Demons Gate

The Demons Gate during its containment by the Foundation 1902

Item: Demons Gate
Type: Manifestation
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Death by explosion, reality destabilization, possibly transportation into the unknown
Required Wear/Weaponry Only to be used with specialized delivery method
Location: Base 8
Reported Anomaly: Explosive


Project "Reality-Bomb" is concluded. Related documentation may be requested by submitting form Accro-45.

The Item becomes usable every 10 hours. This time is exact to +/- 30 milliseconds. In the time the Item is usable it can be activated via exposure to ionizing or electromagnetic radiation. The power of the activation is linearly proportional to the amount of Demon Gate and the energy contained within the radiation used for the activation. Once the Item has started to load due to exposure to radiation the process will continue until a lower threshold for the energy input is reached, at which point Demons Gate will de-materialize and release 80% of the stored energy in 0.5 seconds.  

Demons Gate can be charged using daylight, but such activation is weather dependent. Normally Demons Gate is given out in pre-charged boxes with a total weight of 250 Grams with a time or pull trigger mechanism. These devices are not to be opened by non-authorized personnel as the devices keep the energy input above the threshold. Most pre-charged devices need to be connected to a power source for storage acceding 2 hours. The device specific blast radius is noted on the box. Note that boxes that were charged beyond there "use-by-time" are more potent.

Objects/Persons within 30 meters of an activation may also vanish with the Demons Gate upon its activation. This can be observed before the results of the energy release is applied to its surroundings. The objects/persons that vanish during activation of Demons Gate are considered lost, as there is only one known case of someone reappearing after having been lost during a Demon Gate activation. The last return occurred in 1919 in a test by the Foundation the Insurgency can not recreate.1
Demons Gate will reappear without lost objects/persons exactly 600 minutes (This time is exact to +/- 30 milliseconds) after the charge threshold was last no longer satisfied. It may reappear up to 2000 meters away from its point of activation.

Demons Gate can be safely stored in isolated transport containers that shield against ionizing and electromagnetic radiation. It is not to be stored near natural occurring radiation, in time zones with continues days exceeding 20 hours, near nuclear reactors, in space or near high voltage equipment.


Demons Gate is a collection of stone fragments recovered by the Foundation in 1902. During initial recovery Demons Gate sank the islands [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Demons Gate was first classified as a hostile sentient anomaly taking the form of a building of Asian design. Its origin remained unknown while it produced several large detonations following a sun radiation based load-detonate circle. Eventually cloudy whether prevented a sun load for long enough for the Foundation to contain Demons Gate. In the process Demons Gate was shelled and broken apart to sink it into the sea.  Some pieces of Demons Gate may still be in the [REDACTED] ocean. These pieces are considered inactive and lost.

The Insurgency was supplied with pieces of Demons Gate as early as 1924, where it was given to Insurgency personnel by the Foundation. Most pieces in Insurgency possession were repossessed after 1945. The Chaos Insurgency would steal back a large quantity of Demons Gate during the split of 1948, but discontinued its use in 1950 due to calculations of what Demons Gate could do in combination with nuclear detonations.

Portions of Demons Gate that are given out today usually do not exceed 0,5 grams. This amount is deemed save to use as the Foundation has proven it can contain such amounts after the second detonation before a third detonation can be triggered. It is believed that Demons Gate can be located by the Foundation via accurate knowledge of its reappearance patterns. The Insurgency does not currently have access to the method with which such predictions are possible, so all used Demons Gate is considered lost to the Foundation after deployment.

Demons Gate appears to have been man-made and its highly unlikely reappearances time frame seems to support the theory. If documentation with further insights into the Gates origins exist the Insurgency does not have access to it.

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