Black Liquid Mirror
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Item: Black Liquid Mirror
Size: oval, 1,6 meter top to bottom, 0,8 meter side to side, 0,03 meter front to back
Type: Wall Mirror
Living: Yes (by proxy)
Sentient: Yes (by proxy)
Potential/Current Hazards Disappearance of personnel/material, appearances of undesirable elements
Required Wear/Weaponry Non
Location: Base Eight
Reported Anomaly: Inter-dimensional


The item is currently used to make copies of vital personnel. Copies produced by the item are to be deployed instead of the originals. The items properties activate when an organism capable of sight looks into the mirror and is reflected in it. Blind assets can be recreated, if a being capable of sight triggers the items properties. The item is not to be deployed in highly populated areas. Subjects that triggered the effect of the item are advised to leave the vaccine of the item as soon as possible, seeking assistance or be adequately armed to face a copy of themselves (which is mostly blind), in combat.

The items properties can be sufficiently counteracted by covering the mirror in in-transparent cloth. Under no circumstance should the mirroring surface of the item be touched in any way other than a blank wall or other sufficient cloaking. Objects and larger structures touching the mirror were sucked into it with a force of 2 kilo-newtons, the surface of the mirror acting like a liquid in the process.

Copies are not to be trusted in regards to deployment of the item and are to be separated from it permanently.


The item is a mirror of unknown origin. The design of the silver frame could not be linked to a specific point of origin. Once the items properties are activated the item will try to produce a replica of the being that triggered its activation and every being currently reflected in it. The surface of the mirror will begin to leak black goo similar in texture and consistence to oil-paint. The item will than dispense a more or less accurate copy of the previously mentioned elements. These copies will emerge from the item completely covered in similar black goo as previously dispensed. The observed behaviour of these copies suggests discomfort about there condition upon creation. Copies will attempt to remove the goo from there eyes and mouths as fast as possible, some loudly cursing in the process. The accuracy of the copies produced by the item are dependent of how much of the replicated element the mirror had "seen".

Observed Behaviour (Copies)

Copies produced with less than 15 % (lesser copy) of there image at least once reflected in the mirror will bare almost no resemblance to the original instead developing long teeth (up to 7 cm) and appendages longer than 1,5 meters (up to 3 meters). The >15 % "seen" are copied properly.
The entity produced in this way will not attempt to clean itself, instead it will try to force other beings to trigger the mirrors effect by force, without killing them. Whether this action results in another activation of the item dose not affect the flowing behaviour of the copy, which will drag every apparently sentient or living being into the mirror with it. The lesser copy can be fooled by playing dead and/or an automatically moving human action figure (15 cm).

Note: Activating the mirror when the sight enabled subject is invisible (one-way-mirror/live-camera-feed) and not remembered will result in the creation of one of these lesser copies.

Copies produced with 15 to 50 % will approximate a human shape and produce copies sometimes missing clear features and details of the original (approximated copy). These copies will spawn with fully approximated body clothing, if a piece of cloth was reflected or remembered.

Copies produced with more than 50% are near indistinguishable from there real counterpart once cleaned. Every almost perfect copy has the memories and personalty of the copied subject. These Copies will carry every utensil the originals carried, even if those were never reflected.

Attempts to create anomalies using the item had varying levels of success and are prohibited until further notice.

All copies produced by the mirror work towards the goal to put more people in front of the mirror, push/stuff/throw people into the mirror and return into the mirror once there original is within the mirror.

Observed Behaviour (Mirror)

The item seems to remember a person and seems to be able to identify the person even thou the items effect was not triggered during there introduction. In a series of tests, subjects were blindfolded and reflected in the mirror, later the mirror was activated with only the subjects hand currently being reflected. The result was a copy indistinguishable from the subject and not a lesser copy.

Subjects that currently have an active copy will not have a reflection in the item any mirror any mirroring surface. If the active copy is not an almost perfect copy only the parts that are reflected in the copy will not be reflected in other mirroring surfaces. If an almost perfect copy is returned into the item the subject will regain its reflection. Partly copies (lesser and approximated) only return parts of the reflection if reintroduced into the mirror.

It is possible to make multiple partly copies from the same subject. This is only possible if other partial copies are currently active. If partly copies have already returned into the mirror new partly copies will have the returned parts added onto the new copy, instead of forming two partial copies.

Note: Currently the highest amount of approximated copies that could be produced from one subject is 5, but the observed behaviour would suggest that 6 approximated copies should be achievable.


The item was recovered after multiple people vanished, after a family of civilians moved into a possibly haunted house under CI observation. After the family and 4 members of the local police had vanished a CI-Recovery unit of 15 assaulted the house to cease any possible anomaly. The assault resulted in the activation of the item, in the attic, producing 4 lesser copies, 1 approximated copy and 2 almost perfect copies. The 3 better copies assisted in the killing of the other copies and the subsequent recovery, ending the operation with 6 CI casualties in total.

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