The Drought

Your lungs, used to the stale, conditioned air of the facility, are filled by a dry wind as you step outside. You squint at the searing sun high in the sky, so much brighter than the flickering neon-lights below. "Always bring more water than you think you'll need", they say. But lately, it has been difficult getting even that much. Now, there is no more turning back. You have entered the drought.

Welcome to Season 1: The Drought

This is the first Season event of the Insurgency, a themed time-limited event open to all contributors. This time's theme is Drought. From dried-out oceans to arid steppe, your task is to thematically explore the absence of water, the source of all life.
Intrigued? Join by simply tagging your work season:the_drought or read one of the submissions listed below.

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