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We'll, we're already using the big G, so seeing that the Kraken is already inside, my proposal is to release the Kraken!

Also, it doesn't suffice to block the script, the mere act of loading it is already a point of contact; i suggest everyone to get a block list (PiHole, NextDNS, some non-shitty VPNs) that just resolves all alphabet-domains to to stay away from the google-eyes.

Which brings me to the usage of Google Fonts on this site: can't we just substitute them? I have already demonstrated technical feasibility (though in hindsight, way more complex than it had to be), the legal parts works out too… so from my PoV, there's no reason to hesitate.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

The only analytics I need is:

  • Recent Post
  • Recently Created
  • Timestamps
  • New member page

The Datenkraken is not coming inside. My no-script can handle it if it does, but I would rather not.

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Re: Thalassocracy by ZescZesc, 25 Sep 2022 18:16

I have applies points 2 and 6 now. Please report if anything is behaving bad.

As for a point number 8, I might want to bring up Google Analytics: I take nobody but Cad (if he does so in the first place) got access to that profile? Whilst I'm against the Chocolate Factory getting involved here in the first place, if we have to use some form of analytics, I'd be nice if I (and the rest of us, probably) could get my fingers on them.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Your works do not contradict it, but I could not deduce the existence of a fleet from it. That might be a me-problem or you actually have not hinted at it, because it would not fit the file or format.

There are some reasons a base of operation would become unused, but not unusable. Some of these reasons do not account for someone that have an in with the police and organized crime having an interest in staying there. I did not want to imply that insurgency bases are in crumbling buildings without heat, water and a functioning roof (some bases are but these are usually smaller operations).
In some cases the insurgency can just buy the object of interest, but in the valuable cases we might have to permanently trespass on the location.

A red barrel is only a not strong enough deterrent. I hinted at it already, but base six sits atop an entrance to hell, so if that gets opened you have a bigger problem than one large Insurgency base.
Foundation sites are build to sacrifice themself as a last ditch effort to save everyone.
Insurgency sites are modified to take as much of the world with it when they go down.

Also site deterrents do not have to be limited to the actual base. You can simply have an agent or better multiple that are associated with the base placed in major locations, ready to release their deterrents should the base fail to contact them for some time.

Covert bases and permanent bases should be different by nature, since, as you said, standing still means that people can find you. Covert bases are a lot smaller and more informal. Here I can once again quote this brilliant piece of writing from the past, a piece of wisdom I like to ignore on principle.

Please do not store anomalies in some guys house.

Deterrents of varying sizes for varying problems. You arrest people that leave the base, we reanimate a graveyard two towns over. Ar these person worth it? If so, we might just need to open more graves until it is no longer worth it.

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Re: Thalassocracy by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 Sep 2022 08:09

I wonder how exactly this contradicts my body of work.

I'm not too sure on taking over ruins; they're usually ruins for a reason, and upgrading them to a workable state might be more expensive than starting from scratch. Also consider how the Life-cycle of Abandonment(skip to 44:30) plays into this as well.

I can't but feel like the "deterrent" is just a massive red barrel to shot for any attacker. It also doesn't deal with the fact you're going to have all eyes on you from a distance, making it virtually impossible to conduct any covert operations from that location. And how do you plan to ever leave that area without being arrested or blown up the moment you step out of the deterrent's AoE?

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Re: Thalassocracy by ZescZesc, 24 Sep 2022 11:52

A surprise, but a welcome one.
Considering your body of works (which still does not seem to have a hub/author page) this came pretty much out of left field. I would like to see the concept explored a bit more. Also reminded me of this.
I was always more of a fan of "modern ruins" and my Insurgency basically takes over abandoned land-bases of other people, sticks a strong deterrent in there and just does business fully knowing that everyone knows where they are, but no one wants to trigger the deterrent.

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Re: Thalassocracy by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 23 Sep 2022 17:20
ZescZesc 23 Sep 2022 14:26
in discussion CI Universe/Lore / In-Universe » Thalassocracy

So, in order to pacify the Ghost (of Base Six) that is haunting me, I'm going to share some non-sensitive assumption most of my headcanon operates under:

The majority of the Insurgency's high-tech capacities are naval assets. Inversely, this means that land-based operations are less advanced and more akin to guerilla hideouts that full-blown secret bases as the Foundation or Coalition might have them.

This has a couple of reasons, both in-universe and out of universe.

Starting with the former, ships have a plethora of advantage for an organization as ours:

For us authors, there are also many great things:

Anyhow, this is my headcanon. You don't have to share it, but if you don't, I'm afraid you're stupid for rejecting cool boats.

TL;DR: Insurgency uses ships for mobile bases.

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Thalassocracy by ZescZesc, 23 Sep 2022 14:26

You certainly aren't the only one building lore around here, you're just not as secretive about it.

I haven't yet touched the forum nesting settings.

I do not expect "suprise permissions" (though with WD, you can never be sure). Just pick some wiki which has that enabled even for non-logged in users and try editing something. You should be getting permission errors, but can still open the page source.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Good job on 1 to 4.
We still need to test if nesting works as intended now.
To 5: If the emptiness does not please you fill it. Lore is not something I would put under "general". I might be the only one currently building lore, but Io still hope that others might join me on the quest to make a "CI-History".
To 6, so you do not suspect "surprise permissions" like those you mentioned in 1? we can try, if we can rule out such a surprise.
To 7: I rather like that the Icons are out of sync, chaos and all that.

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"Rising Star" is an emergency communication protocol/device, but no, it is specific to this tale and ready for adoption. The only things established about it are what is said in the tale.
I do like complications (for story reasons).

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Re: Rising Star by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 21 Sep 2022 17:11

Is there more on the "Rising Stars" in a sandbox of yours? If not, is the concept up for grabs to receive a convoluted backstory?

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Rising Star by ZescZesc, 21 Sep 2022 08:12

(Noting ahead of everything that points 1 and 4 were already implemented because I'm sure that upon mentioning it, the risk of somebody starting to mess with them is going to skyrocket. I'm going to undo that at a moment's notice should we decide against those proposals.)

So, some things in the Admin panel have been bothering me, and I propose the following changes:

  1. Change the access permissions of the staff: category
    I believe this category's name to be very indicative of its intended purpose, so there should not be a reason for non-staff users being able to create or edit pages there. Viewing is obviously okay.
  2. Increase Forum Nesting
    I'm not sure why we keep that at 3; the maximum of 10 is perhaps egregious, but as-is, the low nesting often creates difficulties in tracking which posts reply to what other post exactly. I'd suggest a value of 7.
  3. Add a visual aid to forum nesting
    This is simple CSS (though I'm not sure if we can do this given that the current theme is included from a site only Cad has access too) and vastly increases readability for discussions with longer posts.
  4. Disable write-API access for non-admins
    I'm not sure why we have that enabled by default, but I consider giving every of our users full read/write access to WD' poorly documented API is unwise. Again, reading is fine, but we don't need automatized vandalism.
  5. Remove the "CI Universe/Lore" Forum Group
    There's only one Category in there, and we could easily move it to the "General Discussion"
  6. Show site-tools to non-logged in users
    It's not like they could change anything anyway, being not logged in (anonymous/not registered), but the site tools contains a couple important things:
    • A link to the page's discussion
    • The current rating breakdown
    • The Page Source
  7. Update the iOS Icon-thingy
    The logo there is out of date since at least two iterations. We could update the Win8 tile too, but I doubt anyone's actually using that feature.

Any thoughts on these?

EDIT: Changed Title to reflect that these are suggestions, not final decisions.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

There really is no need for anything anomalous to happen, having 5 enthusiastic ML researchers, some workstations to trash and free coffee should produce an exploit through mundane means soon enough.

Here we add the anomalous coffee and AI-art-LSD and we have an origin story for a workstation based crack in reality.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

I see one problem with your concept: it doesn't even require anomalousness.

There really is no need for anything anomalous to happen, having 5 enthusiastic ML researchers, some workstations to trash and free coffee should produce an exploit through mundane means soon enough.

So what remains is going for an anomalous point of entry or an anomalous image. The PoE honestly shouldn't be restricted to ML then (unless you technobabble really hard) and the image would just be a generic meme/cognitohazard with novel means of delivery.

So you probably better go for a Tale format (Mission Debriefing or something) than for writing an Item file.

Also, if you need any inspiration, take a look at the "cryptid" Loab.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

That could work, but the code is mostly open source, so we would be found out quick. Injecting the anomaly in the pre-trained model however is something else. these models are incomprehensible by design and often used just as-is.

I would go with actual transformation, since "art effects mind" might need something more to stand out.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

So, you know those AI Art Generators? The Insurgency, in all its infinite[hah] knowledge and unethical experiments could have potentially injected some anomalous code they found into one of those apps. The anomaly isn't the AI art itself, but the code, which is specially suited to anomalizing pictures. The Code was found in a failed raid upon the Wanderer's Library, where it was one of the few things the Insurgency could plunder before being driven off by the countless horrors just hoping to enjoy the library.

My idea for the effect of the code it either causes a memetic effect relating to the picture generated, or the picture morphs the viewers into something relating to the picture.

Well, I guess it was all spanish too you? That's because I did a terrible job at explaining that the people there are chilean (which, together with the international trading routes, should give a hint to the island's location).

Also, I'm not gonna stop until "cetulinguistics" becomes an accepted term.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Re: Author Post by ZescZesc, 15 Sep 2022 09:56

"Woops, here I go killing again."
A lot of the jargon I did not get, but hey, free blood (+1).

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Re: Author Post by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 14 Sep 2022 20:15

That post-mortum analyses was fast and blunt, but not inaccurate.

There are three contests that might also need to be considered:

  • haos2014

Open ended contest that is technically still going. Arguably successful. Do we just not have the pull these challenges used to have? Maybe starting with a concept that describes the absence of something was not our best choice.

This one fell to obscurity, but is technically still going. I believe that is what happens when the end is so open that not even the one posing the challenge had much to say about it. Lesson: Concept must be more than "doable" and should be something everyone should want to write.

  • Valentine

Worked because of short deadline, but was very seasonal. Is properly not suited for a random calendar date.

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