Affiliated Sites Description
CI Sandbox The old home of the CI, now turned into a homey sandbox for your drafts and other things. Maintained by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus.
CI Visual Documents The CI Image Repository for finding good pictures for your items. Maintained by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems.
Falchion Valley Off-site network that connects all admins to a head site of sorts for discussing matters concerning the site, users and others.
Psychotronics Division Sister site of the Chaos Insurgency. The style there is a bit more lenient and vivid, and has a very fun tone to mess around with.
Translation Sites Description Contact Person
CI Spanish Site Our sister Spanish site. Usually updates, but in need of more translators. carabina30carabina30 - Master Admin
CI French Site French branch of the Insurgency. Currently the largest translation site. Frequent updates and high activity. Mel-RaspberryMel-Raspberry - Master Admin

SCP Foundation site The wiki from which we derived our concept. Maintained by a large admin staff.
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