Caduceus' Impressions on the CI Senior Staff
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We agreed not to make it seem like he committed suicide, now put the gun down, Heaton.

And It Begins With A Monologue:

Come to think of it, I have only seen a few characters actually fleshed out or even introduced so far. I mean, there are the sparks. The very bright, but very faint signs that there is something bigger going on, a story and a life that is about to be made real with a few words. They will be expanded on, I am sure. As with everyone else's characters here. Hell, I myself haven't been properly characterized much. I mean, berry mints, dart guns, scalpels, taking doctor-hood too seriously. That's about it for me. And these sepia eyes, dear lord, did DrCaduceusDrCaduceus purposely write it so I would have heterochromia?

I can see my fellow half-characters floating about this dark-grey half-universe called the Chaos Insurgency | Creating Logic Out Of Illogic. I can see them in the stories. The Items. I can see hints of character development and growth being shown step by step. As if they're waiting. Waiting for what? Maybe a bigger audience, so that more people would be amazed at what we have done, maybe to plan their ideas more, maybe they are simply biding their time. That's a very strategic move.

But while they wait, the world still rotates in its 24-hour rotation, set on its familiar 365-and-a-fourth revolution. But writing is making time stand still for your stories, so it matters little. I'm simply waiting. In the Doctor's Office. I may take my job seriously and go to the Doctor's Operating Room, operating on a warm, living patient as I fix her dislocated patella. Maybe grab a bite while I'm at it.

That seems like a good plan, but that's not the reason I'm having this contemplation. As it is, my author has sent me to a really dark, scary alley. It is rainy, and I am sitting glumly in the corner by the wooden fence, a trash can lid over my head as an improvised version of a sad roof. I have my black cap on, anyways. Many was a time where I, Dr. Martin Caduceus, have somehow squirmed and carved a small niche into DrCaduceusDrCaduceus' psyche and somehow, sometimes acted as part of his personality, affecting how he writes, what he writes, to my will. It's a generally okay move, but I want to stay welcome. Perhaps it is best to go by his wishes this time.

So, I am to contemplate. Whom of the half-characters and ideas-to-be-made-words have I encountered, and possibly have impressed upon so far? I have met quite a few. Let me start with the first one that comes up on my head.

Beta Commander Hockenberry. While his author from outside the screen is a fun person, his character isn't. From my past experiences with him, he has set fire to my Kalashnikov series, claiming them to be inferior and cheap, even though it never really was mine to begin with since those were novelty hand-me-downs. However, he is very nice to hang with during dart gun-related events, or if you've been firing buddies for a while. That said, the ex-Marine seems okay. I have not discerned any other distinguishable characteristics as of late, but I expect Dr Hockenberry Dr Hockenberry would develop his character more in the times to come.

That was easier to think and write than I thought. Maybe the next one will follow suit, this time from a new author:

Vannie "Steffie?" Kojcewska, a plucky marine biologist who I have only encountered once; during the Resurgence of February. She keeps an anomalous jellyfish named Mitokrandia. Out-of-universe, drSteffiedrSteffie seems to be interested in the ocean, marine life and things of that nature. I can surely expect something from this as we continue on. I have only discerned that short so far, but developments will come. I'm sure.

Alright, now time for another. An author I have long respected for his aptitude, talent and dedication to the Insurgency. And I have just realized I have unconsciously shifted from my in-universe narration to out. Huh.

Our colleague from Spain, Vincent Heaton, an Alpha Research Operator and ex-Guerrilla Operator. He has performed admirably, having been responsible for proper research on many Items, including the Seismic Rodents and the reason we need more precautions. He has shed light on the enigmatic institute called the Exis Human Research Academies. He is an amiable guy, and while ChumagenChumagen has not characterized much about him, I'm sure I'll see more about our Spanish translator soon.


The next wave of new companions! Finally! It's been lonely in Chaos Insurgency Wiki, that's for sure. Nothing to do but live and relive everything my writer posts about me. The scalpel storm of McFlurry, the (re)conception of Intelligentsia in The Logical Decision… finally, I had heard a voice, many voices and new faces come through the lurker barrier and reach us and the others. I'll talk about who I've met.

The trash-talking, perverse genius we call Victor StrateVictor Strate has risen.

A strange, cold-spoken agent by the name of Hugh was recently written into tangibility by Agent EAgent E

Well, that is all I have extracted from my knowledge of the people here so far. As we speak, the idea-ghosts of various, other authors have found me and are currently surrounding me. They are hovering, with angry faces. They might be mad because I have not noticed them. Well, let me share you a revelation:

You are not yet tangible enough to hurt me. You cannot do lasting damage to me that cannot be written off or retconned easily because your damage does not have enough weight in them. You are not yet truly alive in our written universe. And to be alive, to be tangible requires words. Words and sentences and stories that make you more real, more alive, more powerful. You become something different, and your presence can then be felt. And that, for the first time there is, you will be acknowledged.

That is a good revelation, right? Speaks something, I know. My character is written to be well-read and well-speaking. Um, maybe. It's truly up to the author. Maybe he'll write me up with a stutter or with a very drunken strawling next time. His erratic approach on portraying me scares me.

Now hold on to those revelations as hard as you can for as long as you can. You'll need them.

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