Circle of Clowns
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Item: Circle of Clowns
Size: At least five members
Type: Entity
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Information Leaks, theft of anomalies
Required Wear/Weaponry Tear-gas, any firearm
Location: Unknown
Reported Anomaly: Hive-mind, possibly extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional


The Insurgency has cooperated with the entity several times in gathering information from civilian companies, governments and GOIs. Whether this cooperation can be continued is currently under investigation.

In exchange for its knowledge the creature demands someone dressed as a clown enter the circle. Tests have shown that as little as a red painted nose or an African war mask will suffice. The entity seems to have a very broad definition of what constitutes "a clown" as it once accepted a an outwardly positive subject with major depressive disorder. The key factor for the anomaly seems to be either simulated emotion or a particular set of clothing/accessories.

Personnel who simulate emotions, dress in many/vibrant colors or posses a trade that would be considered "charmingly odd" may not approach the entity.


The Item consists of several humans that arrange themselves in a circle while wearing costumes. The smallest circle observed was a five person circle. The five person circle made a great effort not to form a symmetrical pentagon.

While in this circle members of said circle posses knowledge/memories not held by any member of the circle. The memories seem to be comprised of the memories of all members that ever stood in the circle. In one extreme case the circle was able to produce the personality and knowledge of someone who previously stood in the circle, but had since died.

Members who leave the circle lose all memory of persons or events the circle had imbued them with, but retain their memory throughout. These members were able to recall most of the words spoken and reintegrated into society after they left the circle. No ex-member showed signs of anomaly after leaving the circle.

These circles can form independent of ex-members, meaning that even if all members are killed a new circle can form in a completely unrelated location. When asked why the members joined the circle at a particular time, 69 percent of them reported to have been paid to do so. They were provided limited instructions, including dress-code, time and location and were paid in advance. The highest amount paid was $10000 for a well known lawyer, who was paid to be part of the circle for 5 minutes. As the circle itself does not ask for payment in currency it is believed that the circle has a wealthy backer. The nature of this backer is of now still unknown.

The entity seems to be searching for something or someone. It has voiced a strong believe that the thing it is searching for is in the custody or employment of an organization involved with the paranormal.

The entity first made contact with the Insurgency in 2016. During the recovery of another anomaly the circle formed with seven members next to an temporary operation base. It introduced itself as "The Circle of Clowns" or "Event C Dash One". It explained that it had laid out the anomaly itself to bait out an organization responsible to make contact. It said that it could provide more, if someone were to join it. The responsible recovery team commander ordered one of his subordinates to comply. The subordination had his face turned white with ash and entered the circle. The circle than produced information that lead to the recovery of two other items.

Following a prolonged cooperation with the entity, during which no other member of Chaos Insurgency personnel entered the circle, the anomaly suddenly turned hostile and managed to dress up and incorporate two high ranking members of the Insurgency. Their incorporation was shorter than 5 seconds as both were able to leave the circle. Through this action the anomaly has learned the location of Base Two and Six. It is also believed that it currently knows the general location of Base Eight.

Circles of Clowns were seen near Base Two and Six, but dispersed before contact was made. All ex-members were captured, but could not provide further insights. Whether the creature has turned hostile is currently unknown. Several attempts to communicate with it were unsuccessful following the incident.

Contact is to be re-established if possible, until a way is found to terminate the entity.

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