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Dean Petyr Kuhli

Name: Dr. Kuhli, Dean Petyr
ID №: 2762942
Security Clearance: Beta
Date of Recruitment: July 29th, 2015

Responsibilities: Head supervisor of experimentation on all botanical anomalies located at Central Research Base: Four.

Operative History: Prior to his recruitment, Kuhli served as an administrator to the █████ School District in █████, OR from 199█-████. During this time, Kuhli was actively experimenting on involuntary students and ███████, documenting his findings to his online file storage. After an approximate eight months of experimentation, Kuhli's files were intercepted by Insurgency operative ███ ██████. Subsequently, notified botanical anomaly acquisition team 'Haliak-13' was delivered to Kuhli's location where operatives terminated all present and affected students and apprehended Kuhli and his research. After willingly providing information pertaining to his previous findings and helping contribute to other matters concerning the Insurgency, Kuhli proved to be an invaluable asset and was drafted as a technician for the Haliak-13 IAO Unit. After three years under this position, Kuhli was subsequently promoted on August 29th, 2017 in recognition of his services to the head supervisor of Base Four's experimentation of botanical anomalies. With this promotion, Kuhli was placed in charge of overseeing the cataloguing, experimentation, investigation and containment of Base Four's botanical anomalies.

Assets Documented:

Incidents Documented:

Current Projects:

  • Crystalline Incinerator - Item
  • YY470 - Item
  • Telepathic Gazette - Item
  • EgoDeath - Tale
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