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Let me get this straight - you took all the effort of creating these hub pages, but you've failed with actually delivering any of the linked translated articles? So there's literally nothing to show for this, if not a work-in-progress? And you advertise it on the wiki's top-bar even if it's nothing but empty filler?

And the flags? I don't think this was a solid effort.

I've locked your pages and removed your topbar link. Your action strikes me as wholly impulsive. While you are an administrator of the Spanish branch, I expect you to notify the Staff of this wiki if you wish to have this recognized, or even allowed.

by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus, 11 Dec 2017 03:07

I took the time to create this new hub: CI Global. Here will be the translations of the other branches of the Chaos Insurgency. At the moment only those of the Hispanic and French branch will be placed.

I don't know which of my several drafts you are referring to, but anyway…
I have only done a hack job of it, but it depicts what I had in mind.
Also you seem to have misunderstood me.
I think the current design still holds up, but if we want to change it, i would change it into a smaller form-factor, instead of the large text-wall that it currently is (here and on the Spanish side).
Not sure how we could fit an image of a logo in there thou.

Re: About the GOI Page by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 10 Dec 2017 21:06

Honestly, I have no problem with the style that is chosen as long as there is a visualization of the logos of the organizations.

And I know that you are busy with your draft Meta but when you have time, you could create an example of how you would like to be? that would give me a better idea of ​​the design you want.

Re: About the GOI Page by Yorick1Yorick1, 10 Dec 2017 20:24

I think we could make it tab based, but I would advise against the hybrid design of the Spanish Branch.
I would go for a short front tab, every GOI getting its own tab, while keeping it in one tab-view.
This would mean to get rid of the "Table of Content".
It would reduce scrolling on the side to zero, thus making the page feel smaller, as the CI would not have mountains of informations on each GOI (as the Spanish design implies).

Re: About the GOI Page by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 10 Dec 2017 12:50

I think that the page of Groups of Interest already needs a change. In the Spanish Branch we change the design to make it more presentable and save more space. I do not know what kind of design think is the best, but definitely needs an update.

About the GOI Page by Yorick1Yorick1, 10 Dec 2017 05:32

I know I'm not very active or relevant here anymore but since I had something to do with this particular site's beginning I'll share a bit. I was very young when I got into SCP. My first few SCP submissions were very veerrrryyy bad. I even found an O-5 thread where they discussed my account's removal due to spam, only saved by my polite apologies in the forums of my own posts. I came to the old CI site because, as I now shamefully admit, I felt it'd be easier to get things posted. There I met Cad. Cad is someone who even now I sometimes communicate with and I remember we both were pissed at a certain poster on the Old CI who was generally a dick and shut down our organized recruiting team in the forums. I can't remember if he really was as much of a dick as I remember. Anyways, me and Cad decided to make our own site because we didn't like how the old one was run. I had a failed GOI site that I donated to Cad for him to format, and thus I became Master Admin of this site until a span of lack of internet made me inactive for awhile. Now I was not a good writer, but making this site and watching it grow made me feel like a rebel (Our split from the old site was actually written into our lore as a civil war in the insurgency), and my young mind was very attached to this site. I watched this site grow and grow due to the talented men and women who contributed to it, and I'm thankful to you all. I'm older now (16) and I almost want to get back into this with my more refined writing technique.

Heat emmiting crystals?
I can upvote that.

Can we put it in a laser and shot the ocean?
Or better yet heat up water in a pot and make a reactor.
This might cut the energy bill down to the few dollers/euros/other currency it takes to run a laser under water.
Heat beam vs public would also be a usecase.

Once we think we know how it connects to the other dimension we use the bridge as a communications device, if someone is listening.

What whould it do if we shot it into the sun?
Not practical, but an interesting thought.

Is it me, or does the Usage section give no concrete description on how the Item can be weaponized or otherwise used aside from research purposes?

I really enjoy anomalous reports like these, that deal with extradimensions and aren't afraid to delve into hard science, and the Object image is very cool. However, I feel as if little has actually been said about the Item outside from its containment procedures and implied danger. I would like to see more of the object's nature in the Report, and maybe an incident or experiment log to show its power.

Were this posted in its current form, I really couldn't be pushed to upvote. It needs more description. But I like the concept and want to see it there with the likes of the P. Engine.

Technical Things:

Corrections in italics.

Low power infrared-viewing equipment, however, is permitted under extremely strict supervision.

…deemed safe for the Incinerator to be activated by Base Four's containment facility supervisor, which is currently <name.>

Operatives are strongly advised to adhere to regulations.

'Item' isn't capitalized in the last paragraph of the Usage section. We generally capitalize it as a proper noun.

Re: Crystalline Incinerator by drSteffiedrSteffie, 02 Dec 2017 00:40

Been quite a long time since I've made any completed item drafts, but I finally came up with this. Fairly proud of this draft but I'd like to know your guys' opinions on it. Thank you.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Crystalline Incinerator by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 01 Dec 2017 22:56

The contents of the whole page really lack something for me. It just feels dry. I especially dislike the Haos Doctrine, in retrospect. As it is, I've changed my vote to a downvote.

by drSteffiedrSteffie, 01 Dec 2017 14:53

I came to this site in, well a really long time ago. I saw the old Insurgency site and some of the other GOC spin-off sites affiliated and not affiliated with the SCP Foundation main site. The old CI wiki was kinda run down and dead and had some of the early items but not much to look at. Then I found this new site that Cad was advertising. This was when the site was very archaically designed without any fancy CSS coding and backgrounds. It was just basic wikidot template that was black. the site was pretty lonely with a very basic and unorganized forum. People were communicating by typing on site pages with tab boxes to separate different conversations. The few forum posts that did exist were from people conversing in page discussions.

I sensed that they had some promise, but not a lot. I felt……sadness. Well, sorrow wasn't correct cause my heart was not bleeding. But I did feel pity.

I felt pity for the site that it was at a standstill. So I decided to join the site (which in those days was free to join). I didn't start out shoving some old Foundation reject draft onto the site in order to get something posted but I simply posted in the discussions that the site could be better if there were some Site Rules and a Guidebook. It really didn't mean anything to me at that time. I was just giving very basic advice and fully expected no one to reply. Well, someone did reply and that was Cad.

So I created the 2 pages all of you should have read when you entered the site. That's right, I was the person who wrote the original format for our "Site Rules" and the "Guide For New Recruits". They were actually proofread by Zyn herself. She was very helpful and assisted me and the rest of the staff a great deal. Cad was (at that time) ecstatic at my work and promoted me to Administrator for the site. I got into the Admin Panel, and created a functional forum, fixed the sidebar so that it was functional and pleasing to the eye. I even managed to get a new item of my own onto the wiki. I will get back to that later.

But the most important bit is, the Forum you guys all know and love? I helped create and organize all the different categories and made it better.

Back to the item. You won't find that item here today as it was deleted with the rest of the negatively received articles. It was Detrimental Disk. Today you can still find the item on the Spanish Site and also mentioned in 2 of Halsey's tales.

This was the high time of the CI wiki and the most active period. We had fun, we discussed things. we messed around in chat (which I later with assistance from others managed to create several chatrooms with our own chatbot).

My most proud achievement, however, has to be the Briefing you people must have read at least once. Yes, the Haos Doctrine was my pet project. It originally started out as a homage to "A Message from the Administrator" from the SCP Foundation and I could clearly appreciate the irony of the situation." But then taking the idea of this site is the rebirth of its former exoskeleton, I decided to take that route.

Borrowing slightly from a cliff notes version of European history with a dab of scientism taken to its logical extreme, I drafted, edited and rewrote "The Haos Doctrine" The doctrine that I hoped for the CI Wiki as an organization fictionally is pretty much summed up there if you read it. Cad has made some alterations to the original version, but the basic ideas are still there.

I mentioned earlier how I appreciated the irony of me trying to emulate "A message from the Administrator" Well the reason for that is if you guys ever read "History of the Foundation Part 1" which is written by Roget, you will know of how user TheAdminsitrator helped the fledgling Foundation site and saved it from near extinction by saving the info onto Wikidot and helping it thrive.

I felt the exact same way he did when I found THIS CI Wiki. This place was a backwater with sporadic activity, but I helped revitalize it. I often like to think that it was I EdAWACS that helped spark Cad's creativity and enthusiasm which led him to write all the wondrous and creative literature for most of this site. But that could just be my arrogance.

I will admit it, it was the height of my arrogance which I reigned as Administrator. I felt like a god that I could do anything and that everything could conform to my image of what the site would be, SHOULD be.

You can see that inherent in my creation of the "Personnel Designations" and the ideas for the Intelligentsia as well as the Ouranos Council. (Fun Fact, Falchion Valley, our Admin site, [another one of my creations] was originally supposed to be called Ouranos council") The idea for the Ouranos council game of course from Greek Mythology. I will admit looking back that it was kinda a ripoff of the O5. but heck I was a teenager back than looking to be cool. But the namesake was based on the God Uranus, who fathered the Titans. The Intelligentsia was based on the Russian Intelligentsia that helped spark the Russian Revolution.

But I desperately wanted the CI wiki to conform to my vision of a secretive group of intellectuals who held the real power and the mysterious mention of Haos which was an idea, a system rather than a generic evil mastermind that most people assume. Sadly, I fell out of favor and was forcibly retired as Administrator. Most of my work was removed and the history of my work erased from the sands of time.

Now I am but a Hermit, as stoic and apathetic as the Watchers. Doing nothing only watching. and occasionally speaking. For like them, I gave the knowledge of nuclear power and only watched as my help was rendered as harm.

Former CI Wiki Administrator Now just CI Wiki member: | Tuum Est: It's up to you

I remember that someone put an article on a page that dealt with horror topics. It was about SCP-087. It called my attention and from there I followed the trail to the original page of the Foundation.

I liked it so much that just by mess around wrote the names of the GoI in the Google search. And I found the page of the Insurgency. Then other things caught my attention and I left it for a while.

Then a couple of years ago out of curiosity I went back to look for it and I came across a surprise. The Foundation had grown to the point that there was a Hispanic Branch. and not only that: there was also one of the Insurgency. It was here when I decided to try it. I always liked the SCPs, but I could not help but realize that most stayed as decoration without touching again until someone needed them for some tale. Currently there are amazing ideas, stories and series in the Foundation that unfortunately are lost among all the shitposting, memes and inside jokes. Without mentioning that most of the original authors have retired and there are very few current members who still continue where they left.

I realized that in the Insurgency there was more potential for the ideas I had. I am currently one of the only active members (if not the only one) in the Hispanic Branch. I recently decided to join the Hispanic Foundation as well. Never had been in such a friendly community that helps you improve instead of just showing your mistakes.

But I keep putting the Insurgency first before anything else. This place has a lot of potential; I just hope they give us the opportunity to prove it.

Re: How Was Orientation? by Yorick1Yorick1, 28 Nov 2017 18:13

…examination by OURANOS and ALPHA clearance personnel…

Should we remove the mention of Ouranos, as we no longer have that designation anymore?

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 28 Nov 2017 09:01

I came here over creepypasta readings. One of my go-to-guys did a bit over the Foundation.
I consumed large amounts of Series 1 and 2.
Than it became quiet, after a year or so i checked back in.
Me and the Foundation had a very long, read only relationship.
On one of my strolls through the GOIs i found the Insurgency.
As i went through the comments on the hub i found someone had posted a few links to off-shot sites.
I had found the CI-Wiki.
I read all of the items and reports.
Everything on this wiki was just what i thought was missing from the Foundation-site. Application.
I found out about items long since removed, found the sandbox and pieced together everything i could find.
Than i wrote like the devil. Meterpic.
I had a complete stack of stuff ready to go before i ever opened up a wikidot account.

I applied and got promptly rejected.

Because i had thought that the system was automated i think i might have been rude in my application.

Me and Cad had a few PMs back and forth, but i was on the site
and bang, my sandbox was up
and bang, cad slowed me down before i could move any further.

I only joined the Foundation about a month after i had joined the CI.
Was hanging around with Decibelles in #BaseSix and crashed my first SCP attempt, so bad in fact that i got myself a disciplinary post in 05-Command.

Since than i try to get my ideas cannon.

Because our community is made up of writers and readers from all across the globe, I've always wondered about each member's first impressions on the Insurgency Wiki. How did you first come to learn about the site in the first place?

Like many fans of the SCP Foundation-verse, I first learned about the Foundation and Insurgency through a friend who showed me the SCP Containment Breach game in 2012. Because I wasn't too fond of horror games at that time, I never took much interest in the subject and therefore never learned about the wiki itself. In 2014, however, I began developing a rising interest in creative literature and eventually stumbled across the SCP Foundation Wiki, which, reminding me of the game, encouraged me to learn more about the site. I began formulating ideas for articles in my head, though many of them were flawed. One of these flaws was that I was continuously trying to incorporate ways of which the Foundation could utilize their SCPs in a more sinister fashion, which I believe ZynZyn called "Insurgency-like" when reviewing my earliest drafts for the Molecular Corrosion Stones. That review then led me to the Chaos Insurgency hub, which eventually led me to our little site here. :-)

Admittedly, I was extremely intimidated by the Insurgency Wiki, which at the time looked much, much different than it does today. Everything was so different from the SCP Wiki that I almost left the site immediately. For some reason, however, I decided to fill out an application and see if it would be accepted. It was, and for the first few days I only lurked. It wasn't until DrCaduceusDrCaduceus created the CI Ball comic "hate7.png1", a comic strip which included Caduceus, Agent EAgent E, drSteffiedrSteffie, Doctor HalseyDoctor Halsey, HeartfulHeartful, Victor StrateVictor Strate, CsirCsir and myself, that I started contributing. I was surprised that the comic included me because I was yet to make any contribution of any sort to the wiki. Nonetheless, I felt honored to be noticed by the Master Admin and took this as a warm welcome. It wasn't long after that I became comfortable with the members of the wiki and eventually developed a fairly thorough understanding of the site's writing style.

So that's my story of how I discovered the Insurgency. How did all of you discover it?

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

How Was Orientation? by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 28 Nov 2017 07:03

I am not saying that these are the official sources of all the canons. But this is the time line from which all other canons and series are detached. Specifically the canons of Resurrection, AIAD, Third Law and the Global Occult Coalition Casefiles are conected; that does not mean that they have to be taken into account when a canon or series is created,

But if someone creates something related to the most important events (The Foundation Civil War, Omega 7, Olimpia Project, The Bowe Commission, etc.) inevitably should think about some dates before adding some historical element to the universe of the Foundation.

Re: Needs Caveat by Yorick1Yorick1, 25 Nov 2017 00:00

There are no official 'baseline' dates for any event in the Foundation universe.

While I'm familiar with a handful of the sources you've taken the data from, they are just one interpretation out of many, and objectively don't hold any more weight than any other 'canon.'

Re: Needs Caveat by drSteffiedrSteffie, 24 Nov 2017 21:49

As I said I only put relevant dates, this implies all the events in which all the other canons are base.

Re: Needs Caveat by Yorick1Yorick1, 24 Nov 2017 15:22

It's an alright effort to try and create a timeline of the Foundationverse, but there isn't a single official, definite canon or timeline to the Foundation, or the Insurgency, for that matter.

If you're going to market that page as a reference, the above caveat needs to be placed.

Needs Caveat by drSteffiedrSteffie, 24 Nov 2017 15:08
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