Prodigy's Beretta
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Item: Prodigy's Beretta
Size: 21,7 cm in length, barrel of 12,5 cm
Weight: 1650 g
Type: Two (2) semi-automatic Beretta-92FS inox handgun
Sentient: Unknown
Potential/Current Hazards Gunshot wound
Required Wear/Weaponry For carrying the item, a Delta-Six level shooting certificate is needed.
Location: Arsenal B of Base-02, abnormal weapons section
Reported Anomaly: Potentially infinite ammo


The two weapons are to be maintained like non-anomalous Beretta-92 handguns. It is to be cleaned except for the magazine which can't be removed from the item.

01-002-δ-1, when it was given to agent D████.

The Item Handler must have a Delta-Six level shooting, that attest their abilities and experience, precision is crucial for a good usage.

The item is to be use like a normal Beretta-92FS handgun. It's Handler is, however, strongly incite to never miss a shot and always finish their target with a head shot.


01-002-δ is a set of three (3) semi-automatic Beretta-92FS handgun which belonged initially to agent of the Chaos Insurgency. The agent in question, nammed O█████ D████, stated during her recruitment interview that her brother's handgun were "infinite". Her recruiting officer was put on the track of a potential anomaly within the mag of the Beretta. A series of tests were put on with agent O█████ D████'s permission. After a close evaluation of the three weapons, it has been seen that the mag were welded to the rest by a unknown process. Every attempt to remove the magazine from the weapon ended as a failure. After further evaluation of the three items.

The handgun are three (3) semi-automatic Beretta 92-FS, seemingly normal. No visual anomaly have been notice, for the exception of the hardness inability to the barrel through the handle. The three (3) weapons show an anomaly at there weight : regardless of how the number of shot, the weapons mass stay at 1650 grams.

The item's ammunition refills in the magazine depending on where the target is shot. The chart below indicate the values calculate after the loose of one of the three Beretta because of a procedure violation by a agent.

Pr. Shirogane's note from 29/11/201█ : Since 23/11/201█, 01-002-δ-2 has become completely useless. Agent R██████ has chose to shoot his last bullet into his enemy's leg, and not in the head as according to protocol.. I propose to keep this idiot away from the other iteration or even from the field.

X = number of bullets that are left in the magazine
Target per bullet Number of bullet add
Leg 1
Arm 5
Abdominal area X
Thorax X+2
Head Fill up the magazine

Just like a regular Beretta 92-FS, its maximum capacity is 9 bullets. The item is always shooting 9 mm Parabellum.

Everyone who gets access to a 01-002-δ model must immediately restore it after the mission that they were set to. The item 01-002-δ-1 and 01-002-δ-3 can't be used as service weapons because of their value.

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