David Wight
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Item: David Wight
Size: Approximately 2 meters in height
Type: Undead
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Toxic gas
Required Wear/Weaponry Personnel working closely with the Item should keep a standard gas mask on at all times
Location: Testing base 29
Reported Anomaly: Immortality, Regenerative properties, Toxic gas


The gas given off by the Item can be vacuumed and distilled into a powder. This powder, nicknamed stramonium dust, has a variety of different uses. It should be noted that this powder is not to be ingested by any personnel under normal circumstances, as it will lead to mild hallucinations and eventually death.

The first use is of stramonium dust is to mix it with water on a 3:1 ratio and soak a rag in the solution. Breathing in through the rag will cause mild hallucinations. After roughly 6 seconds of breathing in it will incapacitate it's victim for a minimum of three minutes. Continuous breathing of the mixture for over a minute will result in death. It should be noted that these rags are to be kept in a container to prevent accidental exposure and to keep the solution from drying out.

The second use of the powder is the replacement of medical supplies when none are found. When rubbed onto an open wound or injected into the blood stream it can replace the need for medical materials such as butterfly tapes and minor splints. As it can reposition out of place flesh and bone into similar spots and hold them there until proper medical supplies can be found. No more than 150 milligrams should be used within an hours time period, or else the user will experience mild hallucinations and eventual death.

The powder can also be used as a poison. However this is unadvised as less noticeable and more efficient poisons and hallucinogens exist.

The Item itself can be used for the testing of weapons and new Items due to it's regenerative properties and immortality. It should be noted that these testings should be spaced out as to let the Item regenerate over time. This is so that results are closer to that of a normal human subject.


David Wight is the codename for the reanimated corpse of David White. The corpse hovers roughly 8 cm above the ground and is surrounded by a purple smoke. This smoke appears to flow in place of blood, however it often leaks out and surrounds the Item in a 1 meter cloud. Pieces of the corpse that fall off or become detached from the rest of the body are held in place, but often shift a few centimeters from their natural spot. The corpse also experiences mild regenerative properties, often prioritizing the reconnection of detached pieces first. However the rate of regeneration is long and often times estimated to take over a full year for a complete regeneration. Because of this the Item is often unable to fully recover before getting injured again.

Creatures that enter the smoke cloud will begin to experience mild hallucinations instantly. Causing slightly blurred vision, imaginary moths appearing at light sources, and pink tinted vision. When in the cloud for more than 15 seconds subjects start to experience trouble to stay awake and will often lose consciousness around the 25 second mark. If not removed from the cloud after 40 seconds the subject will die.

The Item was first discovered after reports of teenagers attacking a zombie at a cemetery in ██████████ Pennsylvania. Further investigation revealed the poisoning of a local grave digger and the looting of David Whites grave. The Item was found by insurgency personnel in a beech tree attempting to hide. The Item showed deep guilt for the accidental killing of the graves digger and agreed to come with personnel if he could be kept from killing again. Since his arrival David Wight has been compliant with the CI and it's questionable usage of weapons on him. The only time that the Item became unruly was when a subject was killed in its cloud during testing. This testing was done to see the maximum exposure in the cloud. The Item has taken an interest in food at the CI claiming that its taste has been amplified. Because of this the Item often requests exotic foods despite the lack of a functioning digestive track.


The following interview was taken roughly 3 hours after its arrival in CI custody. The interviewer is agent Marie Chinonso, as she had establish a trust during the Items bringing in. The interview was conducted in a 2 meter by 3 meter glassed off room to prevent accidental exposure to the smoke.

Begin log

Marie: Hey, how's the system been treatin' ya?

Wight: Been getting a bunch of weird looks, but I guess I am a rather unpleasant sight. Hell, mostly just been bureaucratic shit so far.

Marie: Ah, well paperwork sucks. Do you mind if I ask some questions?

Wight: Not at all.

Marie: Alright then. What was the last thing you remember before your death?

Wight: Oh lets see, I remember its was night. Must've been no later than 3 or 4 AM. I heard some noise come from downstairs. At first I thought it was my wife, but then I realized she was still sleeping next to me. So I went and got an old shotgun I kept in case of intruders and went downstairs. I found some kid, probably no older than 19, rummaging through my desk. I'm not sure if he was an addict, a thief, or what. All I remember is that he stabbed me right in the thigh. I managed to unload a blast of bird shot on him though, so I guess that makes us kinda even. I don't remember much after that. I guess I must've passed out from blood loss.

Marie: Was there anything magical or unnatural that you remember from your death?

Wight: Other than the fact that I got shanked by a kid who broke into my house. I would say it was a pretty normal night.

Marie: Well on to the next question then. What do you remember from when you woke up?

Wight: Oh man, I think I was laying down in my coffin. It felt like, it felt like… Oh what's the word. Like I had gotten up on the wrong side of bed, kinda. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Probably not that important anyway. Well, I was in my coffin surrounded by pitch black. I didn't know I was in a coffin, mind you. But either way it freaked me out. I tried moving around and finding a way out, but 6 feet of dirt made it kinda hard to open.

Marie: Damn, that's a claustrophobia nightmare.

Wight: It was, I never really minded tight spaces in life. But waking up in a coffin sized padded room scared the living daylights out of me. I must have screamed for at least 2 hours before I calmed down and tried to brute force my way out. I remember buying my coffin back in '97, I chose a nice mahogany one with all the bells and whistles. Now I wish I got one made outta balsa wood 'cause that thing took ages to break. I started off by punching it. Giving it the good old one two, ya' know? After a while my punches felt more like weird slaps. That was when I first realized I wasn't quite human anymore. Especially since my fingers were broken into good one inch chunks. (Item waves its hands rapidly to emphasize the shredded flesh in place of its fingers.)

Marie: That looks a little worse than one inch chunks.

Wight: Well that wood didn't break right away. I must have had to let these bad boys heal a good three times before I could get through that lid.1 Hell, I've still got some splinters in between my knuckles. (The Item then proceeds to pick out bits of dirt and wood from it's flesh)

Marie: What did you do when underground?

Wight: What did I do? Well there wasn't much to do really, when I wasn't chipping away at the lid I mostly just laid there and thought.

Marie: What did you think about?

Wight: Life, death, I mostly spent the time coming to terms with my previous life. I mean I had lived a good life. I had a wife who loved me, three beautiful children, a nice house. Hell, I was well-off enough that I could afford my own coffin and a burial spot in a nice cemetery. I never really had any big regrets either. I guess all that reflection really showed me how good I had it. Other than that I thought a lot about getting out, managing the dirt problem, and wondering if I was a zombie or something.

Marie: The dirt problem?

Wight: Well I broke through that thing ages ago. But breaking through meant the dirt came in. So a lot of my time was spent trying to make the hole wide enough so that I could get out without drowning in soil. (Item looks around the interview room and grimaces) It was only a few days ago when I thought it was big enough to fit through. So I kinda positioned myself so that I could push off. Kinda like how you would push off the bottom of a pool. You know what I'm saying? Anyhow, I pushed off and started trying to swim up the dirt. I mean it's wasn't easy. Pushing through compacted soil with these shredded things, (Item once again motions to its hands) but once I hit the grass I could pull the rest of myself up.

Marie: So this was the first time you were doing anything outside of your coffin since your reanimation?

Wight: Reanimation? Don't see that word to often. But yeah, it was the first time I was really do anything other than think and punch. It was the first time I was able to see too. And man was it vivid. I never really thought of graveyards as particularly pleasant places in life, Mostly just morbid and gloomy. But those headstone were a sight for sore eyes. And I'll never forget looking down and seeing myself flying! I mean it's more hovering. But still, flying!

Marie: So how did you find out about the rest of your abilities?

Wight: Well I already told you about the healing and what makes my body stay connected. But the first I noticed when I got out was that everything was this weird purple tint. I was a bit confused at first but I kinda shrugged it off as just another weird thing. But then this nasty kind of bug few right in my face. I started to wave it off when I notice that my vision cleared where I was waving. After a bit of trying I found out about this weird fog. Not quite sure if it's the reason I'm alive or if its just like some kind of waste. All I know is that it's dangerous.

Marie: I'm assuming you met the gravedigger shortly after?

Wight: Sadly yes, I wish I could have done something else to help him. But he just kept on trying to get as close as possible to attack me. I guess it makes sense for a gravedigger to be paranoid about the living dead. But I would have run for the hills if I were him. Not get in a goddamn dust cloud. I guess it had to happen eventually. And otherwise it might have been someone else less aggressive. But still, I checked his wallet after he was dead to try and figure out how bad I screwed up. And it chokes me up to say that the 2 faces of his darling angels were staring back at me. They couldn't have been any older than 5 and 10. (Item starts getting visibly choked up)

Marie: You don't have to talk about him anymore if you don't want to.

Wight: Thank you.

Marie: What did you do after that?

Wight: I mostly wandered about and tried to stay away from people. I was only there for 3 days mind you. So I didn't really have a set routine. Luckily the first day I was able to hide fairly well. The second day however I turned a corner and ran into a group of teens. I remember very clearly that two of them were wearing leather jackets and the other 2 wore denim. Well, one wore a denim jacket, the other had jeans and a t-shirt. Anyways, one of the leather ones had some sort of hunting knife on him. Of which he managed to land a good slice on me. I personally didn't want a repeat of the earlier incident so I tried to back away. However those kids kept egging him on, shouting shit like "Go gettum' frank," and "Show that meatbag who's boss." I think they might have been a bit slow.

Marie: How did you get rid of them?

Wight: Oh, I disarmed him and stuck the knife in my arm. Not the most practical of solutions but it sure as hell scared them away. After that I waited the night out and you guys found me yesterday.

Marie: Well that's all I need from you for now. Thanks for your co-operation.

Wight: Much obliged.

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