Dr. Caduceus

ß Medical Researcher - IRUS Specialist
Operational as of 20 May 20██

CENTRAL-SIX | Cell Medical Researcher and Usage Specialist
RESEARCH-ELEVEN | Psychiatric Staff

Duties and responsibilities:


Dr. Martin and his scalpel, moments before the patient died from major blood loss from unnecessary incisions. (Termination E-178)

Also known as: CDC, Cad

Regions of Operation: Will be found on projects in range of the North Atlantic cell group, Mediterranean cell group and Southeast Asia cell group. Under times of significant duress, will be found on a where-needed priority. When not on active duty, is usually found at Base Six or Base Eleven.

CSV: Employed as surgeon (no specified field) in Torre's Riverside Memorial Medical Hospital (2010-2012), psycho-analyst (2013-) specialist, basic knowledge in firearms, handguns and scoped rifles (revoked).

Dr. Martin di Cuio is the assistant head IRUC specialist and medical researcher for Base Six. The doctor is immune to any and all mind-affecting anomalies that he has so far encountered. The doctor possesses an arsenal of dart guns and must be supplied with a tin of berry mints at all times.

Generally a sane, rational young man. He is active in performing interviews, and due to his anomaly, is often sent to perform experiments on mind-affecting items.


Since Dr. Martin's employment, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has had a 200% increase in deaths involving scalpels.

Information on Dr. Martin's work history prior to his induction to the Chaos Insurgency is semi-reliable. His degree of competency in Psychoanalysis and General Surgery is incompatible with his chronological age. It has been partially confirmed that he has served in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch. He has had brief involvements in psycho-analysis training and is currently studying said course.

Dr. Martin first surfaced to Revolution attention following an incident at a hospital front, in which an individual under the name, "Martin ██████" attempted invasive ██████████ surgery on resident physician █████ ███. The individual removed himself from the clinic before he could be tracked, although surveillance and eyewitness reports confirm that the individual resembles Dr. Martin.

During an unrelated routine investigative report a month later at another nearby clinic, the individual was processed and detained by Revolution agents. His entry into the organization was approved by Cell Director following a review of his curriculum vitae and the publishing of his research papers, " ██████████████████ ██████ ████ ██████████, "Study on the Psychology of Sentient Captive Humanoids", "Efficacy of Clanchett Para-Disease Pathology on Determining Source of Para-Diseases" and "Study on QUAESITOR Psychology and Proper Maintenance of Researcher-QUAESITOR Relationships".

Dr. Martin's behavior when he is conducting physical/psychological examinations, surgeries, or otherwise operating on patients is to be reported.


Image unknown.

The doctor's beliefs and eccentricities, no matter how loudly he voices them, are to be brusquely acknowledged, brushed off and/or passively agreed on.

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