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I recently wrote a few short concepts and wanted to know if there is an immediate interest in any of the last updates to web-man. Otherwise i will focus on the first part of "The Jerry Series". I think it still has some grammar errors, but i believe i can finish it in the next few days.
This will be fun.

Here we go again.

Did you miss me?

*Audible snapping of stone pillars*

I have regained control over the Internet.

Silence has not worked, let's try the other thing.

*A shaking runes through the Insurgency*


*Multiple mountains collapse*

Re: Hi, Meta here by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 07 Aug 2018 17:50

I have seen this phenomena quite often in Insurgency members.
A need to build hubs before the content. I am not against hubs, but I would say segregation for the sake of usability should only be implemented when elements break the existing order.

I think the main arsenal as it stands now could carry up to 4 C-Files without breaking its inherent serious tone.

I'm not so sure on capitalization. I thing it drags attention away from the title of the work. As square brackets are the symbol of an automated system I would not use them here.

My newest approach:

Boom-box <C-File>

I think you've hit the nail on the head meta. Or at least got us one step closer.

The Joker [C-FILE]

I do insist on full capitalization as it gives off the theme I am familiar with in the CI. It would also be distinctive. But I got an idea that maybe square brackets should be used although this isn't absolutely necessary.

And I know it doesn't seem necessary but maybe all the comedic items should have to own comedic files tab? Not that it's necessary it's just SCPF got their own so.. idk.

Naming the governing body of any organisation after a clearance that is below that of the members of said governing body, would actually be more confusing.
The SCP Foundation said that you need to be A class personnel to be on the O5 council, but having an A class personnel status dose not autocratically put you into the O5 council.
We have something similar. Delta command was (in site lore) a governing body that was overthrown in 1948. We had The Falchion for a while, than the Omega council and finally stellated on alpha command around 2015. Until now i thought that was in the guides somewhere but apparently not.

Calling something a comedic piece would certainly state the intention without room for wrong interpretation.

Maybe "C-File".

Fun is the most important thing so go on having it.

I don't understand. I assumed Delta command and Alpha class personnel are two different things, In the same sense I thought A class personnel & the O5 Council were two different things. is this not the case? I've read a lot of the guide tab and there's just not much to them.

Anyways I think you have the right idea. Maybe even make a comedic tab, In the same style the SCP Wiki has their own jokes tab. And yes the URL Issues Could use some looking into. The next question is if the word comedic should be applied in any way to whatever intended to be comedic.

How to combat dr. Bright. (Comedic)

Or something like that, doesn't have to be any change at all. Come to think of it having their own tab would be more than enough.

And honestly I'm having fun thinking up these example names.

May the classics never die, but it has to be said that the CI changed somewhat since the golden days.

Also, don't mention typos in the same sentence as Delta Command.
I am somewhat known for bad English around here, so i most likely did not even noticed. I would suggest reading the things marked as "guide", as we do not follow the designations as laid out in the SCP CI Hub.

I don't know what letter would be useful for a comedy item and i think the possible consequences of URL symbols warrants some investigation.
I cant do that research myself at the moment as my connection to the Internet is highly unstable at the moment.

Do you think just tagging them as comedic would work? I think that might be enough, because not many of those pieces exist today.

Those are some very valid concerns good sir. I didn't mean the F should be considered for failure but it's not immediately obvious like a j would be so it could be misinterpreted (like you said).

Not that this is what you were saying, but the CI has had (in my opinion) successful attempts at humor. The last appendix for the physics engine makes me giggle. And of course nobody should forget the bad donuts.

I was just hoping it could be more identifiable. All the rules, categorizations and different SCP classes is what drew me to the SCP wiki in the first place.

And yes I'm fully aware that I made a typo in my last post. Rest assured that I got an appropriate punishment from Delta Command.

First off, welcome to the CI.

As the SCP site states funny objects are much harder to make than others.
I think we would run into a formatting error with a / in the URL. I cant quite recall the item that did this (since it has been deleted a while ago) but things like / and : don’t play nice with the recent posts/changes system.
That is not a wikidot specific problem, but a URL thing.
As someone who has written items specifically for April fools, I would not like them to be marked as failures from the start (I know the F should stand for fun, but in context is might as well stand for failure).

The climate on this side is somewhat cold in regards to jokes. I mean, I made some items that were not even meant as jokes, but that were shut down for being "ridiculous".

Don’t worry to much. This whole thing is meant to be fun at the end of the day. There have been attempts at humor, but those were…..unsuccessful.

If you change your mind and write something I would read it. Only in the Imagination things are perfect, but we are humans, so telepathy is not an option (and not for a lack of trying on our part, but melting two minds leads to a huge mess afterwards).

I think a / and a capital F is not too similar but not too different. Also I think a /F looks a little bit more militaristic & edgy compare to -j's which certainly fits the CI theme.

For everything intended to be funny, the /F should be added on after the name.

example: the bell-end of needless disaster /F

Personally, I'm not sure if there should be a space in between the /F or not.

example2: The angel of killer dance moves/F

or if there should be an _ or not. I'm very detail-oriented so I go Haywire over these thing.

For the record I'm not writing anything, I don't plan to but that could change. I just wanted to pitch forward a design idea. And I'm not saying that funny stuff should be immediately or that it 'funny items' should be done at all, I just wanted to get the idea off my chest.

With that said, this is my fist post since being accepted into the CI wiki. So umm… pls don't kick me for immediately talkin about funny objects.

I recently watched a video about game theory and thought I apply it here to make sure others know which game I am playing and to visualise a sentiment I sometimes hear regarding quality content which has not matched up with the game I am playing.

Here, have a chart:

0 I write good content I write no content I write bad content
Someone else writes good content 12 6 9
Someone else writes no content 6 0 3
Someone else writes bad content 9 3 6

The game this table proposes is a game were the only losing move is not to play and there is no "author vs author" mentality. You would win and lose together. Both sides are encouraged to help the other to write better, but bad content is not shunned.

The philosophies I have heard from other authors suggested to me a game that looked more like this:

0 I write good content I write no content I write bad content
Someone else writes good content 12 6 3
Someone else writes no content 6 0 -3
Someone else writes bad content 3 -3 -6

In this game doing nothing is better than doing badly and if I want to improve my score I have to stop bad writers from writing. In this game a bad writer drags down the score and therefore should be discouraged from participating. If a writer has not enough confidence to say "I only write good content." than doing nothing improves his contribution to the score. If an author has the confidence to say that, he is better of getting rid of possibly bad writers as they now drag his score down.

I don’t know whether or not a cooperative game is even supposed to be described in game theory or whether I have butchered an entire field of mathematics here, so if I am wrong correct me. I thought I should share this thought, now make of it what you want.

And here I thought, the new guys would rejoice once I am gone and show me up.
But here we are. Quiet again.
(Side note, I was never away)
My last attempt to get feedback before launch, as depicted above, was not very successful, but hey, when have the odds ever stopped me from trying?

BLM and Sugar Cube are off the table, but my other suggestions are still in the running also something else:
The Reaper in the room
Chill from next door

Do not worry, I wont post stuff to the main-site next week as I will be tangled up in some Real Life stuff.
Just thought I leave the net out to catch some feedback, for the time after.

Also I don’t like silence, so consider this the Silence-Combo-Breaker.

Good welcome again! You might like to have seen some new compatriots and new stock in the database after your hiatus. Please, give yourself time to reacquaint with the surroundings. I will pass by you in the future.

No signature defined.

Re: Making a Return by DrSupposeDrSuppose, 13 Jun 2018 18:04

Thanks, you guys (: Glad to be back. And it is a pleasure to meet you, Garden Man!

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Re: Making a Return by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 13 Jun 2018 17:09

Hello there, sergeant! Welcome back! The Garden Man is at your service — we haven't met but I've been following your works like with everything else in this site.

Re: Making a Return by Garden ManGarden Man, 13 Jun 2018 11:20

Good to have you back here.
Hope that project of yours goes well.

Re: Making a Return by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 12 Jun 2018 22:18

Over the past three years, graphic art has become a more and more profound passion of mine, and for this, I have users Dr NouvaDr Nouva and DrCaduceusDrCaduceus to thank. I have taken all the available graphic design courses at my school, and am presently aiding the instructor for the Graphic Design 1 course. I have also been offered to teach the Graphic Design 2 course as a senior, and for this, I am very excited.

I have found it to be a great talent of mine, and, as I'd like to see my abilities applied into the professional world, I will be incorporating more of my artistic workings into the wiki rather than writing, as additional practice for the future.

In short, I'm back, and will be making some artsy shit. The below image is one example of what I will begin creating (its the lockscreen to my phone).

Love y'all!

Edit: If you'd like to check out any of my personal works, feel free to check out my Instagram page at

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Making a Return by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 12 Jun 2018 21:29

Midas glove and Assemble yourself gone without a note, so here is a note.

I strongly agree. Both pages you mentioned are in need of a serious overhaul. Cad had the right idea but the wrong execution here, but to be fair, these are very old pages and Martin hasn't touched them in a very long time.

by drSteffiedrSteffie, 11 Jun 2018 17:02
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