Candle Wax Child
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A replication of the object made from a test subject, shortly after attacking Dr. ██████. The replication appears to have sustained major flame damage to the limbs and torso during the attack.

Item: Candle Wax Child
Size: 123 Centimeters tall, 30 Kilograms in weight
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Location: Facility: Bathtub-05
Potential/Current Hazards: Attacks on personnel and test subjects to preserve species, always lethal
Required Wear/Weaponry: One lighter and one gasoline torch per person, facility-wide
Reported Anomaly: Continuous attempted species preservation through anomalous means.

Aside from routine testing, including vivisection, in attempt to fill in gaps in current Insurgency Intelligence on the object, the object is only to be used for military purposes under Protocol 789543. Any attempts to remove the object from its containment chamber that have not been approved by at least two ALPHA clearance personnel are to be met with a site-wide lockdown and a kill-on-sight warrant for all involved in the attempted object theft.

One fireplace with remote ignition and extinguishing system is to be installed in the object's containment cell at all times. The object is to be constantly monitored at all times via video and audio surveillance by at least two DELTA clearance personnel for any signs of activation. If an attempt is made by the object to activate, the fireplace is to be ignited to delay activation until all Insurgency personnel have been notified of the activation and have had proper time to light their gasoline torches and report to their work stations. Once it has been confirmed that all personnel are prepared, the fireplace is to be extinguished. For testing and documentation purposes, all test subject containment cells are to be fitted with security cameras, activated remotely and separated from the Bathtub-05 security system mainframe. When/if a test subject is chosen by the object and the extraction and replacement process has been completed by the object, the recording is to be sent to Base: One for examination by OURANOS and ALPHA clearance personnel and the newly created object recreation is to be immediately killed and sent to Base: Three for examination.

One CI Heavy Strike team is to be on duty at Facility: Bathtub-05 at all times, each member equipped with one M9 flamethrower or another flamethrower of equivalent or greater temperature. In the event of a containment breach all hostile replications of the object are to be located and destroyed immediately to prevent damage to CI property and personnel.

At no point during the object's activation period is the object to be in any way interfered with by any personnel. All testing on the object at this time is prohibited, no exceptions.

The object appears to be a male human child, claiming to be ten years of age. The object is, at the time of writing, 123 Centimeters tall and 30 kilograms in weight, and claims to be named █████ ███████. It displays all of the currently documented needs of a human child except excreting waste, and has displayed an affinity for toys and activities involving creative freedom and choice, including building blocks, painting, drawing, and anomalous building materials such as [REDACTED]. This may be a sign that the object feels deprived of choice. Though not currently alarming, these traits are currently being monitored by a child psychologist to prevent future complications in its behavior. The object also exhibits a major fear of all open flame and heat sources.

The inside of the object is composed entirely of Paraffin wax. All attempts to extract samples have shown that the object is capable of rapidly regenerating the wax itself, but not the skin, eyes, hair, tongue, etc. It is currently unknown how the object consumes food or where its food goes when consumed, leading some researchers to believe the mouth (as well as its other orifices) have extradimensional properties.

Prior to object activation (See Appendix A) the object will not respond to any sensory input for a three hour period. After this period the object's anomalous properties will activate. Activation of the object's anomalous properties can be delayed at any time by putting any open flame in the object's immediate vicinity. The object will only attempt to activate, on average, once every week.

The object's main anomalous property is an attempt at self-replication, performed on any unobserved humans in a five mile radius. When the object has deemed a human suitable for use in the replication process (See Appendix B), it will then disappear from its cell1 and disembowel the marked human, a process which is fatal 100% of the time. To disembowel its target the object will often use its hands, but in rare cases has been seen using various gardening tools such as trowels, hoes, shovels and rakes. Where the object obtains these or its reason for retrieving these before starting the disembowelment process is currently unknown. All attempts to stop or otherwise obstruct the object from its disembowelment of the marked human have been met with mass murder and replication with involved personnel and test subjects. This usually takes from one to seventy-two (See Incident Report 487932) hours for the object to complete, and involves high amounts of psychological and emotional manipulation. At no point during this process does the object respond to any sensory stimuli, and will actively use its teleportation as a defense mechanism. All attempts to stop the object from disembowelment of another one of its victims during its attempt to terminate its aggressors results in [REDACTED], usually resulting in the death (and use of for replication) of all living things in the facility. After the disembowelment process is complete or all of the humans involved in its provocation have been killed, the object will return to its original location prior to activation and resume its normal activities.

Psychological examination have shown that the object has no recollection of its attacks on test subjects, personnel and civilians (See Interview Log 487913). Any and all attempts to discuss its disembowelment of numerous humans upsets the object and in extreme cases can cause fits of sub-psychotic rage and major stress, both emotionally and psychologically, currently believed to be a direct result of its containment. Numerous tests involving attempts to interact with the object during the disembowelment process have shown that the subject does not respond to any sensory stimuli, in a manner similar to its effects pre-activation.

Approximately thirty minutes after disembowelment, the carcass will forcefully eject its hair, nails and teeth and replace its organs, muscles, fat and bones with paraffin wax. This "replica" of the object, herein referred to as the reproduction, does not respond to any sensory stimulus or change in environment. The reproduction will take four steps in a random direction every ten minutes, and is capable of avoiding walls and other obstacles that do not require fine motor skills and timing, such as visible pits and holes. These reproductions display an obvious fear of all fire, flames and heat, and appear to be able to sense when any human is carrying a heat source or method of creating a flame. The replications will flee from any fire or heat source greater than 60 degrees Celsius, and will instinctively avoid people that they sense carrying these items as a form of self-preservation instinct similar to that of the object itself.

At the age of █ the object was sent to the [REDACTED] Mental Asylum after being convicted of the murder of his brother ██████. The object was later removed from [REDACTED] after numerous 911 calls were made because of murders via disembowelment committed by the object from inside the asylum. Security footage showed the same pre-activation and anomalous behaviors as it displays inside Facility: Bathtub-05. The object's parents were taken in by Insurgency personnel for interrogation shortly after object containment, and both parents showed no knowledge of the object's anomalous properties. They were terminated shortly after by order of ALPHA █████████.

As of ██/██/20██
Some replications of the object have exhibited anomalies and behaviors similar to that of the object itself, such as minor responses to sensory stimulus and changes in environment, attempting to disembowel personnel, teleportation across Facility: Bathtub-05, and attempt to communicate with and interact with Insurgency Staff and test subjects. All replications showing any of these traits are to be terminated immediately to prevent further hazard to personnel and test subjects. Approximately 60% of all newly created replications show these properties. See Incident Report 487999 for further detail on this development.

Appendix A
Under what circumstances the object becomes active is currently unknown, as there is no apparent pattern to the times and dates of each activation.

Appendix B
Criteria for human replication attempts:

  • Must not be within thirty meters of an open flame
  • Must be at least twenty years of age
  • Must not have any major physical defects, disabilities, or diseases that would impair use of arms, legs, fingers, etc.
  • Must not have any other humans observing them, that includes remote audio and visual observation
  • Must be alive and conscious at the time of replication

Appendix C
Recording of an interview with the object.

Appendix D
Two incident reports involving the object.

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