Chat Guide

Chat Rules

  • Be courteous to one another.
  • Pay attention to the current topic.
  • Don't give away personal information to strangers.
  • Say 'Haos Bless' before you log off or exit the chatroom to empower the site.

Important Reminders

  • First and foremost, we are not the SCP-Haters community. We will not tolerate any form of hating for the SCP community.
  • Second, treasure the newbies. They're very precious.
  • Don't spam your messages.
  • Don't send anything inappropriate, such as: jumpscares, loud noises, graphic or disturbing content, sexual content, links to dangerous sites, personal information, and other bad things.
  • Keep discussion on politics, guns, religion or any other sensitive topic to a minimum. Talking about them is fine, just no debates.
  • Do not advertise non-Chaos Insurgency sites unless you are asked.
  • Don't impersonate site or chat staff.
  • Don't insult your fellow Chaos Insurgents.

Chat Ops

User Chat Position
DrCaduceusDrCaduceus Owner
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