End of Days Engine
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Item: End of Days Engine
Size: 2.1m high, 3.4m long, 0.5m wide
Type: Clockwork Engine
Living: No
Sentient: Possibly.
Potential/Current Hazards World End Scenario
Required Wear/Weaponry Level A Hazardous Material Suits are to be worn at all times when in the presence of the item.
Location: Information overridden by Alpha Command.
Reported Anomaly: ACCESS DENIED, only personnel with Code: Black Silence Procedures may access this information.

Item with outer coverings removed.

Item is to be used for the systematic weakening, disruption, or elimination of enemy facilities and personnel. Due to the item's potential to bring about the occurrence of a World End Scenario, only personnel cleared by 3 OURANOS personnel and inducted into Project Shroud may gain access to the item and its classified documents. All testing of the item must be authorized by 2 Alpha personnel and conducted under the supervision of 1 covert OURANOS personnel.

Deployment of the item requires the clearance of 2 Alpha personnel. Unauthorized tampering, misuse, or accidental activation of the object will result in termination with extreme prejudice. Should Global Occult Coalition troops or Mobile Task Forces attempt forcible retrieval of the item, onsite personnel are permitted to activate the item under Code: Black Silence.

During activation of the item in question, all personnel are to immediately retreat to the currently approximated exclusion zone outside the item's sphere of influence. Should the item's effects reach critical levels of expansion, All personnel should immediately comply with Emergency Protocol: Dark Star Falling, initiating full base lock-down.

Item is a 2.1 m high, 3.4 m long, 1 m wide clockwork contraption resembling a large ornate clock adorned with decorative brass fittings and golden carvings resembling those of 19th century English nobility. Above the clock face of the item is a balcony fashioned out of ivory with a mechanical door capable of opening upon activation. Examination of the item's interior reveals numerous mechanical gears connected to wires, springs, tubes, drive belts, and one large hydraulic piston underneath. The item appears to function via a simple wind-up escapement mechanism and can be activated by turning a key located at its base.

Upon activation, a loud whirling clicking sound will begin emanating from within the device. The hands of the clock face will turn counter-clockwise before finally stopping at exactly 12:00 AM. While this occurs, tinkling music from within the clockwork, resembling that of an undetermined female, will start up and continue until the clock hands stop moving again. At this moment, the mechanical door on top of the clock's balcony will open, revealing a clock figure. The item is known to reveal a different clock figure each time it is activated, each of which displays different properties. So far, only 5 figures have been identified by base personnel during tests.

  • Clock Figure 1:

The inscription on the clock figures plaque reads: The Ill Omen. Clock Figure resembled a thin grey male dressed in dirty grey rags and wrapped from head to toe in bandages, obscuring facial features with exception of one eye. Upon revealing itself on the balcony, the clock figure began to violently cough and wheeze for several hours, spreading a cloud of green dust over a 5-6 km radius. All personnel within range at the time (not wearing protective clothing) collapsed onto the floor and began to cough violently producing excessive amounts of pus and blood before ultimately expiring. Biological analysis of the green dust revealed it contains Yersina Pestis bacterium. Autopsy reports reveal that all the victims possessed multiple black lymph node swellings as well as a high concentration of bloody foam in the lungs.

This clock figure is the most commonly occurring figure of the item. In other instances of its appearance, the clock figure has been known to release highly virulent strains of smallpox, anthrax, and numerous other lethal airborne diseases.

  • Clock Figure 2:

The inscription on the clock figure's plaque reads: The Craving. Clock Figure resembles a young woman holding a small boy in her arms apparently begging someone for something. Once revealed, both the child and the woman begins to cry and wail all while gesticulating wildly with their limbs for several hours. Upon revealing themselves, all food and vegetation within range of the item were quickly rendered inedible via accelerated decomposition. All personnel within the range of the item started complaining of increasing hunger and dehydration. Multiple personnel expressed an increased desire for eating and attempted to either quickly consume portions of their own bodies or cannibalize other personnel. After the effects of the device ceased, everyone returned back to their normal state of mind.

  • Clock Figure 3:

The inscription on the clock figure's plaque reads: The Cleansing of Sin. The clock figure resembles a person of unknown gender tied to a stake. Once revealed, the figure screams loudly in agony. Dark-purple flames will erupt from around the item itself before spreading rapidly outwards consuming everything it touches. Attempts to extinguish the flames via carbon dioxide or other methods have proven ineffective. Only after the figure has retreated do the flames finally extinguish on their own accord.

  • Clock Figure 4:

The inscription on the clock figure's plaque reads: The Rewriter of Gaia. The clock figure resembles a crumbling stone tower. Upon revealing itself, the large hydraulic piston within the item began to thump the ground in quick succession causing minor structural failure to nearby buildings as well as opening up large fissures in the ground. Seismograph recordings determined the tremor to be 5.0 on the Richter Scale during the first time, 6.5 the second time, and finally 7.8 the third time the clock figure revealed itself.

  • Clock Figure 5:

The inscription on the clock figure's plaque reads: The Penultimate. The clock figure consists of a black-roped figure wielding a scythe along with several demonic winged entitles perched on a cliff. Upon activation: [DATA PURGED], revealing the black-robed figure wielding a scythe flanked by dozens of the demonic winged entities present on the clock figure. All entities immediately sought out all nearby base personnel. While the hooded figure proceeded to violently slaughter all base personnel via removal of their limbs or decapitation, the demonic entities proceeded to tear off chunks of the corpses, feasting upon the entrails voraciously. After consuming corpses, the demonic entities began to reproduce among themselves. Upon device's deactivation, all nearby demonic entities as well as the hooded figure collapsed onto the floor contorted their bodies in pain while emitting a high-pitched shriek before dissolving into puddles of black viscous liquid. Analysis of the liquid reveals its composition to be human flesh, feces, and urine.

The duration of the item's activation times is varied at best. Experiments have shown, however, that every time the device is activated, the duration of the device's activation period increases ten-fold from what it was before. The range of the item's sphere of influence also increases exponentially every time it is activated, with the magnitude of each clock figure's effect becoming more potent than before.

Item Acquisition

The item was found at a deserted Global Occult Coalition compound somewhere in East Prussia partially dismantled by GOC personnel. IAO teams reported to Alpha command that all GOC operatives within the compound had all expired with blood leaking from their eyes, ears, and other bodily orifices. A red mist was emanating from the item which ceased after the removed component was refitted back into its proper place. A retrieval Strike Team was deployed and the item was sent to Base [DATA PURGED] for experimentation.

Supplementary Report A: A transcript of the item's song has been recorded by base personnel in accordance with the directives listed in Project Shroud. The following recording was taken prior to the Dark Star Falling Incident.

Supplementary Report B:
Attempts at dismantling or destroying any components of the device are to be strictly prohibited. Experiments have shown the object to be extremely fragile. Whenever the device is subjected to physical abuse or has a component removed, the item would immediately activate and manifest its abilities despite the gear spring mechanism not have been winded up by the key. The effects cease after the components are returned to their proper place or if the clock is repaired. It is theorized, that should the item be completely destroyed or disassembled beyond repair, that its anomalous effects will continue to occur, increasing in magnitude as well as area unable to be deactivated, potentially triggering a World End Scenario.

For further information, consult the log for Dark Star Falling.

Supplementary Report C:
Researchers under Project Shroud have discovered a vellum scroll enclosed within the item's clockwork mechanism. The message reads as followed.

For my enemies

For years I've toiled to fashion the ultimate clockwork masterpiece befitting my lord. However, you all have tried to ruin me and destroy the fruits of my labor. I've tried to address that problem so many, many times, and yet was always frustrated by my inability to do something about that. Until today. By the time I'm writing this, you have already discovered my last hideout. You think you've won, haven't you? Wrong. With this masterpiece, I have finally proven worthy in front of my lord and your meddling shall invoke his wrath when you are sent to the 7th level of hell! This clock piece shall serve as my last curse upon this disgusting world. Try to destroy it all you like! Do it! I beseech you to try and dismantle it. You'll just make your own grave you depraved fools.

I now sacrifice myself for my lord of torment and leave my permanent shackles upon this Earth.

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