there how did they get the airport photos?

The happening at the airport came just when I needed it.

What happened?

Minor SpaG:
thrash -> trash
the nest step -> the next step
of tried blood -> of dried blood
Bit it's only -> But it's only
him be the collar -> him by the collar
thing left do -> thing left to do

Edit: No Rating module, had to go through other channel, but here is your +1.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 16 Feb 2024 00:27

It's Valentine's Day, and I decided to commemorate it with a sequel to something that really did not need a sequel.

The nihilistic outlook is to blame on Eric Juvi, Jordan E. Benjamin and Mike Klubnika, who are one heck of a messed-up mix when experienced in quick succession.

The prequel was originally intended to take place in Latin America, but my mandatory Vault tie-in™ necessitated this to be moved to Korea; I think they still work together just fine. (And yes, this time the protagonist's gender is supposed to be unclear.)

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Author Post by ZescZesc, 14 Feb 2024 21:11

It appears the Tag buttons also work on non-wiki members, as long as they are logged into WikiDot.

For now this is not a problem since it has been only triggered by one person, most likely on accident, but yet another reason why we can't leave this godawful shithole soon enough for something that actually works.

Yes, I don't even bother the use euphemisms anymore.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Tech Notes by ZescZesc, 14 Feb 2024 14:21
ZescZesc 31 Jan 2024 22:00
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » The Joe

It is 2 hours before the contest closes and I decide to officially drop out from submitting an article this year. My non-existant time managment finally came around to bite — usually I could have just typed down and SPaG'd that thing completely in the remaining time, but due to certain RL incidents, I don't have the constitution for that.

If Meta allows, I will put the Utopian Gallery up later as a "Dishonourable Mention" or something. Half of it is in my sandbox.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

by ZescZesc, 31 Jan 2024 22:00

Hmm… I actually did not see your first post here until you made a second one. It's *that* WikiDot bug again, isn't it?

In the face of this, I personal favour giving Flamality some extension before even beginning with the countdown. if anybody else wants this desperately gone, go ahead and beat me to it.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Removal by ZescZesc, 29 Jan 2024 19:07

My entry for the public domain day contest is up. Wont someone think about the implications?

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

PD24 by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 29 Jan 2024 16:31

I wrote the Joe based on music from 1928.
Also there are only 2 days left to submit works in the Public Domain Day Contest 2024.
If I remain the only one to participate in the contest, I will end the contest on the 1th of February.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Do you think I should just go ahead and attempt the fix?
I do not think that the author will call back in the near future.

Maybe it would be better to just move this to the sandbox and wait until the author gets back to it.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Should I? by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 29 Jan 2024 14:31

I do not like to downvote things but I do not think the page can stay as is. If I can get a second member to also downvote, we can use the normal removal procedure.

My offer to help still stands.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Removal by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 29 Jan 2024 14:24

A nosy one, aren't you? To keep it simple, Squamata is somebody who lives in the Insurgency Database and takes care of it, kinda. Not an AI, mind you, that'd be like confusing a water elemental (who is water) with a fish (who lives in water). And yes, I am currently playing the pronoun game with Squamata because just like Dan O'Bannon for Alien, I decide on gender only very late in development.

The Overseers are well aware of the IA. Whilst I will never aknowledge your 4th wall breaking willy-nilly avatar, you should know that you might finally find an equal in the Eater of Prophecies. Internal threats, as machine godlike as they may be, are just one of many contigenies the Insurgency has, is and will endure.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Author Post by ZescZesc, 24 Jan 2024 21:05

So, who is Squamata? It sounds like someone I should keep an eye on.

I do not know how involved the vaults will be going forward, but you can now assume that I will take your words as cannon, their faces and files known to my in universe self and maybe some of his associates for further reference.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: Author Post by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Jan 2024 20:35

Looks like my attempt to get this mobile/small screen compatible is a textbook example of verschlimmbesserung.

What is this and can it be used to [REDACTED]?

Well, in a context where you have to deal with literal oracles and various anomalies bending not just reality, but even mathemathics, I believe you'll need something better than mere post-quantum cryptography for signing your stuff, something transcomputational, perhaps? (And yes, this is just a PGP priv and pub key concatenated, cut me some slack). Weißschatten was originally mentioned in The Void Singularity, and I adapted this researcher as a doyen in the field of breaking things with maths. London was picked because it sounded fitting enough and as a reference to London from ECHO.

You now have hard copies of something someone wants buried deep. The hunt is on.

I know this is the first appearance of Squamata yet, but let's word it like this: Squamata isn't the sort of person to be worried by that.

I don't get your point; this is hardly a breach of secrecy. The Foundation's O5 might be prone to ghosting, but the Vault's Overseers aren't anonymouse. Afterall, you should probably know whom to take orders from. (Of course, some of them might have secrets, but their appearance is known.)

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Author Post by ZescZesc, 24 Jan 2024 17:31

Hi, from me to.

You seem to be from the Foundation site of things. Some things from there do not smoothly translate over between wikis. If you need help I would be happy to be of assistance.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Jan 2024 16:07

No Mouse for me this year.
Want some Coffee with maybe Eyes?
Maybe this is the contest I win with no contesting?

If there is ever the need for a setting for an Insurgency FPS, I would like to volunteer this one.
Music, Enemies, Big Bad all in one package.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

The Joe by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Jan 2024 16:02


What is this and can it be used to [REDACTED]?

That aside, I think I'll order two.

You now have hard copies of something someone wants buried deep. The hunt is on.

Even if hand drawn if your artists are any good we can still match it with personnel records, than tighten the net by sorting out people that are not it, by dropping from the search all members that are definitely not in command of a vault, by checking whether they had their last medical check and fit the psych profile of agreeing to this breach of secrecy.

This should narrow it down and then we have identified names, biography and clean pictures of people that broke away from the part of the Insurgency that is in possession of a long distance killing method that only needs a picture to be effective.

Do not let your memes be dreams, but remember: You never know who might be listening.

Please ignore I ever made this.

I will not.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: Author Post by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Jan 2024 11:06

Greetings, FlamalityFlamality!

This page is currently untagged and not indexed, making it very hard to find for people who do not know about it already.

If this is a WIP, may I recommend to use our sandbox wiki instead? It doesn't even require registration!

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

by ZescZesc, 23 Jan 2024 20:10

Perhaps I should have waited to properly introduce the Overseers before memeing them… But I believe it is interesting enough even when you have no clue what is going on.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Author Post by ZescZesc, 22 Jan 2024 21:31

It's not just that I don't want to, I'd also be at least as bad as you. You know how I am when I explain things to other people.

Hold back the "servers with HDDs" thought for a moment.

I think your estimation of wiki size is fundamentally flawed: WD only calculates attached files. Stuff like page source, it's complete revision history and the forum do not count towards the limit. And if you take the main page, at ~4k characters and ~300 revisions, that's already about 1.2 MB for a single page. However, most of our available space isn't (meaningfully) used anyway.1 My current Backup of this wiki is roughly 300 MB, and this includes an abhorrent amount of different wiki thumbnails (I was to lazy to exclude those) and duplicates of all the necessary (and unnecessary) JS for many pages.

Now, the interesting thing about that is that we could probably run the entire thing as a RAM server, using persistent storage only for backups.

However, having an own server and a domain would allow us to do some fancy other things. Like hosting our own matrix space, our own booru (you wanted that, if my memory doesn't fail me), our own git or even stuff like an own Invidious instance (which costs money, but then again, if the artemislena girls can afford it…)

Does anybody outside of Germany actually use Moodle?

I'm also in no position to host a stable server. And this also includes physical stability — if some of you could see some of my setup, you'd be accutely aware I live in an earthquake zone. (Thank goodness my dog is afraid of walking stairs too…)

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Miraheze by ZescZesc, 17 Jan 2024 20:31
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