Devouring Stones
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Item: Devouring Stones
Type: Mineral
Living: Yes (extended definition)
Sentient Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Danger to personnel, equipment and secrecy
Required Wear/Weaponry Outside Cooling Suit
Location: Base Six (LEVEL 7)
Reported Anomaly: Subatomic Reshuffling, Living Inorganic Material, Semi-Telepathic
Item in cold storage



A quantity of exactly 10 grams of chilled item substrain-1 is to be given access to an amount X of waste material. The item is than to be observed with the expectation for the Item to turn all the waste material into a valuable substance. Candidates include Gold, Titanium, Osmium, Plutonium. When working with Plutonium additional steps must be taken to comply with Radioactivity and Poison Guideline P-2.
After the item is finished with converting the waste material it is to be instructed to return to a single space at least 1 meter away from the converted material. It is than to be instructed to return its own mass to 10 grams. The weight of converted material must be exactly X and the amount of item exactly 10 gram before the item is to be frozen for repackaging.
The converted material is than to be commanded to self destruct for 10 minutes by at least 7 operatives.

Field Decomposition/Construction

The item substrain-2 is to be used as a fast acting decomposition agent in both inorganic and organic substances. The item has as of now proven capable at dissolving and converting all types of matter with an atomic structure and no anomalous properties. This is used during fieldwork to open heavenly fortified areas or create underground tunnels and fortifications.

Complex construction (experimental)

The item is theoretically capable of perfectly recreating an item that was dissolved in it. The item substrain-3 has shown itself capable of replicating guns, ammunition and simple devices, but has yet to replicate microprocessors, living tissue and complex biological compounds. It is believed that the human operators are the problem as they can not fully conceptualize the things requested.

Specimens that have been selected for study or deployment must be separated into blocks of 10 grams or less before being vacuum-sealed into plastic shrouds and kept in refrigerated storage. These specimens must be kept at temperatures of -10°C or lower, with canisters of liquid nitrogen to be kept on-site for emergency cooling. The site is further to be equipped with a side wide cooling system that is to be triggered should sub-straits try to breach insurgency control.

When handling, researchers must use a minimum protection method of a outside cooling suits (OCS) of at least MARK 2. The OCS MARK 2 allows for the operative to leave the suit in the contaminated zone while exiting it. The suit is than to be heated to item activation temperature and mentally instructed to self-destruct by at least 7 members of staff. After that the suit is to be cooled and filled with pressurized gas to check the inside volume and its structural integrity.
Individuals exposed to item without protection are to be kept in quarantine until it can be determined whether any contamination has occurred and the item has been properly extracted.
The item was as of now incapable of denying a direct order by 7 humanoids with average mental ability. The longest such a command was resisted was 6 minutes.

Specimens that are discovered in the field are to be reported and stunned if possible. It is not permitted to take control of wild item sub straits by groups smaller than 7 members. Wild specimens are not to be treated as drop-in replacements for sub-straits 1 to 3. They have to be cleared for usage before deployment. Some self-defense pattern may sill be active in wild instances, so termination should not been attempted before a thorough investigation.


Item is a silicon like compound, first documented by coal miners when it was uncovered in a coal mine in Gelsenkirchen, Germany in 20161. It has since been located at multiple digs worldwide. It was also discovered in several locations with other anomalous activity, such as ritualistic areas and areas with archeological findings matching search criteria WG-162.

In its inert form, the item resembles solid silver, though it is noticeably heavier and soft (comparable to sponge). When heated to approximately -1°C, samples lose their molecular stability and collapse into a liquid held together by extremely high surface tension. In its destabilized state, Item is easily dispersed. In its dispersed form, specimens of Item may enter an ‘active’ state and become capable of simple movement, achieving this by shifting material on the underside of the specimen. Studies have shown that active specimens are semi-telepathic and use the sensory organs of sentient beings near them. While most wild strains of the item seem to be inert, other wild specimens have shown to follow instructions left behind by a previous intelligence (wild animals, cult members, civilians or GOI-members). Substrain 4 is the only sub-strain to have shown intelligence and initiative when not in the presence of another intelligence.

The Item once activated will expand and spread across an object, covering as much of its surface area as possible before grinding against the covered surface and gradually breaking it down. Once an object has been disassembled at a subatomic level the item can reconstruct it in accordance to a predefined pattern or the input of an outside intelligence. If no pattern is provided the consumed mass will be added to the mass of the item. This is presumably its base pattern as the item loses mass if in an active state, presumably metabolizing matter directly into energy. It is possible to starve the item. If ordered to expend energy (move) and not convert new material, the item will eventually destroy itself turning into heat. The heat produced by the disintegration of the item is not a 1:1 matter to energy conversion as the conversion seems to be highly inefficient. A single gram of the item only radiated 5kW worth of energy as heat. Where the rest of the energy goes is as of now undetermined. Starving 1 gram of stone into nothing via movement of 20 km/h in a circle took 6 hours. Ordering it to self-destruct achieved the same result in 84 seconds.

A substrain of the item is an instance of the item that has been primed with specific instructions or sample patterns. If the item self replicates using provided material the newly created material is of the same substrain as the starting mass. If two or more substrains are combined they form a new substrain that has all patterns of the parent substrains. Which pattern is active will depend on outside conditions and the telepathically linked outside intelligence. Only Substrains 1 and 4 ever came into contact with gold and have it saved as a pattern. If other sub-strains are requested to produce gold the results varied from fools gold to silver to mercury.

  • Only substrain 1 was provided with pattern examples for all candidate materials. As such it is the only substrate currently capable of producing Plutonium, Titan and Osmium.
  • Only substrain 2 was exposed to heavy containment material, the exposure to such material makes substrate 2 faster in dissolving said materials.
  • Only substrain 3 was provided with pattern examples for all non-single material targets. As such it is the only substrate currently capable of producing functioning samples of weapons and machinery.
  • Only substrain 4 dissolved an entire experimentation camp, including its lead researcher. It is the only sample to have shown signs of independent intelligence.

Tests with substraints that have in the past consumed sentient live are currently prohibited (see Update 3).

If the stone is heated to over 1500°C it will not reform to a liquid until it has cooled down to approximately 185°C. In its gaseous state the stone has been proven to increase its effectiveness in the breaking of atomic structures, but seems to lose its telepathic ability as well is any pre-ingrained patterns. In this state it has started to break down air nitrogen, carbon-dioxide and oxygen increasing its mass.
While doing so it cooled itself down with rapid speed, falling back into a solid after a weight gain of 3 kilograms and 2 minutes.

Update 1:
Experimentation and missions with the item are on hold. It has been determined that active specimens of the object now designated substrain 4 have actively tried to breach containment during a test that was interrupted by an intruder alert.
The specimen completely ignored the provided waste material and instead followed the researchers into the save zone. It was able to eat through the cooled walls by converting material into heat to counteract the cold. In doing so it has damaged equipment of ██████ $.
During this breach it was discovered that the specimen grow up to a mass of 60 kilograms, but then stopped its expansion. The wight of the mass missing from the damaged equipment seem to have been fully converted. This is consistent with the standard method for item self-replication.

The specimen ceased activity after all researchers had fled the facility, separating into small independent unites of 200 grams. In later tests it was determined that the specimen is unable to navigate itself properly if not telepathically linked to an outside intelligence. The main mass of the escaping anomaly acted as if blind and deaf, using tremor sense and smell for navigation.

It is believed that during its initial recovery it was activated through the presence of the coal miners.
Tests with the stone are only to be conducted by 3 or more researchers as to not provoke another breach. The stone is not to be left unobserved if not cooled.

Update 2
Substrain 4 seems to have entirely been from reclaimed material following operation "Goodnight Kandragon". No other substrate has shown initiative or unexplained behavioral patterns.
Substrain 4 has show abnormal behavior attempting to dissolve mass and to use that mass to create gold. If provided with mercury it has successfully created gold. This is in tune with the research conducted by Dr. Kandragon before his termination. Dr. Kandragon's experiments are to be redone.
If successful the stone could replace the “Staff of Hermes” as the main source of income to the Insurgency.

Update 3:
Experimentation with the "Goodnight Kandragon" specimens (Substrain 4) has been prohibited. The specimens breached containment in a test involving 15 grams of the specimen. The mass of the specimen decreased by 3 grams than the stone self heated itself into a gas. It breached containment while gaining 1500 kilograms of mass. It seems the cooling observed in previous tests is a ingrained function and not the items natural response to consuming gasses.

The stone began to leave behind gold statues with a resemblance to Dr. Klaus Kandragon in his hazard suit before entering the cafeteria and producing a Dr. Kandregon statue made out of mostly organic carbohydrates. The specimen was subdued using the on-site cooling systems. It is speculated that the specimen used the energy from within the 3 grams of disappeared stone to heat itself up.

The mass of substrain 4 is to be gradually decreased to 500 grams. This order extends to all substrains that might be capable of thought. As it is currently understood, this includes all substrains that have consumed sentient life.

Experiments with the carbon Dr. Kandregon has shown that the stone had created a working blood circle, nerve and bone system out of gold, cobalt and iron within the carbon. Tests on the other statues showed a progression in detail.

  • 1th statue, solid gold, no details.
  • 2th statue, suit and Dr. Kandregon can be separated from each other (all gold)
  • 3th statue, iron bones and more details
  • 4th statue, elemental carbon body, cobalt nerve system, iron bones and more details
  • 5th statue, complex carbon molecules with cobalt nerve system, iron bones, gold as blood and more details

High command is deciding over an experiment to see if a completely in the stone dissolved person can be fully recreated by the stone. If this is possible the stone could be used as a prison or storage system. Tests in which loyal members of the insurgency or animals are to be dissolved in the stone to test whether the new substrate would gain independent intelligence are currently prohibited.

Deployment of substrains 1 to 3 are no longer prohibited.

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