Personnel File: Deputy Director Miranda Kravtchenko

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Miss Kravtchenko personal file

Name: Kravtchenko Gender: Female
First name: Miranda Nationality: RU
ID №: 347582 Date of Birth: December 8th, 1982
Security Clearance: Alpha Position: Deputy Director of the CI Intelligence Service


Photo of Miss Kravtchenko (colonel at the time) with Brigadier General Azarov on her left during a crisis meeting to counter an unknown threat (2005).

Physical and Psychological Evaluation

Age: 37 years old

Size: 1,79 m

Weight: 67 Kg

Morphology: Mesomorphic

Species: Homo sapiens sapiens

Eye Colours: Light blue

Hair Colour: Brown-Blonde

Diseases (or other physical problems): Miss Kravtchenko has some difficulty walking due to the torture she suffered. As a result, she may have to walk with a cane on some days.
Miss Kravtchenko was seriously burned on her back in 2006, so she still bears the scars of this accident, which manifests itself in a large scar taking up a large part of her back.

Psychological Evaluation: Miss Kravtchenko is an intelligent young woman who is still deeply affected by her father's death in 1992. She almost never talks about it and when the subject is discussed, she usually avoids it in a rather skillful way by bringing another subject for discussion.

Despite this, she has no psychological instability that prevents her from serving CI.


Miss Kravtchenko awaiting her conviction in Russia for the "Red Night" uprising (2013).

Biography: Miranda Kravtchenko was born on 8 December 1982 to a nursing mother and a fairly prominent member of the KGB and more precisely to the first general directorate which specialized in foreign intelligence. She is the second daughter of this family and just like his sister Praskoviya Kravtchenko, Miranda Kravtchenko was very quickly educated and engaged in the spirit of communism by her father and others even though the end of the USSR was fast approaching.
The USSR collapsed on 26 December 1991 to make way for the Russian Federation, devastating many supporters of communism, including her father, who could not bear a Russia without communism, decided to commit suicide by throwing himself out of the Lubyanka1 in 1992 before the eyes of his two daughters whom he had brought with him for a last friendly moment

Miranda, although devastated by her father's death, decided to work even harder to honor her memory and hope that he would be proud of her. She easily obtained her unified State Examination and decided at the age of 19 years old (in 2001) to try her luck within the FSB (Secret Service which succeeded the KGB), she returned there not without difficulty but was very quickly taken charge of by Brigadier General Azarov who was an old acquaintance of her father, thanks to the latter she climbed the ladder quite quickly until reaching the ranks of Colonel within the FSB.

in 2006, the FSB learned that an attack was likely to take place on Russian territory, but the FSB did not know when and where the attack would take place. Miranda Kravtchenko managed to gather enough evidence to locate the suspect, but an abnormal explosion occurred during the arrest, she was then burned on her back while she was observing the arrest.
She was then noticed by The National Institute of Paranormal Defence who decided to integrate her into the Blue Office Committee, Miranda made a pretty good reputation and became passionate about everything that touched the abnormal. In 2013 she caused a revolt in order to set up an abnormal government, but she was finally arrested during the revolt.

She was sentenced to life imprisonment but was extradited in 2014 by members of Chaos Insurgency, having nothing more to lose, she agreed to work for the organization and was able to prove herself loyal, competent and efficient.

Main languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish

Date of Recruitment: October 19 th, 2014

Recruitment: Miss Kravtchenko had already been noticed by Chaos insurgency when she was the victim of an anomaly in 2006. Following this accident, she was recruited one year later (in January 2007) by the Russian government agency specializing in anomalous: The National Institute of Paranormal Defence, she will work there until she reaches a fairly senior position. In 2013, it will use its position to start an uprising against the Russian government with the aim of creating the first abnormal government (this uprising will later be called "The Red Night"). She was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, one year later, in 2014, she was extradited by members of the Chaos Insurgency.


  • Colonel in the FSB (former) (2004 - 2007)
  • Member of the Blue Office Committee2 (former) (2007 - 2013)
  • Member of Chaos Insurgency (2014)

Residential Location: Information unavailable

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