Chat Guide


Just make a nickname for yourself that we can identify with, then type:

/join #basesix

Chat Rules

  • First and foremost, we are not the SCP-Haters community. We will not tolerate any form of hating for the SCP community.
  • No jumpscares
  • No spam
  • Nothing that could cause epilepsy or seizures without an explicit warning
  • Nothing NSFW without tagging it
  • No extreme or heavy debates on politics, guns, religion or any other sensitive topic (talking about them is fine, just no debates)
  • Nothing inappropriate (consult the Site Rules)
  • No Flouncing
  • No Impersonating the bots
  • No Advertising anything not related to CI
  • No Scaring away the newbies
  • No Impersonating the chatops
  • No Tampering with the bots/functionality
  • No harmful slurs


QUAESITOR: Official #basesix bot. Run by EdAWACS.

Chat Ops

User Chat Position
ToxicClayToxicClay/Tox Owner
Sad XiaoSad Xiao/Sax Operator
DecibellesDecibelles/Decibelle Half-Operator
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