Club Yellow
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Item: Club Yellow
Type: Building
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards physical/mind alteration
Location: [REDACTED], Belgium, Base 6-GA6711
Reported Anomaly: Relationship Catalyst


The Item is used in a form of therapy to resolve the relationship complications of insurgents. The application may be order or requested. The Item is very precise in its judgement of relationships and one application will solve most love related problems.

Another therapy is used to upgrade certain elements within the Insurgency, see scenario 2. The Insurgency has selected several agent ("idealists") whose list of desirable changes aligns with Insurgency demands for better agents as well as a list of agents that would profit from the change and might be willing to undergo the change ("upgrade candidates"). Para-social relationships1 may be employed to seed positive feelings in the "upgrade candidate" towards an "idealist". Before the two enter the club both Insurgents are to be prepared with appropriate medication2 to encourage a scenario 2 activation. The relationship is to be broken off as soon as the subjects leave the club. In case of a scenario 3 activation the "upgrade candidate" should repeated the preparation/activation process with a new "idealist" at a later time. Tests with the same "idealist" show a greater chance of another scenario 3 activation3.

Another therapy is used in cases where normal amnestics may no longer work to remove an anomalous mind contamination, see scenario 3. If the effected agent had positive feelings towards a person related with the mind-contamination this therapy might be able to remove the influence.

To activate the Item at least two persons need to be in the building after dusk. Depending on the Items current furniture and accommodation the following events will appear more or less natural. The more natural the activation the more enjoyable the experience is described by affected subjects. Fully unnatural scenarios, will always leave a sense of wrongness about the events that transpired during the activation. In scenarios set up to be very unpleasant only a stage one activation was still described as [REDACTED] while all other activation lead to severe mental damage.

The Item is currently operated with equipment found in a music club from around the 2000ths4. Damaged equipment and other stains are to be removed after deployment. Following popular demand this task is to be carried out by one of the subjects of the Items last deployment.

If more than two subjects activate the Item it is not possible to predict which two subjects will fall under the Items effect. Such activation are not mission effective and should be avoided. The Item will not expand its influence over more than two subjects if activated in this manner.

The usage restrictions of the Item were removed on February 14th 2019, by request of the "Department for Internal Affairs", following a investigation into a possible adaptive intelligence and remnants of [REDACTED] activity found no such elements.


The Item consists of a building dating to 1991. According to city records the building housed a dance/music bar operating under the name of "Club Yellow" from 1998 to 2008, before being abandoned. In 2016 [REDACTED] used the building as an experimentation site. Records indicate that after [REDACTED] vacated the premises "Cataclysm International" took ownership over the building and sold its anomalous effect from 2017 to 2019. In 2019 the building was sold to the Chaos Insurgency under the "Red Summer Buyout Agreement", the Insurgency than closed the building to outside access.

The establishment consist of a bar with a dance floor, two upstairs rooms, a small kitchen, toilets, a broom closet and a basement boiler room. The building has several engravings of the same phrase, if they are removed they will reappear at another location. The message engraved in the metal boiler room door, under the bar, in a door frame on the upper floor and [REDACTED]:

Enjoy. Optimize. Extract. Reject.
You are welcome.

While the Item is considered partly self-destructive, its damage inflicted during activation or damage produced by subjects during or outside of activation has not affected the Item in any discernible way, its self-destruction can effectively be prevented by regular maintenance.

If two or more persons are in the building after sundown the Item will seal all exits. Excessive force can still open/break a window, but the doors become practically as impenetrable as the buildings walls. The walls retain there normal resistance.

The Item will seemingly randomly assign two roles to two subjects within the anomaly ("A" and "B")5. The following activation scenarios occur based on the relationship between A and B.

\ A likes B A does not like B
B likes A 1 2
B does not like A 3 4

Any positive feelings towards the other subject are interpreted as "X likes Y". All negative feelings, including indifference are interpreted as "X does not like Y".

Scenario 1

"Club Yellow" produces circumstances to amplify positive emotion, bringing A and B into a closer relationship. Depending on the equipment present in the building these can take the form of romantic dates or situations of peril. If the Item chooses to deepen the relationship of A and B by peril the Item will generate a threat. These range from fires to behavior consistent with the phenomenon of a "ghost hunting". The club is able to adapt these positive and negative scenario 1 activations to the persons in the club at time of activation. While A and B are guaranteed a closer and prosperous relationship after the scenario other subjects not assigned the A and B rolls have a 5% fatality rate. Subjects A and B that went through a scenario 1 usually have happy relationships measured in years (observation still ongoing).

Scenario 2

"Club Yellow" produces circumstances in which B is made aware of issues A has with B. These circumstances usually take the form of A losing control over there body and spouting the required information. The club will first try to start a conversation in this direction using a non A or B subject. If this is impossible it will arrange for circumstances that show Bs
aspects A has considers negative. If A conceives B as violent the club will try to make B perform acts of violence, by various degrees of misfortunes that may befall B, such as making things fall on B. Once B is aware of the negative traits that hold back Bs relationship with A B can chose to change these aspects of themself. If B accepts this change the club will change B to fit As wishes. This change may include but is not limited to appearance, mindset, technical knowledge, empathic ability memories and health. In cases of extreme changes B might no longer be recognizable as the person that entered the club.
Relationships produced by scenario 2 are fragile and usually end after B falls back into old behavioral patterns. If B upholds the change through active effort the change will last longer.

Scenario 3

"Club Yellow" directly links with A and takes away all feelings and positive memories regarding B. Depending on A and Bs previous relationship such a mind wipe might lead to severe character changes as well as loss of related knowledge. The severity of character changes is directly proportional to the amount of positive memories lost. This activation usually disguises itself with A hitting there head or suffering another unpleasant event. If such a disguise is impossible subject A can recall the process as something in the walls "eating there mind". The feeling is universally described as unpleasant.

A scenario 3 activation has been shown to be effective in removing anomalous mind-contamination. As the Insurgency is able to at least temporarily induce indifference (for example by amnestics) a scenario 3 may be used to save agents from such mind-contamination.

Scenario 4

"Club Yellow" takes control over A and B and forces a one night affair. The club tries to hide this control via use of alcohol/drugs. If no such substances are available subjects describe the experience as a strong outside force moving there bodies and speech. The experience is consistently described as "a drunk mistake, but your mind is not actually clouded as it happens". Scenario 4 is regarded as the most unpleasant of the scenarios as both A and B act in a matter that might severely go against there own values. Scenario 4 will never activate if another scenario is available. Subjects will usually no longer be willing to work together for at least three months. Subjects will seek to forget the event as soon as possible and may need trauma therapy afterwards.

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