Person of Interest UC119 Dossier
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Personal Description

Real Name: Unidentified

Affiliations: SEPIA Special Operations (Neutralization/Sterilization), United Nations Global Occult Coalition

Citizenship: French, Canadian, Irish


Height: ~ 1.8m / 5' 10"
Weight: ~ 76 kg / 168 lbs
Age: 28 33 (adjusted due to longevity treatments)
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: French
Eyes: Sepia
Hair: Brown

Brief Summary

Derek Crowley is a covert SEPIA Neutralizations Agent operating in Western Europe and Canadian territories, actively seeking, sterilizing and terminating sentient humanoid subjects. Intelligence has little information about the operative's origins or resume outside his current tenure at the UNGOC.

The agent's pattern of attack is inconsistent with standard GOC kill methods, as the POI has not been reported to utilize para-tech, save for the SEPIA artefacts possessed by all SEPIA agents. As such, the operative possesses the ability to remove an Item of its anomalous properties. Trace thauma signatures normally left by activated SEPIA devices have not been detected in the case of POI-UC119.

The following humanoid Items have been suspected to be targeted by Derek Crowley:

Item Incidents
Hime Akumu Incidents AKI-52 to -55, PD-CI Joint Operation Heracles 9 (injured; temporary de-activation of SAOD contract)
Darling Construct Security Breach TAD-8, Security Breach TAM-11
Markin Abelardo Security Breach TAM-11, PD-CI Joint Operation Heracles 9 (injured, under intensive care)
Third Child of Dr. Hath Tenebraum PD-CI Joint Operation Heracles 9

The following Items have been decommissioned by Derek Crowley:

Item Details
Agent of Thule Security breach on 09/13/20██; terminated in his containment chamber.
Hades' Messenger Security breach on 09/13/20██; terminated in Lab Sector 3 - Provisional Items P-1312 and P-378 terminated as collateral damage

The following evidence matter relevant to POI-UC119 has been linked to POI-UC119:

12/01/20██: Raid SPA-61-Omicron, Materials Recovered (FILE LOCKED)

04/28/20██: SEPIA Artefact Devices

  • SEPIA device A, 'Pocket' variant (Recovered) - Tested effects: targets Type-VIII-Iota anti-pseudo-animal and Type-12-Theta preternatural weaponry. 'RTemis 6' is stamped on the top side of the device. Device has been deliberately rendered inert.
  • SEPIA device B, 'Golfball' variant (Destroyed) - Tested effects: targets Type-11-Kappa thaumatological Items. 'ThENA-4' is stamped on the smooth side of the object's equator. Originally recovered on Incident UC119-KI2, but was rendered inert two months after, neutralizing a nearby thauma-user.

09/13/20██: UNGOC-SEPIA 'Restricted' Dossier 87/881 (FILE LOCKED)

09/14/20██: Unidentified Vial Found (FILE LOCKED)

History and Circumstances for Interest

First reports pertinent to POI-UC119 were received during an IRO retrieval in Asian Region 8, in which a two-vehicle convoy went dark, along with its operators. IROCOMM in the area were notified immediately, and relevant data from QUAESITOR was requested and granted for analysis. Upon mobilization and arrival of Armed Response Team ██-█, it was discovered that all operators were expired (Circumstances of Death removed by Information Secrecy Department), along with the Item.

Interest in Derek Crowley began during the events of PD-CI Joint Operation Heracles 9. Special Assets Task Force Alpha and Beta came under a coordinated thauma-storm assault by GOC forces. Attempted assassination of Agents Cupcake, Markin, and ████ Tenebraum was confirmed to be attributed to POI-UC119. Post-mission recovery of MIA agents revealed four Division Cartesian Specialists on a section of the eastern wall of LOI-███, near Point E. The agents were found to be completely unresponsive, and analysis reveals that they no longer displayed paranatural signatures, reducing them to mundane sketches.

Further activity from the agent came in the form of a combined total of 131 attempted assassination, breach, sabotage and disruption cases from 11/06/20██ to 08/29/20██.

POI-UC119 last surfaced on 09/13/20██ as an instigator of Security Breach TAM-11: "Compromization and Loss of ██COMM IKR-CA Research Site 9", entering the site in Helipad 2, on the area opposite to that being breached by UN-GOC Forces. The operative entered the site's Mass Item Storage. Upon finding it completely empty, he1 proceeded to raid adjacent sectors, notably Lab Sector 3 and the storage cell for the Item, Hades' Messenger. The entity disappeared from Site sensors shortly before invading forces breached the inner sanctum area.

POI-UC119 eyewitness reports have surfaced as lately as 10/04/20██. Activity has been presumed to be focused in the Canadian 1st Region. Security and surveillance measures have been carried out for all secure facilities in the region and its neighboring cells.

In summation, POI-UC119 is a relentless, aggressive threat to Revolution affairs. The entity can strike anywhere at anytime. Its mission is directly against the cause, and it will pursue its objective to neutralize our Item Arsenal to no end. Its unpredictability and sheer danger to humanoid Items may restrict our activity in its region of operations. The inconvenience and paranoia it deals to our forces has led to the increased security of the Arsenal in Canada and Western Europe.

Investigation teams and Armed Rapid Response Units from its area of operations has formed a covert task force with a twofold objective of securing and protecting the Items located in the concerned Cells and the gathering of intelligence to effectively prepare targeted facilities, and form viable countermeasures and termination procedures against the POI.

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