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Ok My Explenations
Abaut the begining, I was going for that the experiments were discovered AFTER he escaped. Like, he was used as an example like "See, this is what happends when you don't supervise the researchers"
And now I kinda understand How stupid idea it was to to make him Not say anything without making him a hermit

"the previous "Human Serum" that was discontinued in 2001 after failures to enhance existing humans

The original human serum failed to meet expectations"
All his work was for nothing and he only brought suffering so uhhh Grimdark. But on serious note I just couldn't find a better idea for explenation for his experiments since I want him to fit the world of CI but also still having his Frankenstein esque experiments. And making diffrent substace or a spell just fells cheap and outright bad "O there is anaother substance that does practically the same what human serum does but we didn't tell you abaut it". Like I said just cheap and bad.

Re: PoI Critique by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 25 Oct 2021 18:09

Oh yeah, my promised update. I could admit I forgot about that. but that'd be boring, so I better prepare a convoluted excuse…
Certain that I would never meet Frank Elstner in person, I traveled into the future to summon his spirit with an Ouija board, which apparently annoyed him quite a bit, prompting him to bet me bet I couldn't stay silent for 24 hours.

Anyway, that plan is okay with me; I thought about formalizing the update process of the main page as well, which might entail creating an actual News Team for this job.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

If it does not show up here soon go to "Recent Posts".
If you can not see it, how did you know it was there?

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: PoI Critique by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 Oct 2021 17:02

huh,I cant see your post

Re: PoI Critique by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 25 Oct 2021 16:17

If there is no sign of life from you I will formalize the Contest tomorrow, make a hub and the announcement on the front page.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Self-upvotes help no one.

Are you in contact with Baron to continue to work on this?

If not and following from the assumption that you still want to work on you piece, I will offer my help.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 Oct 2021 16:04

There are also some more spelling/grammar errors.

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: PoI Critique by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 Oct 2021 16:01

Full one please, with some specific points. Like the logic, are mine explenations ok etc.

Re: PoI Critique by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 24 Oct 2021 20:23

Do you have specific questions or do you want a full breakdown?

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

Re: PoI Critique by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 Oct 2021 20:15

It is after the 22th and we don't have the (announced but not delivered) update.

Consider this version the thing we will do. Do you want to remove Cads old announcement (I don't know whether anything happened after it and I had staid tuned as ordered) or shall I?

Fighting Monsters and Language since 2016.

PoI Critique by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 24 Oct 2021 12:44

Uh, Meta, I've seen you making preparations already - we haven't ratified this ruleset yet. Or made a public announcement yet. (Due to my continued situation, it'd be swell if either Baron or Cthuwu from our news team could also make an announcement on Discord once this passed.)

Anyway, there are no rules against bumping, so *bump*. :P

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by ANALO-001-1ANALO-001-1, 21 Oct 2021 05:02

I have worked on it more and I am able to provide you the link for where I got the photo and if you check you can confirm that this photo is in the public domain. I have also worked on many parts of the article to make it more interesting thank you!

by ANALO-001-1ANALO-001-1, 21 Oct 2021 04:41

All articles published on the main site are considered finished (with the exception of certain administrative stuff that we're currently trying to phase out). That's the main reason we urge authors to use the sandbox.

I have moved the article for you, I certainly hope that's okay.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

by ZescZesc, 20 Oct 2021 18:52

Ok done, but one thing I heard that Tags should be added at the end when the article is aproved

by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 20 Oct 2021 07:29

The box you added to the bottom should have been part of persons-of-interest the PoI Hub instead.

Also, would you please change the article's title and unixname (that's the part after the in the addressbar) to something that is not a place holder? Either person-of-interest-851-dossier or our more modern version, peter-bolton.

Also, this misses tags and has a duplicated rating module. Let us know if you need help with anything.

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

by ZescZesc, 19 Oct 2021 16:15

I think It's better now.

by LasNeonachLasNeonach, 19 Oct 2021 15:25

Basic Declaration

  1. Purpose of the Contest is to have each participant compete in writing the best article themed around the cultural event of "Halloween" or "Spooktober" or things connected therewith.
  2. The Contest begins Friday, the 22nd of October at 00:01 UTC and ends November 31th, at 23:59 UTC.
    1. Works may not be posted any sooner than the 31th of October at 00:01 UTC and no later than the 6th of November at 23:59 UTC.
  3. All article formats are allowed.
  4. The article must have a reasonable, non-negligible connection to the Chaos Insurgency or one of its enemies.
  5. Participants may be single authors or teams of up to three members. Members of teams can not also join on their own or in other teams.
  6. All participants are only allowed to enter the contest with one submission.

Voting and Scoring

  1. The author of the article with the most upvotes wins.
    1. In case of a tie, the respective position will be determined by the higher total amounts of votes and else shared between participants, unless when the position would be winning position.
    2. In a the stalemate for the winning place, the voting phase for these articles may be extended by one week, up to two times.
    3. After the second extension, a "sudden death" will be applied: the first article to supersede the others will be declared winner and all others votes counted normally.
  2. Participants are not allowed to vote on their own submissions.
  3. Participants are not allowed to downvote their competitor's submission for the duration of the contest.
  4. Nobody, regardless of participation, is allowed to systematically advertise contest submission or otherwise try to influence the voting results.
  5. Votes on contest submissions are secret for the duration of the contest.1


  1. Every contest submission is to be tagged with hell-o-when21 in addition to the tags it would otherwise have.
  2. All submissions must be in english.
  3. Pure Audio or Video submissions and artwork without text components are no valid articles for the purpose of this contest.
  4. Every author is allowed to get as much feedback before posting as they wish.
  5. During the contest period, normal deletion rules are suspended for contest entries. This also includes the author's right to self-delete.2
  6. Edits to a contest submissions during the duration of the contest are only allowed to the participant that submitted it and must not change substantial parts of the work.

Theme and Topic

  1. The article must be a work of fiction. "Meta" or "real-life" entries are not allowed.
  2. Contest entries must have a reasonable connection to the concepts of "Halloween" or "Spooktober" or a culturally equivalent event (e.g. Samhain).
  3. The entry must focus on events of relevance to the Insurgency.
  4. The article must have any narrative format (e.g. no Hubs or similar things).

There might still be some loopholes, so stay tuned for the next draft tomorrow!

Eschew elucidation, espouse obfuscation.

Thank you, I am working on it in the sandbox, and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on it.

by ANALO-001-1ANALO-001-1, 18 Oct 2021 15:19
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