Elisabeth Kaitlyn
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Elisabeth Kaitlyn
Size: 1.8 meters height, 68 kg weight
Defining Characteristics: Green eyes, Caucasian, pale, short brown hair
Psychological Evaluations: Self-destructive tendencies. Undergoing medical treatment and psychological therapy with Dr. Alma.
Physical Evaluation: Scars on arms and throat, possibly self-inflicted
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Location: Base Five
Current Duties: Teal Operative █ (Special Assets)

Artistic reproduction of Agent Elisabeth Kaitlyn, dated roughly around 1611 CE. Origin unknown.


Ms. Kaitlyn is currently assigned to operations that require a discreet and untraceable method of assassination. The mechanism with which Ms. Kaitlyn kills the subject normally does not require any personal contact, save for a quality visual reference that can be taken by her support team. In addition, all of her subjects appeared to die in an accident or a sudden catastrophic failure with their bodies.

The physical and psychological condition of Ms. Kaitlyn seem to be deteriorating with each assassination. To this date, she has 259 successful operations. However, twenty missions failed and had to be accomplished by other less discreet means.

The painter's abilities do not allow her to assassinate targets without first sketching the target. If photographs are insufficient, she may require direct contact with the target itself. These interactions should be as brief as possible. If these interactions took place, the assassination is to be postponed by three or four days, if possible. This should enable the painter to recover and avoid the worsening of her psychological state due to the contact to the target prior to its assassination.

Her accommodation consists of a humanoid-pattern cell divided into two furnished rooms. Due to her willingness to cooperate and her knowledge and compliance with the Chaos Insurgency rules, she is allowed to walk freely within Base Five while accompanied by two security guards. Following her failed suicide attempt on 12/05/2004, potentially deadly objects, including paintbrushes and cans of paint, had to be removed from her room. Two armed personnel keep watch from outside her cell. Unstable Humanoid Protocol is observed and only Beta-II approved personnel are allowed to meet her inside.

After a successful assassination, Ms. Kaitlyn is allowed to burn the sketches and paintings she produced to kill the target.

Ms. Kaitlyn's psychological problems must be monitored by a member of the medical staff with psychological expertise. This duty is currently assigned to Dr. Alma.


Elisabeth Kaitlyn is an allegedly 25-year-old human specialist operative with very pale skin and green eyes.

Subjects depicted on Ms. Kaitlyn's paintings are understood to die, with the mode of their death thematically represented by the rest of the artwork.

She will make a first sketch of the intended target. Depending on that drawing, two possible results may occur: if the sketch is accurate, the intended target is chosen and locked on as the victim, and if the sketch resembles an unrelated person more than the intended target, then that person is locked instead and the original target will no longer be killed.

In either case, sketches of the target's life will manifest in Ms. Kaitlyn's notebook. These sketches will allow her to select one of these depicted situations which will then serve as a model for the fatal painting she will create. The target will die in the same manner as depicted in their painting.

Ms. Kaitlyn's mental state has been gradually deteriorating, leading to the self-destructive desire "to free [herself] from the cries of pain and death." Her dialogue from her counseling sessions with Dr. Alma have revealed that she often hears disembodied screaming, especially in her dreams. She had also mentioned feeling sharp, painful sensations on several parts of her body. See Appendix A: Interview for more information.

She insists on wearing leather gloves that she only takes off while painting during assassination missions, preferring to wear them at all times as she seems to have a certain shame towards her hands, which have become perforated and coal-black, and appear to be necrotic. Her hands are also larger than normal human hands and are missing their fingernails.

She was discovered in 1989 after police investigated a series of strange deaths. Video recordings found of the last victim showed that Lady Elisabeth Kaitlyn painted a portrait of the victim and that she was accompanied by an old man. A few months later, after the last death, Lady Elisabeth Kaitlyn was discovered in a cellar of an abandoned house in the Westminster district, where she was worshipped by an unknown cult with an equally unknown objective (Research on this cult is being conducted.) Liaison Team, "The Murderous Doves," deployed their White Dove Unit to negotiate, however, they failed and resorted to deploying their Black Dove Unit to secure and retrieve the young woman. A task force blocked access to the abandoned house under the pretext of emergency structural work and the target was recovered without incident.

Research of her past has revealed that a "Kaitlyn" family lived in the place where she was retrieved from around 1585 to 1633. It is speculated that the painter is much older than she claims. The most probable theory, and the one that has been most advanced, is that the painter is endowed with a variant of immortality, however, she is unable to confirm or deny this. It was therefore decided to investigate them further to try to find out more.1

Recent History

After that, Ms. Kaitlyn underwent interrogations and was brought under medical attention to monitor her malnutrition. During this period, Ms. Kaitlyn developed a close relationship to Dr. Alma, who had been designated as her assigned psychologist.

A few months later, under the care of Insurgent medical staff, Ms. Kaitlyn formally requested an assignment as Special Operative, saying, "I thought I was alone, then one day, [you] arrived. Now I feel less alone, and I have a family I have to help." The request was quickly accepted and she was assigned to her own assassination team.

Despite the problems with her well-being, Elisabeth has succeeded in many assassinations. However, it has been noted that the target for one failed operation against a target named "The White Empress" left a strong influence on Elisabeth for a reason as of yet unknown, and although she denies any relationship with the target, further research is being conducted on a possible history with The White Empress.

Appendix A: Interview with Dr. Alma



DATE: 12/10/2004

NOTE: This interview was conducted ten days after her suicide attempt.


Dr. Alma: Hello, Miss Kaitlyn, how are you today?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: (Silence)

Dr. Alma: I'm here to help you. Please, don't be silent. Tell me everything.

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: T… The voices…

Dr. Alma: The voices?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: Yes… the voices… the screams.

Dr. Alma: Can you tell me anything about the voices that you're hearing?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. Alma: Please speak louder.

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: They tell me… to (Incomprehensible)

(Dr. Alma brings the recorder closer to the patient.)

Dr. Alma: What are they telling you?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: They tell me to…. die out.

Dr. Alma: Do you know why they are saying that?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: It's her fault… this woman… this woman… soiled me with the hands of the devil… soiled!

Dr. Alma: This woman? Who is this woman?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: This woman…

Dr. Alma: Please tell me about this woman.

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: I don't want to hear them anymore.

Dr. Alma: Please cooperate with us, Miss Kaitlyn.

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: (No verbal communication)

Dr. Alma: Miss Kaitlyn? Elisabeth?

Elisabeth Kaitlyn: …Kill me.


NOTE: The patient refused to continue speaking and was escorted back to her cell. Further interviews were scheduled.

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