Official Chaos Insurgency Discord Server

Come and chat with us on the official Chaos Insurgency Discord Server! Just join through the widget above (or alternatively this link) to get in contact with our community.

If you are new to Discord, take a look at their Getting Started Guide for a introduction to the basics. Also make sure to read to rules below before joining.

Below you'll also find an explanation of our roles and channels and a detailed guide-line on how to use Discord without a phone number.

§0 The Golden Rule

Be civil. Treat others as you would like others to treat you.
Behind every username is a real person that deserves your respect. Take this into consideration, and act with decency.

§1 Etiquette

  1. Members should only be pinged (mentioned using @their name) when it is strictly necessary. Needless pinging or pinging entire ranges of users will lead to disciplinary action.
  2. The excessive use of Emoticons, special Unicode characters or images is considered spam.
    1. Excessive use of formatting and capital letters might be considered spam too in extreme cases.
    2. Harassing users through direct messages will result in placement on the watchlist and, if deemed necessary, disciplinary action.
  3. Spoilers of media should be marked as such, and be hidden using Discord's special formatting for spoilers (by placing them between pairs of ||).
    1. Intentional spoiling my lead to disciplinary action.

§2 Nickname & Profile

  1. Offensive and inappropriate nicknames and profile pictures are not tolerated.
  2. Users are to be informed that they can set a separate Server-side nickname independent of their overall Discord nickname.
  3. There is no obligation to have matching WikiDot and Discord nicknames, though it is highly appreciated.
  4. Nicknames that solely consist of unprintable characters are forbidden.
    1. Optionally, as a curtsey to the international community, nicknames with easily typeable latin letters are preferred.
  5. Should a user frequently change their nickname and/or profile picture to the point where they become hard to identify, staff reserves the right to revoke their privileges to change their nickname.

§3 Age

  1. The age minimum for joining the server is 15 years (just as the wiki).
    1. If a user is found being under this age, they will be banned until meet the requirement. Should the user be found to be below Discord's age limit as well, they will also be reported to the Discord Trust & Safety Team.

§4 Spam & Advertising

  1. Spamming in any way is forbidden and will lead to disciplinary action.
  2. Users are allowed to mention projects (of theirs and others) both related and not related to the Chaos Insurgency. However, users should be considerate when doing so. Advertising that annoys other users will not be tolerated.
  3. Frequent unconstructive short replies consisting only of memes ("Chan behaviour") is discouraged and may be sanctioned should it become excessive to the point of disrupting the ambient.

§5 Admissible Content and Topics

  1. The Chaos Insurgency is inherently connected to mature themes, especially horror.
  2. Nonetheless, users should be careful with what they share. Content that is potential disturbing to other users (like triggering phobias) or considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work - media that should not be viewed in public) it must be send as spoilers (by placing them between pairs of ||).
  3. Explicit content (gore, graphic violence, pornography) is strictly forbidden.
    1. Non-sexual nudity (this means things like classic paintings or medical diagrams) is considered NSFW.
  4. Content that may trigger common fears (Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Herpetophobia, Trypophobia, etc.) has to be labelled as such and, if graphic media is embedded, has to be blurred by using spoiler markup.
    1. This rule is relaxed in channels of the designated Content Warning category.
  5. Offensive content (meaning content that is intended to provoke one or more persons) is forbidden.
  6. Hate speech and extremism of any form or any endorsement thereof is forbidden.
  7. Any content revealing personal information of a person may only be posted with their explicit consent.
  8. Security concerns (such as applied chemistry or hacking), especially in the context of application by the Chaos Insurgency, must be discussed responsible.
  9. The distribution of illegally acquired copyrighted contents ("Warez") is prohibited.
    1. Discussion of cracking, etc. fall under the same instruction of caution as mentioned above.
  10. Shortened URLs (for example via or are only admissible with former permission by staff.
  11. Flirtatious or leering behaviour, lewdness and overuse of innuendo ("thirstposting") are inappropiate.

§6 Roleplaying

  1. Roleplaying may only be conducted in the designated channels.
    1. At the point of writing this guide, no such channels exist due to lack of demand. If requested by enough members, such channels will be created and these rules expanded.
  2. Insisting that the Insurgency, the Foundation, anomalies, or other fictional wiki content exist in reality will not be tolerated.

§7 Invitations

  1. Users are free to create invite links to the Server, provided that they are set to expire. Non-expiring invites may only be created with former agreement of staff and may otherwise be revoked upon discovery.

(Version 1.3.0, last updated 2022-06-16)

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