Dr. Kuhli

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Kuhli at work in the Bio-Anomalous Research Wing

Name: Dr. Kuhli, Dean
ID №: 2762942
Security Clearance: Beta
Date of Recruitment: July 29th, 2015

Responsibilities: Events coordinator and head supervisor of the Bio-Anomalous Research Wing located at Central Research Base Four; research and evaluation of biological anomalies.

Operative History: Kuhli provided information for the Insurgency three years prior to his official acceptance into the organization. During this period, he proved invaluable to operations pertaining to assets such as the Transduction Annelids and their functionality. After two years of work cooperating with the Insurgency on several relevant procedures, Kuhli was drafted as a technician for the Haliak-13 IAO Unit and was subsequently promoted in recognition of his service to the head supervisor of the Bio-Anomalous Research Wing. With this promotion, Dr. Kuhli was placed in charge of overseeing the cataloguing, experimentation, immediate investigation and containment of Base Four's biological anomalies.

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