Eternal Selach
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Delta Clearance Section

All content from the following section are restricted to personnel with a Delta Clearance Level or higher. Content must remain unchanged unless personnel carries ALPHA approval.

Area Alpha-Solace-5
Area Codename: Alpha-Solace-5
Area Location: Around northern Saipan Island
Size: Unclear
Discovery Date: ██/█/1948
Area Type: Aqua Testificata
Site: [Classified]

Overview: Area Alpha-Solace-5 consists of the shoreline of northern Saipan Island, stretching from ocean areas near the Banzai cliff to the Bird Island Reef, and ocean areas expanding from the coast ranging approximately 1.25 kilometers. [DATA REDACTED] According to local authorities, there was an abnormal amount of human missing and death cases reported within the general area of Alpha-Solace-5. SCP Site-34 was established on Bird Island during 1949, dedicated to the studying and observation of Area Alpha-Solace-5.

Anomaly Report: Numerous local fisherman and boats were reported to disappear after traveling within the vicinity of Alpha-Solace-5. Seawater within the area shown no anomalous properties of any form. Area Alpha-Solace-5 is currently under observation.

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