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Hello there.

Seeing as what i have written is a direct response to this I better ask all of your opinions here. What i have written is similar, in format and subject but not in style and tone. (Field Investigation Orientation)

I originally wanted to make it longer, but i guess the other stuff will be moved to the sequel.

The basic concept was that every point that is talked about is its own horror story once you read it as such. Read in the light of the final paragraph it becomes the story i originally mentioned as a comment under the original article.

Have i achieved my goal? Has it gotten to long? Is it entertaining to read?

Also, Multa, could you change the description of this thread? Instead of "read description…." something along the lines of "Discussing our Front-runners". If you want to keep this thread as a simply discussing of your article i am fine with that and willing to migrate this whole discussion into a separate thread.

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Re: Welcome to the FID by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Jan 2020 18:34

I will make the edits as sparingly as possible.

If i cant address them, i would like to ask again: Why would we make the poison generator publicly available in a food context?

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 23 Jan 2020 19:19

when i say "any" I mean any that you deem in the best interests of the item so long as the general narrative remains the same… (uneasy feeling intensifies) But in regards to the source of the image, I took it myself in the break room of m former job. As far as I can see, no indications of this are visible in the image so you should be good there.

To create fiction, one must live in fiction.

by MultaZowieMultaZowie, 23 Jan 2020 15:52

Always nice to not have to push big, red buttons.

First things first, welcome back.

Second thing second, can you resolve the current issue with the "New Members" and Doctor Xythinien Mod Status?

I will not try to push you into this Mod roll, if you have other things on your plate right now. Real Life takes priority and i wont get tired of repeating myself on that part. But when time becomes an issue we need a fallback and currently the fallback mod is not a mod. Therefor if you AND the admins become inactive we have a big problem. I still think Cad will return, but the length of his breaks are… unpredictable.

Had everything gone according to plan than Xythinien would have stepped in, as you needed time, but this has not happened. The fact that it happened puts the entire plan into question.

I will not dig into the Real Life of the Mods and Admins, but the current situation shows that we need a plan B.

Miranda, i don't want your Literary or Academic career against the Insurgency and i don't want Xythinien social circle against the Insurgency, but the risk is there. I want a contingency plan.

Treat this as if it were an anomaly that has a 25% chance of ending the Insurgency once every 3 months during winter (Cad's absence, which is treated as background for this analogy).

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

I used the CSS code from the POI page, it's temporary because the code is on the Caduceus personal wiki and I'm thinking about changing it a bit in the future.
But for the moment it's good enough and it allows to harmonize the whole thing.

J'ai deux nouvelles, une mauvaise et une bonne
La mauvaise nouvelle c'est que je ne peux pas forcer les gens à m'accepter ou à m'aimer
La bonne nouvelle c'est que j'en ai rien à foutre

by Miranda RichsterMiranda Richster, 21 Jan 2020 08:11

I'm always here.

I continue to observe CI when I have the time because unfortunately since I am at university and I have a lot of exams I have less time to devote to this wonderful forum. However I do not wish to abandon it, on the contrary I have many ideas to continue on this wiki. But I don't have enough time, For in addition to going on to higher education, I have also embarked on a new goal, which is to publish my first horror novel

However I say it again and again, I am not giving up the wiki because I love it very much and I will continue to work on it in the background.

In the future I plan to take care of the visual aspect of some pages because I have less and less time to write, I also plan to supervise the wiki a little bit as a moderator to check that everything goes well and that there are no problems in the future.

J'ai deux nouvelles, une mauvaise et une bonne
La mauvaise nouvelle c'est que je ne peux pas forcer les gens à m'accepter ou à m'aimer
La bonne nouvelle c'est que j'en ai rien à foutre

Prelude to ODDC January 2020: A Mod Locked Out

I have not started the clock just yet, but things are concerning and i wish to tell the members of the CI this before i start a countdown out of nowhere.

On the 2th of January Doctor Xythinien contacted me. He had leaved the CI for undisclosed "Real Life" reasons, but has since reapplied. I don't know when this happened, but the last member that joined the CI was granted access on the 1st of December 2019. Doctor Xythinien has since PMed all active members of the staff, to no avail. Checking there profiles i saw no immediate reason for concern. This "Staff Break" was over the holidays and new-year and still fare to short to be cause for alarm. But which each day that passed my concern grew.

I will post this in preparation of a new ODDC. Let's hope we don't need it.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Just added a new Item.
New tales relating to the mysterious Astollia Sinclair coming soon.

New Item: Astollia by HexickHexick, 12 Jan 2020 06:51

Hi, First of all, thank you for the +1. I've decided to change the image of the hall to a picture of an old school pool primary because it is the epicenter and I wanted the reader to get what it was before the "incident" occurred which I'm planning on writing a tale on soon.

Getting to your concerns, I do really enjoy your Ideas and will most likely be adding a few and debunking others with certain aspects of the mutated blood cells.

To start off with, The reason Bio-hazard tents are an unreliable option for the item's use is that like explained when the test subject sank into the floor, it shows that the whole structure itself acts as its circulatory system. Being that if any part of the item is located inside of the tents then the whole thing would be compromised.

Referring to another one of your concerns is I realized that I did not make it clear in the document and will add after posting this. The mutations caused by the biomass in the pool mutated the cells in a way to be resistant to immune suppressors similar to that how some strains of bacteria have been exposed to antibiotics so much that they adapt and become immune to them. I'm also planning on adding that since the pathogens are human blood cells the immune system does not properly view to item's cells as hostile pathogens and since the cells are so mutated and misshaped they clot in the brain causing the hallucinations before death.

Finally, The reason for not using the item for underwater bases is because (which I'll be adding the article) the anomaly only manifests in artificial structures at random. I'll be adding an incident log with how a newer recruit to the CI was exploring Base Six and entered a door leading into the object. I'm planning on having this illude to that the anomaly may have some sapience in where entry points manifest and the item possibly being aware of the CI and its intentions.

Re: Author's Post by HexickHexick, 12 Jan 2020 05:20

First, yes (+1).

Second, *moves piece of old wooden ship into high school* i think i have found my new secondary office. They are basically sending new recruits into my office after telling them that they are doomed giving me the high ground in all further contract negotiations. Also large space with i can use to grow crops and just put stuff. Maybe i can even make my new office my new friend.

There are still some things that need to be clarified before i formally move in.

If you don't want to implement all that, i would chip it in, but you would need to give me the answers, so that i am not describing something that is not your anomaly.

In the "Further experimentation has concluded that" paragraph is a typo where you used "." instead of "," making the first sentence nonsense, but perhaps a part of the sentence is missing and the "." is not a typo. Do to that possibility i have not immediately fixed it.

Also, special thanks for not defaulting to "we dump garbage there since we don't know where it goes". There was another piece that did that, which i can't recall now.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: Author's Post by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 12 Jan 2020 03:59

I've had this idea in mind for a while now and I'm glad to get it out. If you find any error such as spelling or grammar mistakes or just want to leave your opinion on the article you can leave it below and I will try my best to respond quickly.

Author's Post by HexickHexick, 10 Jan 2020 20:19

Say, where did you get that image? Before i edit it i should get my licenses in order.

Also, when you said "any changes", did you mean that? Because if so i will take that liberty.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 10 Jan 2020 00:33

sure, be my guest… you have my blessings to make any changes you want to the ting.

To create fiction, one must live in fiction.

by MultaZowieMultaZowie, 09 Jan 2020 15:56

Plot, Character and Lore.

These 3 were once introduced to me as the things that make a story.

  1. Plot, what happens
  2. Character, to whom dose something happen
  3. Lore, how dose the described world function and what is its history

This is just some context for my specific problem.

I recently wrote some stories for the new "Meta Storyline" in which i open the head of that character, which lead to A: Character development or B: World building, but to do so has slowed down the plot of the stories.

Do you know a better way to deliver inner thoughts than an inner monologue? I would have liked to make it a dialog, but sadly the character of Meta is not very good for talking life philosophy to other people.

Should i just make the look into his head optional, with something like a collapsible? It would tighten up the plot without losing the information, but it feels like improper writing. I could not find a tale on this site that has tackled this dilemma before, but maybe i am overthinking again. What do you all think?

Note: This is more about how to balance Characters and Lore against Plot and not about this specific case. I have just used it as an example to contextualize the question.

Note 2: I just realized that i needed context for the example, for the example to be the context of my actual question, which means the actual question may be lost do to to much context. I need a general way to get information out of a character without it hindering the plot. This whole thing is strangely worded, but just posting the underlined thing without any context might have caused confusion do to lack of context.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Three Pillar Theory by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 06 Jan 2020 00:33

May i implement at least the name and picture censoring? I think that needs doing and I got no reaction to my suggestion, so i guess the author has not considered it.

I don't want the P[REDACTED] force on the roof of side 19. They can smell when there name is used.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 06 Jan 2020 00:13

Happy new year! (currently 03:16 on the 1th of January in Germany)

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Meta Wonderrat, that name means… something?

There is a high chance that you have stumbled upon this name in my sandbox tales. A mythos large, convoluted and most likely a bit to heavy on the references to other works of the mythos.

Well, i repackaged it.

This should be a nice first entry into the world of this particular anomaly. I have been sitting on this story for a while but now, as the decade comes to an end i finally have a v1.0. No reason to delay any further, after all, there is No form like the present.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

I am pretty sure that you cant use brand names like this. I would advice some bares over the logo in the picture as well as black boxes for anything but the first letter of each named product.

Why is this poison generator even publicly available? Worst case someone poisons there boss or accidentally kills him/herself, more likely wasted time getting people to guard the thing and check everyone's money. Question: Can we open the money slot? If not we aren't even making money of the thing. The money collection bin can usually only be reached when the device is opened for restocking, at least that is the case for the machines i am familiar with.

I think this needs an overhaul.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 27 Dec 2019 01:12

The Chaos Insurgency on the SCP wiki1 is really not very developed, because it still has the old picture from the beginning of SCP-lore, like Dr. Cimmerian correctly said. And I also always found Chaos Insurgency very boring. This changed when I joined CI-DE and started reading your articles in English.

I have to back off a little because I used "more realistic" wrong. I just mean more of their own and not Hollywood 2D lolFounation villains.
But I cannot really say what appeals to me. To describe it as "a smaller and nastier foundation made up of chaotic people who have too much fun and are good at exploiting anomalies" would be wrong and unfair, purely because of the comparison with SCP-F.

I mean the wikis itself, SCP-DE and CI(-DE). Subject E-8495 "Rabe" is the Author Avatar for SCP-DE2 and CI-DE3 is his own Author Avatar.

But I have to mention that the admins of DE don't like to see authors avatars in SCP-DE and DE-tales, because they want to avoid the worship of authors. or something. But not all of them are that way, I must mention. Therefore my author avatar is only in theory and in my file. This does not mean that we do not do things like shipping or lolFoundation role playing. Maybe even more intense because of this.

AA is short for Author Avatar.


Re: The Campfire by Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe, 25 Dec 2019 08:44

in my opinion, there is a difference between similarity and literally the same thing as the SCP. seeing as its probably just a coincidence, ill just move on. Just my opinion.

To create fiction, one must live in fiction.

Re: Thumbs down by MultaZowieMultaZowie, 25 Dec 2019 06:56
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